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Out Of The Box - Episode 10




Out Of The Box - Episode 10

Written By Amah's Heart

Didi try transferring the money to Didi after collecting her bank account details but she couldn't, her bank network was having issue

She called Diva asking her if she has up-to the amount she wanted

Diva said she doesn't have any money to spare

She asked her why she was in desperate need of money

Didi didn't want to say at first but when Diva wouldn't stop asking she decided to brief her

"The money that was stolen from the box need to be replaced in order for peace to reign. I no longer have peace in my own home Diva, I'm sick and tired of the constant prøblem that this money is causing for me and will be happy if the whole thing is settled..."

"Desmond is your husband, I'm sure he was only angry and wouldn't want you to replace anything.." Diva replied.

"Desmond has refused to let me be ever since the money went missing. He insisted that it must be replaced. Amy did me dirty, she played fast one on me, she wants to destróy my life and drive me away from my matrimonial home. Probably she's not happy that I'm married and she isn't. That could be the only explanation why she wants me to end up as a single Mom, I detest that and I'm ready to do anything to save my marriage..."

"I'm sorry about everything you're going through Didi. You really sound desperate and broken, can you come over after school, let's sit at our normal joint and talk. I have something I want to tell you, is urgent.."

"I'm not even in school. I couldn't go today. I haven't slept well for some days now and since 2am today I have been up, I decided to call the school and tell them that I'm not well. I know I won't be able to function perfectly so there was no need to go. I'm at home.."

"...I am broken Diva. Desmond doesn't eat my food, he doesn't sleep in the room with me and does not treat me like his wife again. Is everyday one prøblem.."

"... Cynthia, Desmond sister is trying to help me, I'm grabbing this great chance to fix my home. She is also tired of I and Desmond constant prøblem. She is even ready to put in her own money just for peace to reign in my life. Is a great opportunity and I don't want to play with it.." Didi said to Diva who was quiet at the other line.

"Can you come over atleast let's see.." Diva asked, urging her.

"Not today, maybe tomorrow or next. You can say whatever thing you have to say or wait until I'm out. I want to stay back home today. Thanks anyway, since you don't have the money, I will find another means..." 

After the call ended, Didi try doing the transfer again and this time the network was stable and she was able to transfer the whole money to Didi's account.

She rushed out of her room immediately she received debit alert from her bank.

Didi saw Cynthia in the sitting, with her leg crossed on the center table.

She was eating chicken with pepper sauce and chilled juice.

Didi wondered where she got the chicken because she can't remember her cooking one or going out to get anything.

"Have you confirmed the money, I have done the transfer and is successful.."

"I will check later, I'm busy now as you can see. You could have gone and withdraw the cash, that would have been better so that we can peacefully return the cash back to the box, just the way Desmond left it. That way whenever Desmond comes and try to make trøuble again you will show him all the money in the box.."

"You actually have a point Cynthia. I have already done the transfer, what are we going to do now.."

"Well, is all good. I will find my way around it. No prøblem, how much did you send?

Didi mentioned the amount, which was virtually almost all her savings.

She only left little for herself, for transport to work and to do other things.

"Is that the whole money in your account..? Cynthia asked as she bité deeply into her fried chicken and began to chew loudly

"Not really, but the remaining one is just for my personal upkeep and that of my daughter since Desmond no longer gives me money for anything.."

"You should have sent the whole money in your account so that it will be easy for me to complete it for you.."

"Please Cynthia, Desmond is your brother, find a way to make him understand. You said that you were going to help..."

"Okay.. okay..." Cynthia said, interrupting Didi as she gulped down a cup of apple juice beside her.

"...is okay. I will help you and complete the money before sending it back to Desmond. I'm only trying to do this because I want you to be happy again and mainly because you're begining to listen to me rather than those your rúbbish fake friends..."

"Thank you so much Cynthia. You're just God sent. You came just in time to save my marriage. God bless you and don't worry about my friends, they are no no longer a prøblem.."

Cynthia asked Didi to get her water from the fridge and she quickly did.

"I wanted to ask you when you fried the chicken or did you go out to buy..? Is just that you've been in this house with me all day and I didn't notice you either cooking or going out.."

"Oh! this is delicious. I could have given you to have a taste but I håte to share this type of chicken with anyone. Desmond got it for me at Centric garden yester..."

She immediately realized herself she quickly pause and said

"...did I say Desmond bought it? No, that was just a joke. I actually bought the chicken at chicken republic on my way home yesterday and I kept it in the fridge and microwaved it while you were inside talking to somebody on phone, I guess your friend..."

"... be careful with what you tell your friends. Especially that Amy of a lady. She's obviously jeâlóus of you, She is not even remorseful after stealing from you. She's very dangerous and you should avoid her and don't listen to anything she says, do you understand.." Cynthia said trying to change the topic.

