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Out Of The Box - Episode 13




Out Of The Box - Episode 13

Written By Amah's Heart

"What have you been doing since.." 

"Laundry, looking after Jasmin and tidying up the house. I didn't know you will be coming back by this soon. The food will be done in no time. Just giv.."

"You portray full characteristics of a bad wife Didi.." he said interrupting her

"... this is one of the reasons I don't eat your food because is either taste like gravel or have no taste at all.."

"Well, I don't understand you Desmond. Cynthia's food taste better to you right? I'm trying to be the good and submissive Wife but you kept condemning me each time.."

"Maybe I should be praising you for trying to starve me in my own house. Today that I decided to eat your rúbbish food.. you choose not to cook. If I know I could have gotten something to eat outside or... where's Cynthia? Let her make something for me.." 

Desmond said, acting like he didn't know where Cynthia was.

He had dropped her as they got close to the house so that it won't seem they were together.

"Cynthia is not back. I can make you something nice in few minutes. You use to enjoy my food Desmond. You don't eat out before, you always want to eat food made by me and you love my every cooking. You said I cook so well, What exactly change? tell me what I'm not doing right and I will definitely change for good.."

"I eat your food because I don't have a better choice and I don't like eating out. But the days of endurance is over, I have a choice now and no longer want to continue eating your rúbbish. Just imagine today that I still want to manage your food, you refused to cook..."

Just then Cynthia walked in with different bags in hand.

"Thanks goodness, Cynthia you're back. Sorry that I have to disturb you again, Please make me something to eat. I just came back and Didi whom I instructed to cook before I return haven't made anything yet. I'm hungry and not interested in whatever she wants to cook again..."

Cynthia smile as she put the packs on the table.

"Don't worry brother, I gat you always. I went out with my rich boyfriend and he bought me all this. All this are expensive food, I'm sure you will love it.."

Cynthia winked at Desmond as she began bringing out different packs of food.

Didi watched in silent. "So Cynthia has a boyfriend? I see why she's always buying designers and bringing home different meal everytime" Didi thought to herself

Didi moved closer to have a glimpse of the food that Cynthia was bringing out.

It was at that time she saw the key.

The spare key was in Cynthia's door lock

Didi could have swéar that she removed it.

She must have forgotten it while rushing up and down after she heard Desmond honking at the gate.

She thought of how she was going to remove it before Cynthia gets to the door.

Cynthia said she needed to take plates from the kitchen, Didi offered to help her get the plates

Didi knew that if Cynthia start walking around she may see the key on her room door.

She can't allow Cynthia to know what she was trying to do. 

She needs to come up with a plan fast on how to remove the key.

Didi rushed to the kitchen and packed different plates which she took to Cynthia

"Uhh! Why are you helping, you want to eat the food too? It won't be enough for everyone, is just for Desmond and I but I can spare few crumbs for you.."

"No Cynthia, I'm not interested in your food. Since my husband is eating out of it, I might aswell help in anyway possible to set the table. I can see he's hungry.."

"Why didn't you cook. You're acting like you care about my brother so much, why didn't you make something down for him. What if my man didn't get all this food for me or I decided to pick only my own like my man initially wanted, so there won't be anything for Desmond to eat tonight? Or did you expect me to enter Kitchen this night and start making his favorite again.."

"... you need to take your role as a wife very serious. You're not measuring up to a good wife or a home keeper. You need to step up your game and do better. I don't even know why Desmond married you but anyway, you still have a chance to learn..."

"Very good Cynthia, tell her even though she won't listen and learn. she needs to start taking lessons from you. I'm still wondering why I even married her in the first place. She's not even grateful that she's married to a man like me. All her friends are misérâble and single. She doesn't know how lucky she is.."

Didi feel so hürt with Cynthia's words. She swallowed hard, control her rage and how much she wanted to insúlt Cynthia for saying all of that

She won't care if Cynthia is older, if she's Desmond sister or if Desmond is standing right there.

Didi would have given her a tip of her own insúlt so that she can feel the stab.

But Didi's mind was occupied with the key on Cynthia's door.

Desmond said he was going to take a shower first before eating

In no time Cynthia will be going to her room too.

An idea came and Didi grabbed it because she couldn't think of a better plan.

She suddenly took one leg of her slippers and threw at Cynthia's door 

Then she rushed quickly to the door, picked up the slippers, pressed it's back hard on the door close to where the key was while blocking Cynthia from seeing what was going on

"What's that.." Cynthia asked confused and wondering what Didi was doing on her door.

"Is one big spider, I have been wanting to kill it all day but it keeps escaping. I think I have finally killed it.."

"Oh, okay.." Cynthia said as she returned her attention back to what she was doing on the table

Didi used that opportunity and pulled out the key.

She hide it within her cloth.

"Oh no! It escaped. I almost thought I had it.." Didi exclaimed while moving away from the door

"The kind of energy you used in attacking an ordinary spider, is the same energy you need to put into your wifey duty before Desmond get tired of you finally.." Cynthia said going to the kitchen to wash her hands.

