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Out Of The Box - Episode 11




Out Of The Box - Episode 11

Written By Amah's Heart

She got home and as she tries to open the door she realized that it was lócked from inside

She started knocking repeatedly.

After several knock the door opened and it was Desmond that came to answer the door.

"Where did you go to..? He asked as Didi stepped in.

"I took a walk with Jasmine..."

She walked in and went straight to the room, it was the roughness of the bed that greeted her eyes.

Bedspread and pillows were almost on the ground.

She wondered what Desmond was doing that made the entire room disorganized.

He even spray everywhere with air freshener.

After standing and watching the mess, Didi started tidying up the room

She decided to make the bed and that's when she realized that the center of the bed was a bit wet.

She needs answer to what exactly happened within the time she was gone.

She quickly stormed out to the sitting room and saw Cynthia and Desmond sitting in the parlour.

Cynthia wasn't there before when Didi walked in but she sat comfortably beside Desmond 

She was playing around with his hair.

"I don't know if your wife gives you leg massage, let me give you a thorough feet massage.." Cynthia said to Desmond who without resisting place his legs on her lap

They acted like she as invisible as she stood watching them.

"When she haven't finished gøssiping with her friends, how will she have the time to do her wifey duty. She can néver sit and think of taking care of me like you've been doing..." Desmond said still ignoring the presence of his wife.

Cynthia began to laugh as she massage Desmond's legs romantically

"I love having this type of brother and sister moment with you. It reminds me of our little begining. Nothing can come in between our memorable moments because is all I cherish... right..? Cynthia said looking up to Desmond.

"Yes, is a lovely moment dear and I'm enjoying it as well.."

Didi swallowed hard as she watched in silent

This is brother and sister moment, it must be. I refused to have any negative thought"

Didi repeated to herself.

different things suddenly crowded her head as she watched them.

"Your leg is so soft, I can even eat it raw.." Cynthia said as she gently bíte Desmond's toes, he began to laugh at the sensational feeling that Cynthia was arousing in him.

"Hey... while are you standing there like a log of wood. You could have gone to spend more time with your friends, I know Diva is your favorite girlfriend, I'm sure she would have enjoyed your company.." Desmond said in a mockery tone.

"... take money and go down to the street store, where they sell...sell brown yoghurt, buy it for me. Quickly go before they close.."

Didi didn't say anything in reply, she remained standing while watching what was going on.

"... are you déaf? I said you should go and buy.."

"I'm not going anywhere again this night. You can send Cynthia or go by yourself. I have things to do Desmond.."

"You're not only a stubbørn, disobedient and miserable you also don't know how to make your man happy. You need to take lessons from Cynthia. I'm sure she will be glad to teach you how to take care of me. Just like she's doing right now.." Cynthia smile and gave him a rough squeeze on his feet, Desmond made a fake painful sounds as they both began to laugh.

He turned to Didi again

"...Have you tidied up the room?

" That's exactly my reason for standing here like a log of wood. What exactly happened in there..? Didi finally asked

"Happened where..? Desmond acted like he doesn't know what she was talking about.

"In our room offcourse. The bed is scattered, the room that's always kept neat and in order is in disarray. What exactly went on within an hour that I was away..?

"This your question is begining to annoy me yet I will just let it slide because Cynthia here has begged me on your behalf and she did that in a very special way..." 

Didi watched as Cynthia looked up to him smiling and Desmond returned the look.

"...I was looking for my money and that's why the room was like that. Cynthia said I should let it go that you took the money to gave to your friend who were súffering from finance trøuble. Cynthia told me that your friend,Diva haven't paid her rent for over a year and the landlord was thréâteñing to throw her out and you had no choice than to assist her..."

Didi was surprised but she kept quiet

"...I don't have any prøblem with you helping Diva but you should have asked me first and it shouldn't be with all the money I kept in the safe box. You're aware that the money was for a purpose yet You emptied it with no remorse. all the while I knew you were the thiéf because no other person knows of my safe money box except you. But with all Cynthia explained.... I'm ready to let go. Cynthia always knows the right button and she pressed it well until I decide to agree. I have forgiven you for stealing my money to give to your friend but it comes with a condition..."

