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Out Of The Box - Episode 12




Out Of The Box - Episode 12

Written By Amah's Heart

She had almost walked past when she saw her.

The appearance looks familiar so she decided to move closer.

Her appointment is in 25minute, so she have few minutes to spare.

She was walking around and wondering where her three staff could be sitting and waiting for her when she saw the lady.

Her phone rang, her staff informed her that they were at the other side of the company building called "wing B" not in wing A as she had initially thought.

She thought of either going forward to check out the familiar identity sitting at the hidden lounge or focus on the reason she's there.

She needed to see the manager of Zex enterprise whom she submitted proposal to two weeks ago and was called again yesterday to report today with her staff after their second meeting.

The manager of Zex said he needed six permanent janitors and she was the second cleaning agency that was called.

The first agency said they will provide three permanent cleaners for Zex enterprise

"Miss Amy, we have worked with your agency before and there was no issue all through the one month event but is different this time because we want permanent cleaners and we know you can deliver.."

" I will definitely deliver. Thank you for trusting us with this, My staff are well trained and hard-working, they won't disappoint..."

"That's good to know. The satisfaction of our customers is our utmost concern. Please report to the office with your three staff on the 16th of this month, I want to confirm all of them, both yours and the staff from another agency. I have to do that first before the contract form will be signed..."

And that's the reason Amy came with her staff.

Today is the 16th, the confirmation and signing day.

Her workers came before her and she was just joining them.

25 minutes to meet with the manager of Zex Enterprise she saw the familiar lady.

Her curiosity got the best of her as she told her workers on the phone that she will be joining them soon.

She walked down to the lounge, walked into where the lady sat with her back to her.

"I knew it, I just know that is the dévíl herself.." Amy exclaimed.

".... Cynthia, we meet again. I was in doubt at first but I know that you're the only one with such an ūgly hunch back. Even while at a distance or in the dark, your amoeba body shape will definitely expose you.."

"You're an idøít.." Cynthia retorted with anger.

"I agree. I know who I am but who exactly are you? I guess you're waiting for your so called brother right? He asked you to stay in this part of the  expensive lounge that's hidden, where you can't be easily seen or identify.?

"For your information, I wasn't hiding and don't have any reason to do that. I just decided to stay away from staring hawks like you that are looking for something to gossip about.."

"I'm glad, you could have hidden well enough. Is Desmond on his way too? I mean your brother in love. wait a second, I want to know if is not a tab0o where you come from to be doing this kind of thing with the man you claim to be your brother. Two of you made Didi believe that you're related.  I'm confused and I'm sure Didi is even more confused than I am as she watch you two play around romantically in the name of brother and sister. Aren't you even ashamed.."

"Ashamed of what exactly? Did you catch me lying on top of Desmond or doing anything bād? I guess you're trying to monitor me so that you can have a loaded gist for Didi who doesn't give a dámn about you or whatever you have to say. Didi actually said some hørrible things about you and told me alot of your secrets that she wasn't supposed to tell anyone..."

Amy stared at her and suddenly began to laugh out loud

"Please shút that your lyíng crab of a mouth up Cynthia, is Cynthia even your real name? The last time I saw you was as Centric garden and you decided to change location so that you won't be seen with your lover brother. I know Didi, she's not an easy meat to chew. You can both do all your tricks under her nose but pray she doesn't suspect or find out because she will rain down héll upon you two. Didi will dig until she gets to the root of everything. She's smart and very intelligent woman. Do as you please with her mind and her man but just be very careful and pray hard that she doesn't find out who you really are.."

"Go to héll and stop bothering me. I'm not in your business, stop meddling in mine..."

", You're in my business winch, anybody that messes with any of my friends mess with me. And I don't care about the state of my friendship with Didi, I will fíght for her and defend her with my last blood. Didi is a nice lady and do not deserve this. When she love she loves with all her heart and mind, she trust with everything in her. That's why she was hurt after you manípulated her mind and lied that I was the thiéf whereas it was you all along that stole her man and her money.."

