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Out Of The Box - Episode 17




Out Of The Box - Episode 17

Written By Amah's Heart

"Wait... you did what..? 

"Well, you know...i.." Didi stammered

"You're unbelievable Didi. How could you... Why? Amy screamed alarming Didi 

"Calm down Amy. I didn't kíll anyone, what's all this shout for.."

"... you're asking me why I slept with my husband? That's a funny question. Desmond is my husband and all this question and trying to scream down the roof is not necessary because I didn't commit an abominâtion.."

Amy heaved and closed her mouth that was agaped after hearing what Didi did.

"Desmond is seeing another woman whom he claims to be his sister and this strange Lady is even living under your roof. Desmond sneak into her room at night and you can't tell what they're doing in there. I told you alot of things about this people and where I usually see them. Desmond has no respect for you or cares about you. He talks to you any how he pleases and watch Cynthia do the same..."

"... all this I mentioned is just a reminder Incase you've forgotten. I can't believe that you will allow Desmond touch you after all this.."

"I miss him Amy. I craved for his touch, I couldn't resist him. You don't know how long it's been since he last touched me. Is over two months and I even plead with him most nights to do his duty as a husband but he always refuse and will walk out of the room. I don't know why he changed and doesn't find me appealing, Amy I have always looked forward to last night and I melt at his every touch. I was so hungry for it and he gave it to me the..."

"Please... please enough..." Amy hushed her with a wave.

"...I will poke if you continue talking. Didi, so because you were séx starved you succumbed to Desmond, you acted like nothing was going on under your nose or You're cool with all that's happening. I'm guessing you slept with him without protection. You're yet to know who exactly is Cynthia and what's her mission in your house. Desmond is sleeping with Cynthia and.."

"I'm not sure of that anymore.." Didi said, interrupting Amy.

"... Desmond is not like that. I know my husband very well. Cynthia was knocking on our door last night but Desmond never stepped out to answer her. He was with me all through the night. He even promised to  return early today so that we can continue from where we stopped. Eunice actually called him this morning, I don't know what they were discussing but I'm sure is nothing to worry about..."

"...I can't help imagining how he made me feel last night. Is like fairy tale fantasy.  He knows my weak point and knows exactly what to do with my body. I can't seem to have enough or stop myself from imagining how tonight will be. I no longer worry about Cynthia after last night. Cynthia maybe some distance crâzy relative or whatever but I no longer care. Desmond loves only me and I won't allow anything come between us.."

Amy threw up her hand, in total surrender.

"Suit yourself Didi. As you have decided to let down your guard, be ready for whatever comes with it. I won't be there to fight for you, is your battle. I was only trying to help but I can see Desmond touch intoxicated your brain now you're acting like a nut pulled out of your head in the process. 

"... Desmond knows your weak spot and is only manipulating you. He knows clearly that you're starved and won't be able to resist him. He's doing all this to distract your mind

Didi stood with her bag.

"I don't think so Amy. There's no battle again in my home. We're settled and Desmond is not manipulating me in anyway. He was only expressing his love for me, Just the way he used to do before Cynthia came into our lives and when she saw that Desmond loves me dearly, she made up her mind to take his attention away but after last night I began to see Desmond differently...I love him and I have forgiven him already. He will still make it up to me again tonight. I have called him twice today but he didn't pick, I guess he's in a meeting. I just can't wait to have a nice time with my husband tonight. Marriage is sweet when you're with a man that satisfies you. You should consider getting married and enjoy what I enjoyed last night.."

Amy stared at Didi in disbelief

She was shocked hearing Didi say all that

She shake her head pathetically with a smirk on her face.

Didi began to laugh with the strange stare that Amy was giving her.

Amy asked her to call Eunice again like she promise.

"There's no point Amy. Eunice will call me whenever she wants. You know she mentioned that there's one of their cousin sister that was very close to Desmond when they were young. I can't remember the cousin's name but what if the said cousin is actually Cynthia..."

"Is your brain mixed with spérm? Didi wake up because Cynthia will kick you out of your home and take over if you don't act fast.."

"Nobody is kicking me out of my home. I no longer see Cynthia as a threat. She could be Desmond's relative. We can't tell until Eunice calls back.."