Didi followed her

"I will appreciate it so much if you stop with this your nasty talk about my duty to Desmond as a wife..."

"But is true, why does the truth has to always hurt you, you just don't want to reduce your pride and learn. I'm trying to help you save your marriage, I'm actually supporting you yet you're not appreciative despite everything I have done. If you continue like this Desmond will get tired of you in no time and you may actually end up as a single Mom, single like your nonsénse bitter friends, especially that one called Amy. She's a frustrated, angry and jeâlóus single lady. I don't want you to end up like her.."

"I don't want to end up like you Cynthia.." Didi fired back

"...I definitely don't want to take lesson from someone who's neither married or wise enough to keep a man for long. I heard you have a new boyfriend that buys you expensive things? Where's your daughter and your baby daddy? Are you under any man or have you been married before to give somebody like me an advice. Cynthia, you're not qualified, You're the bitter and loud single sister in-law who's not happy that Desmond actually love me.."

"Desmond loves you? In your dreams right..? Okay, tell me when last he went intimate with you? Cynthia said turning to face her añgrily

Didi was silent because she can't even remember when last Desmond touched her. 

"...is obvious he haven't touched you in a very long while, you care to know why? I'm sure you don't want to know. All you need to do is to shút up your running mouth and listen to me. Don't ever bring my daughter into any conversation. I don't mention Jasmine so don't mention mine. I made Desmond to let go of the missing money and this is how you get to say thank you?

"How many times do you want me to say thank you? Desmond let go of the money but is obvious you never returned it back to him. You lied to him that I stoled it and gave to my friend. You kept all my money to yourself and you knew that was virtually all I had. Since you only wanted to talk to him and press whatever button on his body, why then did you asked me to bring my saving, you said that you will add to It and pay up. You must be thinking I'm stûpíd..right? well for peace sake I don't want to go back to that missing money trøuble again.."

"Good talk, because I can actually take Desmond's mind back to the missing money and he will torture you with his words and actions. How did you know I didn't give Desmond the money? I actually did but he said I should send it to his account instead which I already did.."

"... From today onward I won't defend you whenever Desmond starts condemning you, I will join him instead because you don't worth it.."

"You have never defended me Cynthia so do whatever you want to do. I also want to tell you that Desmond not going intimate with me doesn't mean that he doesn't care or love me. He will always do and nothing can come between us. You are a visitor and won't be here forever. You will go back to wherever you're coming from and my husband, daughter and i will continue living as a loving family.."

Didi started walking out while Cynthia followed behind

"I'm not a visitor my dear, you're the visitor that will pack out soon if care is not taken. i can stay as long as I want here because this is like a home for me. You don't have any right to ask me to leave rather I can make my brother lose interest totally in you..."

".. beside what's love if your man isn't interested in touching you. Stop dëcéiving yourself Didi.."

Didi ignored her, she needs to seriøusly start making move on Desmond so that he can perform his duty as her husband.

Desmond came out and had dinner with Cynthia.

Didi prepared something light for she and her daughter before going to bed

She begged Desmond to touch her that night but he stormed out of the room as usual.

Didi felt defeated and wondered how long Desmond will continue resenting her.

She woke up early to finish the laundry.

she saw Cynthia and Desmond talking that weekend and laughing while she tided up the house

She really wanted to know what was going on but was already feeling discourage from everything

Her only hope was Desmond will come back to his senses and stop taking advice from his sister.

She decided to focus in doing everything possible to avoid prøblem with Desmond and even Cynthia.

She even gave up in her quest to find out what exactly is really going on.

She thought of the possiblity of Desmond and Cynthia having something intimate but quickly wave it off because it seems impossible for her to digest

Amy texted her, warning her to be careful of Cynthia that she isn't Desmond's sister and they're seeing secretly without her knowing.

Amy even sent Desmond and Cynthia new meeting location to Didi but she ignored and refused to imagine such a ridiculous thought.

Desmond and Cynthia are related and that's how she wanted to position her mind before the thought of it all drives her insane.

She ignored the closeness and deafened her ears to the warning signs.

Weeks turns into month and Didi kept living in denial of what was becoming glaring.

This continued until one night, she found out that Desmond who didn't sleep in the room wasn't in the parlour, kitchen, their daughters room or even the store.

She can here silent noise coming from Cynthia's room.

She checked the door and found out it was locked from behind.

Cynthia locked it inside which was suspicious to her.

Didi rushed to where she kept the spare key

Took it and went to Cynthia's door.

Her hand shakes as she fumbled with the door

Her heart was racing, her head felt heavy as she tried to insert the key to open Cynthia's door

This was around 3am

She only hope that Desmond isn't in there but where exactly will he be at this odd hour of the night. Didi thought

Didi closed her eyes, took a deep breath before going forward with her mission.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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