"I don't know what you are talking about. Leave me alone or I will call the security to kick you out. Desmond is my brother for your information and I see nothing wrøng having dinner with him or trying to advice his wife to stay away from hørrible ladies like you who's intention is to wreck her and destroy her home because you can't afford any man of your own. Stop monitoring me because Didi will never believe you or take your word over mine. You mean nothing to her but a fâke friend and thiéf.."

Amy began to clap for Cynthia.

"I'm too busy to monitor anyone. I'm a hard-working rich single lady and one with pride. I didn't open my legs for any man or betrây anyone before I got here. I work my äss off to arrive at my present destination and I'm still working tirelessly so that no man will take credit for my success tomorrow.  Desmond and other bunch of chéating, lying, manípulative, disréspectful and stûpíd men can kíss my black âss, I don't give a dámn about them but I won't keep quiet when I see someone close to me being hürt by this set of crâzy men.."

"...and as for you, you won't get away with this. In your little mind, you must be thinking is smartness not knowing that your føølishness is contaágious. Wait for Didi to find out who you really are and you will be sorry for coming into her home to mess with her belongings. You can change to another location after now because I'm a stock holder in this company now which means I will be here more often than you can imagine. Tell shameless Desmond that his døom is close but yours is closer.."


"...i have a very important business to attend to. I only stopped to say hi.."

Amy finally said with a smile as she walked away.

On her way out she saw Desmond's car driving in.

She stopped and came out to where he will be able to see her clearly as he was going into the building.

"Hey pretty Amy, what are you doing here..? Desmond said cheerfully

"To do my personal business and you? What are you doing here? Are you having a private dinner with Didi, your wife or there's someone else waiting for you.."

"Didi? She's at home. I'm here to pick up dinner because she complained that she was too tired to cook tonight. You know you could also be enjoying alot of benefits if you have.." 

"Hold it there Desmond.." Amy interrupted with a wave of hand.

"...I don't have time for this nonsénse talk. I'm almost running late for my appointment. Enjoy your evening with your sister in love..or whatever she is.."

She cat walked away while Desmond watched silently.

He rushed in to meet Cynthia

"Let's leave, I saw Amy as I was walking in. She's is around and I don't want her to see us together again. That will raise a dust.." Desmond said hurrying Cynthia

"Raise what dust? I have seen her already.."

"Jeezz! Hope she didn't see you. Let's go but wait a little let me go first, you will come meet me in the car.."

"I'm not going anywhere Desmond. What do you even care. We're here to enjoy ourselves. The room and tables here are expensive and you have already paid for the evening. The money can't go like that. Amy was here earlier, running her mouth like tap water, after she was tired she left. But I careless of what she or anyone thinks.."

"Cynthia please let's go. I'm not comfortable here. I don't know why you choose this place. This was the same reason we decided not to go to Centric garden to spend the evening and now the exact thing still finds us here. You need to be careful in choosing locations. Maybe we should be on low key for now..

",... you can go and get a take away packs for yourself let's go home, I will eat Didi's food tonight. She must have prepared something for me, I will eat at home before she starts suspecting anything. Take whatever you want and meet me in the car.."

Desmond walked out.

Cynthia sluggishly stood up and went to get the food packs.


Didi had tried about three keys yet none was able to open the room.

She went back to the store, scattering and searching for the right key..

She saw one that looks like the spare room key

"This should open the door, it will fit in perfectly.." she said while breathing hard after running back and forth from the store to Cynthia's room.

She heaved a sigh as she rushed to open the door.

As she insert the key and turned it, the door opened.

Didi lifted her hands up "yes.. finally" she screamed to the empty house

When she opened the door and was about going in, she heard a car honking at the gate

"...o my God, Desmond is back.." Didi closed back the door and hurriedly locked it up.

She forgot to remove the spare key from Cynthia's door.

She rushed back to the store and quickly put things in order.

She returned back to the laundry, put the clothes into the laundry machine

She remembered that she haven't cooked dinner like Desmond ordered.

Didi rushed to the kitchen.

A knock was hard on the door

Didi remembered she had locked the main door before.

she rushed to open up as she prepared her mind for whatever the outcome of the evening will bring.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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