"...all through this month, you're going to take care of the feeding and upkeep expenses in this house. I won't drop a dime for you to do that.."

Didi opened her mouth to tell him that she has already given her savings to Cynthia but Cynthia turned and winked at her not to say anything.

Didi started walking away, Desmond called her back.

"...and another thing is this, I don't want to ever see you with Amy. Cynthia told me some things about her and I no longer want her around you or close to my house. 

"...I know I hosted her to a fine treat, I was thinking she's the better friend, she is a beautiful lady with innocent face and baby voice, all this made me think differently of her but now I know better. I had my reasons for that treat, I had wanted her to be more on my side and continue advising you rightly but I later realized I was making a huge mistake. I don't like any of your friends, especially Amy. Stay clear off her, take up the entire house expenses for this month and we will be good again..."

Didi walked away.

She paced all around the room while trying to understand what exactly was going on.

she took off the bedspread and replaced it with a new one.

She tidied up the room in no time and after she was done with everything she remained in the room hoping Desmond will come in so that she can talk to him in private. 

She doesn't even have money to carter for herself for one week talk more of the entire house for a month.

Desmond's condition is ridiculous and she was going to tell him that she have no money for such. 

All she had was with Cynthia.

Even though Cynthia had winked at her asking her not to talk but she had to say something.

Cynthia collected almost all her saving and obviously did not give the money to Desmond like she said she will

Desmond never mentioned it, he only said that Cynthia only talked to him to let go and she "pressed his button.."

Whatever that means Didi clearly do not understand.

Desmond later entered the room but when Didi raised the topic he walked out immediately and didn't return.

He stayed in the sitting room watching television with Cynthia.

Cynthia later went to her room but Desmond remained in the parlour.

Didi woke up the following morning, tidied up the house and left for work.

She left early, leaving the house before Desmond.

"Aren't you making breakfast before leaving..? Desmond asked her as she was walking out.

"Jasmine and i have taken breakfast, Cynthia will prepare yours.."

She picked up her bag, took her daughter and walked out

"Remember the condition that you're in. Buy things on your way back and make delicious meal not that your usual cooking with no taste.." Desmond said after her.

Didi kept thinking about everything that have been happening around her even while she was away.

On her way back, she bought food stuffs with the little money with her.

Getting home, nobody was around.

They left everywhere messed up again.

Didi decided to do laundry first before cooking.

She was about putting the bedspread in the washing machine when she noticed some strange stain on it.

She began to examine the white bedspread properly.

She noticed that that although is almost dried off but the stain seems slimy and whitish.

It then occurred to her that it could be from Desmond.

What could Desmond be doing that made him dropped a spérm on the bedspread. Didi thought.

Is been a long time he touched her. That's ever since Cynthia came, how come this?

Didi held the bedspread as she flashed back to yesterday and it began adding up in her mind.

Amy had mentioned something about Desmond and Cynthia

Diva also had said the thief was within.

Cynthia had lied to Desmond about the money, tagging her as the thief when she knows absolutely nothing about it.

Desmond has suddenly started hating Amy for no clear reason

Just due to whatever Cynthia must have said..

Cynthia and Desmond are supposed to be related why is she suddenly having this strange doubtful feeling about the whole thing.

Didi thought of the way Cynthia was robbing Desmond's leg and even bitting it while Desmond laugh and said he was enjoying the moment

Something was definitely going on and Didi was about to find out.

She left the laundry and head to Cynthia's room.

She turned the door knob and realized it was lócked

Why will Cynthia be locking her room? Didi wondered.

Didi remembered where bunch of keys are kept, she will go and find a spare key for Cynthia's room.

Didi rushed to the store house to look for Cynthia's extra room key so that she can unlock and check for whatever Cynthia was hiding.

She needs to hurry before Cynthia comes back

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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