"..we may not get along so well but I can handle her. I'm alright Amy, you're begining to worry more than the bereaved..."

"... I could have gone home earlier to make dinner but Desmond said I shouldn't stress myself. He actually brought home a delicious dinner yesterday just for two of us. Cynthia wasn't even included. That's the sweet man I married and no other woman can love and satisfy him like I do. He knows that and whispered it into my ears last night. He can't be caught having an affair with another woman. I can sweär with my life for him. Desmond can't possibly chéat on me. After last night, all my feârs are gone...my husband is mine alone and that's the end of story.."

"You're delusional, infact You're living in a dream land, reality will hít you soon like a rock. I hope you will be able to accept it when it comes..."

"...I don't know what Desmond did with your mind during your intimate get together last night. What was in the mmmhmm.." Amy cleared her throat loudly.

Didi who understood what she meant began to laugh like she was being tickled in the armpít.

Amy gave her a cold stare while fuming. She was angry that Didi was chickening out of the main mission of finding out what's going on in her home.

Since she couldn't convince her further, she retired back to her work

Didi informed her that she was going home

"Okay bye and good luck because you will be needing alot of luck soon.."

Didi waved off Amy's words and left.


They sat close to each other at their usual meeting point, in an exclusive club house.

"What's this attitude and mood for? I told you of my intention. I made it clear that I had a plan and had to do what I did. Ignoring me or giving me attitude because of what happened last night is really not necessary..."

"You slept with that good for nothing, you ignored my whole call and knock. You even acted like I didn't exist.."

"... Desmond, I heard her møaning loudly, do you know how that makes me feel?

"I know and I'm sorry. I needed to put up a convincing act baby. I know Didi and that one performance alone will settle in her brain for a long time. I know her like the back of my hand and I only needed to act that way so that she will erase all doubts and suspiciousness that settled in her head..."

",Did you think she was convinced that there's nothing going on..." Cynthia asked picking up her mixed alcøholic cocktail drink.

"I'm hundred and one percent certain of that. Didi is too gúllible and bought into the whole thing not knowing it was just an act. I'm here for you baby and you shouldn't be scâréd or worried over anything.."

"Is just that I missed you so much last night. I couldn't imagine you on top of another woman not even Didi. We belong together and I know how you will feel if..."

"Shhhh! Desmond placed a finger across her mouth gently.

"...is okay. I will make it up to you, I will, is a promise.." 

Cynthia stared at him as she took a sip from her drink

Desmond grabbed a bottle of his own drink, he drank deeply into it before setting down on the table

"My sister Eunice called me early this morning. Didi was trying to make inquiry about you.."

Cynthia dropped her drink with force on the table, spilling the content all over the table.

"Oh, I just made a méss.." she exclaimed aloud.

"Don't worry, I will get one of the staff here to tidy it up

Desmond stood and left, in no time he returned with a young guy who wiped off the table and left immediately.

"Are you serious with what you said..." Cynthia asked.

"Dámn serious. Eunice said Didi was trying to find out if you were related to me but Eunice doesn't even know who she was referring to. Eunice wanted to know who exactly it was.."

"And what did you tell her..?

"I dismissed her that is nothing important. I just looked for something to tell her and I asked her not to call Didi or take her calls..."

"... Didi is going to get it hot for going behind me to call my sister. Why will she call Eunice and start filling her with all sorts of nonsénse. Eunice, my younger sister was then trying to advice me about my marriage. Although she agreed that she won't call Didi but I don't trust her.."

"...once I get home, I will secretly block Eunice number in Didi's phone. She won't be able to call or receive calls from her. I was so angry in the morning. She has no right to call my sister without informing me first.."

"Atleast you have something to hang onto as reason when you start avoiding her..."

"Exactly! I'm so mâd at her and the more I talk about it the angrier I get. Anyway, let me get home first.."

"You gave her enough dose of fun last night, It will last her for a very long time. I just hope you don't sleep with her ever again. I almost díéd just imagining both of you last night.."

"That won't happen again, I can assure you.." Desmond said as he placed a kíss on the back of her palm.

"I'm famished, we need to order for food.." Cynthia said while touching Desmond's face rømântically.

"Let's go to your favorite restaurant then.." Desmond took her by the hand and they left.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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