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Out Of The Box - Episode 18




Out Of The Box - Episode 18

Written By Amah's Heart

The following week she can no longer take the silent or málice from Desmond,

She had to speak up before she loose her sánity.

She can't understand why Desmond was still ångry even after a week.

He has scølded her for calling Eunice and she even apologies severally but even till now, he was still not relating well with her.

He will return very late, bath and go to bed

He doesn't eat her food or even ask how Jasmin was doing.

Didi waited for another weekend before asking him why he was behaving strange and treating her bādly but Desmond didn't say much to her.

He rather warned Didi that if she wanted peace then she should stay off his way for now.

Few days later, Desmond said he was traveling for outside work and will spend two weeks.

Didi didn't complain, even after he traveled.

Didi calls to know how everything was going with him, he never picks, rather he sent messages that he was alright and she should stop calling.

Cynthia also disappeared during that period.

She was gone for weeks

Didi was again begining to suspect that maybe Amy was right.

Something was going on between Desmond and Cynthia.

Instead of two weeks like he promised, he returned back after four weeks and some days.

Cynthia returned two days before Desmond came back

Is almost two months that he last touched her, Didi tried to get him into bed after he came back from his journey but everything she tried proved abørtive.

Desmond refused touching her

He will sometimes sleeps in their bedroom but will refuse to do anything with her and if Didi disturbs him, he will walk out of the room.

He will sleep in the living room until the following morning.

He still goes into Cynthia's room when Didi sleep's off

that didn't sit well with Didi when she saw him coming out of Cynthia's room one early morning.

Didi had listened closely and can hear strange noises coming from Cynthia's room

Noise that sounded like some intimacy was going on

She couldn't come to term with such húrtful thought, she quickly waved it off.

But after seeing him one early morning coming out of Cynthia's room, Didi decided that she has had enough.

She can't sleep well, eat well or get enough rest since Desmond started avoiding her. 

She was mostly tired with fatigue, she sometimes feel her head constantly aching

She had wanted peace and that's why she had kept quiet and stayed out of his way but she can no longer do that.

Her doctor has asked her not to stress herself because of her health.

But is high time she face reality and confront Desmond.

He was home that weekend laughing and gisting with Cynthia when Didi approached him.

"Maybe you need to tell me what exactly is going on in this house Desmond.." Desmond turned to meet the ångry stare of his wife.

"... are you not tired of playing this stúpîd childish game. Aren't you tired Desmond? Because I'm síck and tired of it all..."

"... you prefer talking and laughing with Cynthia rather than your wife. I had so much I want to tell you but you're never available.."

"... Even if you're trying to púnish me for something I know nothing about, don't you know when to call it quit? If you're chârmed and controlled like a dóg on leash don't you have common sense in that head of yours to know that this whole thing is unhealthy for us, to our marriage, to my mental health and also my emotional state..."

"... you see this whole silent tréatment, I'm over it Desmond. I'm no longer interested, so is up-to you now to define what you want. Do you prefer Cynthia's company or that of your wife and daughter..is your choice. You choose because I'm not doing this whole shít with you anymore.." Didi said añgrily to Desmond who was only staring at her

Cynthia remained silent.

she boils añgrily and wondered why Desmond isn't replying Didi back with hársh words or action.

Desmond cleared his throat loudly before saying

"You have no right whatsoever to call her.."

"To call who..? Didi asked

"Eunice! To call Eunice. You didn't even consult me first, you just went to feed her with all sorts of nonsénse, telling her what's going on in the house. Is it so that she can applaud you and scøld me or what exactly is your intentions of calling her? I can't seem to forget what you did Didi. You shouldn't complain over the silent treatment you're getting. You asked for it.."

Didi chuckled quietly " are you sure is because I called Eunice that resulted to all this? Because there's definitely more to this whole thing. Calling Eunice has nothing to do with over five weeks of íll treâtment and spending time with Cynthia when she was actually the main reason I called Eunice.."

"... there's something you're not telling me. A grown man leaves his matrimonial bed to go sleep in another woman's room that he claims to be his sister. Even Eunice knows nothing about Cynthia and she was going to get back to me and even after one month I haven't heard from her..."

"...and for your information, I have every right as your wife to call your family members, I can call your sister and she can call me. I see absolutely nothing wrøng with that. Why are you making fúss out of it? 

"... what has gotten into you again Desmond. Why are you resurfacing all this past things. I thought we've put all this shouting and misunderstanding behind us.."

"You wish, keep dreaming.." Cynthia who seems to be watching television turned to look at Didi chirped in, offended by Didi's audacity. She could no longer keep quiet.

"I wasn't talking to you Cynthia, I'm talking to my husband. Stay out of this please.."

Cynthia stood and moved closer to Didi and said

"Why do you keep saying "I'm your wife" or "he's my husband" Every dámn time... before you complete a sentence you must add those lines. Aren't you bored saying it all the time. Should I make a sash or crown for you? Why can't you add some other intelligent lines whenever you're talking.."

"Why are you even bothered with my choice of words. I can choose to say or sing about it in any way I please because of people like you who can't seem to mind their business. Is also to remind you that I remain the madam of this house and you're the visitor and should be thinking of how to exit our home and lives. You're a parasite Cynthia and I'm síck and tired of you.."

Cynthia dust off invisible dirt from her palm

",Oh, sorry for how I make you feel darlin, but what are you going to do about it? Nothing, I guess. I answer only to Desmond not to some church, stínkiñg rât like you.."

Didi who couldn't stand the insúlt rush over to Cynthia and slápped her hard across the face.

Cynthia was taken unaware, she returned the slâp and that was how they began to fíght.

Cynthia kícked Didi hard on her stomach, Didi scréämed out in páin 

she sat on the ground and held her stomach

Desmond came and separate them.

"I don't want her in this house Desmond. I détest her, I don't want her here. Since she said you're the only one that she listens to then you have to tell her to leave. Her presence irrítátes me and I can no longer live under the same roof with her.." Didi said panting like she ran a marathon while pointing angrily towards Cynthia.

"What a gút! Cynthia retorted

"...You raised that your wrínkled hand to slâp me? You must be high on some cheap drúgs. I would have béat you blue and black in your own house today. Just thank your stars that Desmond is around to save you.."

"I really don't blame you Cynthia. I blame Desmond for opening room for all this insülts. You're leaving my house today otherwise..."

"Otherwise what will happen..? Cynthia asked daring her.

 Didi whisked again in pâin, she tried to stand another sharp pain hit her and she screamed.

She asked Desmond to get Cynthia out of the house.

"She is not going anywhere Didi. You're at faúlt. Why will you go and hít her first. Why didn't you reply her with words. You started all this. Cynthia is not goin..."

Desmond pause, his eyes opened wide in shøck as Didi fell to the ground and bløód was seen running down her legs.

Didi screamed aloud in pain as she lay on the ground. Her hands were covered in bløød

" My baby... I'm dying in pâin" She screamed again with agøny in her voice

...no no! God, please...my baby.." she críéd out.

"What Baby? are you preg.." Desmond paused.

He rushed toward his wife

"... you were prégnant? How? Didi.. what's going on.."

"I'm in pain, oh God! my baby... please save my baby. Desmond, I will never forgive you for this. Jesus! I'm in a serious pain.." Didi cried out as the sharp pain traveled all around her body.

Cynthia was equally shocked and speechless.

Desmond helped Didi up and rushed her to the hospital.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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