Didi nodded.

Didi prepared food down before Desmond will return that day

 Cynthia later went out that evening and came back late

She walked in almost 11pm and after fifteen minutes Desmond drove in

He mentioned he has eaten and wasn't hungry.

He had his bath and went to sleep, but he slept off again in the sitting room while watching the television.

Didi was afraid to wake him up so she left him until morning.

He didn't say anything as he prepared and left early to work.

Didi also went to work, on her way back she stopped at the market and bought few things for cooking.

She made dinner on time and waited for Desmond to return 

Cynthia went to the pot and dished out food for herself, taking the biggest fish and meat Didi left for Desmond.

Didi try to complain but had to let it go.

Desmond came back around 6pm and didn't respond to Didi's greeting

Desmond started asking Didi about his money again while they were in the room

He was about going to take his bath when Didi came inside to inform him that his food was on the table.

He started asking her about the money 

Just then Cynthia walked into the room with towel around her chest. 

She didn't bother to knock

"I was about to take my evening shower when I started hearing Desmond voice again.."

"He's asking for his money.." Didi said. she thought Cynthia had already transferred the money to him.

She wish this whole money issue can be put behind them.

Cynthia took Didi outside the room and said to her calmly

"Don't worry sweetheart, go outside let me talk to Desmond. You can take a walk around the neighborhood with Jasmine or within the compound. Just stay out of Desmond sight until I'm done talking to him. Don't stay inside because that may aggreviate Desmond when he sees you. Stay clear until I call your mobile number to come inside.."

Didi thought for a while and nodded.

She picked up daughter and handbag left.

She called Diva and in no time Diva came to meet her at their usual meeting place.

"Are you okay.." Diva asked, concerned

"No, I'm not. I don't even understand what's going on. Desmond kept bringing up the money issue every time I thought it was all over. Cynthia promise to help me solve the prøblem and I thought she already did only for Desmond to come back today again and started insisting on his money. I can't have rest again at home. Ever since this whole missing money thing started, Desmond has never stopped tørmenting me with every chance he gets.."

".. I'm getting fed up. Cynthia said I should take a walk and she will talk to Desmond. I wondered why she haven't sent the money to him yet. Anyway, I just hope everything it sorted by the time I get home because I don't want to go back to the same angry man I left. I hope Cynthia calms him down and also transfer the money. I want peace in my life and home.."

"I don't know what to say Didi. I'm really sorry for everything you're going through.."

"Is not your fault. You've done nothing to be sorry about Diva, is Amy that got me into this mess. If not that I don't have any evident, I could have arrested her. I never knew that she was a thiéf. She had the gut to go into my room and steal the money my husband kept in a safe box. You're a good friend and will never steal from me, that's why I can trust you with my prøblem without worries.."

"Ehmm! I.. I'm not quiet sure if you are going to take what I'm about to tell you.." Diva said looking all worried

"What are you talking about? If it's about Amy, I don't want to hear it. I so much détest her. God will definitely púnísh her for everything she put me through.."

"That day, while in your room I saw the box and remembered that you mentioned it to us. You said that's where Desmond keeps money for emergency purpose. I needed some money to pay off my nursing school fee Which has been bothering me for long. I was scared but I only wanted to take a little to add to what I already had. But when I brought down the box and opened it, there was nothing inside it. There was money in the box..."

Didi stared at Diva in disbelief.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"What!!!! So is you all along..?? Didi said stunned by the whole confession.

"Is not me Didi. The box was empty.. which means another person has taken the money but is definitely not Amy. Amy was still in the toilet then. I wanted to return back the box but I was afráid that I maybe caught and Amy who I can hear flushing the toilet can come out or you may walk in and see me. That's why I left It right there on the ground. Somebody had taken the whole money and there was nothing in the box. Amy maybe innocent and whoever took the money is living in same house with you. I met an empty box, believe me.."

"I should believe you? Diva, right now you're unbelievably mâd. You?? Are you sure you're still the Diva I used to know? wait, you went to steal from me and found out another has beáten you to it and stolen all the money? Cynthia said it.. that my friends are not meant to be trusted, now I understand better.

"... Did Amy put you up to this? I guess Amy asked you to come over and say this trâsh to my face.."

"Nobody put me up to anything. You can be mad at me and tag me whatever you want to but I can't live with myself knowing another person is being accused innocently. Amy didn't do it and even though I have intended to take the money but I didn't because the box was empty. Another person took the money out of the box but is definitely not me or Amy..."

"...the thief is among your household, the person that took the money is living under your nose and if you can think and listen to your instincts you may trap down whoever is behind all this.."

"...I'm sorry Didi but I didn't take your money.."

Didi couldn't digest what she just heard

She picked up her bag, carried her daughter and left.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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