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Out Of The Box - Episode 1



Out Of The Box - Episode 1

Written By Amah's Heart

"He said it again this morning that if I continue like this, we will have a big problem in this marriage. He said if I'm not careful I will go back being single again like my friends because it seems I'm not ready to remain married..." Didi narrated to her two friends.

"He actually said that...? Amy asked wide eyed

Didi nodded.

"..that man really thinks that marriage is an achievement..."Amy said shaking her head

"But it is. Marriage is a big achievement" Diva replied Amy

"Not to me though.." Amy said unconcerned.

"What was your reply when he said this..? Diva asked her

"When he was shouting at me initially, I didn't reply back but when he repeated this same thing about the marriage which he had said about three times now, I told him that I don't care and he should go ahead and do his wørst.."

"Correct, that's good. You need to put him in his place. What is he even feeling like..? 

"...Listen to me Didi, if you don't have enough savings, then start gathering up money because of the future. Men are unbelievably tricky and wícked, once they see another woman and pick interest in her, they will start mistreating their wives, trying to frustrate her so that when she can no longer takes the whole ill treatment and leaves, the man will have ground to say that the woman left by herself, he never pursued her so he has the right to bring in another woman. He will start telling anyone that cares to listen how much he was doing for the wife but she still choose to go meet another man, how much he cares and spent and yet she still left. He may even chirp in that the woman has a rich sugar daddy. Men will want to act like saint while victimizing you and making you look like the bäd one. That's why I'm saying that you need to have your own money so that if anything happens, you will have somewhere to fall back to with your child. Fear men..they will stain your white.." Amy said, demostrating with her hand angrily.

"If you have problem with any man, why not go and sort it out with the person instead of generalizing all the men. So, you mean that Didi should start stealing from Desmond.." 

"Diva, sometimes the way you think baffles me. Desmond is Didi's husband and it can't be called stealing because the Bible said, the two becomes one once they're married. She's just taking money from her better half. I see nothing wrøng with that.."

Diva looked over at Amy, sighed and said to Didi

"Please ignore Amy. Maybe it was your reply that got Desmond more upset. You shouldn't have said that to him. You shouldn't even reply him when he's angry or ranting.. you know how some men behave. They always want to be right and when you try to oppose that it becomes a big problem, they don't want their ego to be bruised..."

", Exactly, I agree with the last part. Too much pride is that man's problem. He's lucky that I'm not his wife, I would have given him the seat he deserves, a sweet dose of his own medicine will definitely do..."

"Get married first, maybe you will come to understand Didi's predicaments more.." Diva said to Amy

"Give yourself same advice Diva. We're both not married but in my case, I'm not even searching. I'm contented being single. Men are too prøblemâtic..."Amy fired back at Diva.

Didi sighed "I no longer care Diva, I don't care about anything. I'm tired of him thrëâténing me in this marriage, he acts like he picked me from the streets and i will return back to nothing if the marriage doesn't work... that's must be what he thinks that made him use same line of words to threaten me each time..."

"...He has forgotten so soon that I was doing well for myself when he met me. I didn't even want to marry him initially but he portray this nice man character that made me decided to settle with him. I have bigger men coming for me then. You and Amy remembers back then, you know I was very industrious and hard-working. I was making my own money. Why will he now be treating me like I don't know my worth anymore or maybe without the marriage I'm nothing..."

"Is because he has seen you all, you don't have to show him too much of your weakness. He will ride you and treat you as he please. I don't like when men mistreating ladies. Amy said

"Desmond is a nice guy Didi, I told you back then that you're a lucky girl to have such a man. From my understanding, marriage is not always rosy, whatever is the reason for his constant rant, please avoid those things. I know I'm not married but if I happen to get a kind and loving man like Desmond, babe I will really thank my God. You've forgotten that there are alot of crâzy men who are looking for somebody's daughter to put in bondage. Go back and beg your husband..."

"Beg for what? Didi, listen to me don't pay attention to Diva, her desperation for a man stinks bâdly. you did nothing bad so Desmond should be the one going on his knees to apologise not you.."

"I'm not begging anyone. How long will I continue to apologise? if I continue doing that, he will be using it as an advantage to hûrt my feelings with his words and actions..."

"You're lucky that is only words that he use to hurt your feeling. You've forgotten that some men are béãst. I read alot of domestic violence on social media that left many women vulnerable. Yours isn't like that Didi, so you should be thanking God.." Diva said.

Just then Didi's phone began to ring

"Hold on, he's the one calling.."

"Good! He probably wants to apologise for his unruly behavior.." Amy said.

"Yes, you are right Amy. Desmond does that sometimes after a fight but not all the time. But he's definitely calling to pet me and apologies. I know my husband more than he knows himself.."

Amy curved a smile at the corner of her lips.

Diva clapped her hands excitedly " see you, you're already blushing like a new bride. You were busy running your mouth earlier that Desmond isn't doing well. I'm so happy he called to apologise, that's the way it supposed to be. When you get home also beg him, prepare correct food for him and another in the bedroom.."

Didi burst out laughing "you're sílly girl. I can't wait for you to get married so that you will be giving your hubby double food after every misunderstanding.."

"We won't have misunderstanding, I will make sure of that. My husband will cherish me and I will be his loyal subject.."

"Just wait and get married first before you start subjecting yourself as servant... don't be an embârrâssment to women by reducing your self worth.." Amy said. She turned to Didi

"... listen Didi, don't pick up yet. Let him call like three or four times. If you pick up immediately, he will see you as a desperate woman with no self esteem.."

"Amy! That's a wrong advise.." Diva said out loud.

The call ended without Didi answering.

"Why aren't you picking up his call? Is it because of what Amy said.." Diva asked

"Yes, Amy is right. I have to do small acting so that he won't feel like I have been expecting his call all this while. If he calls again I will answer.."

Just then Desmond called again

Didi answered the call "...Hello.."

Amy moved closer to her and whispered "Don't sound excited while on the phone with him. Make him understand that you're still vexing. Put the call on speaker..."

Didi ignored Amy and didn't put the call on speaker

"Hello darling! I'm home over 30 minutes and you're not back yet. Where are you..? Desmond asked calmly.

"I'm coming, I'm close to the house.."

"Where exactly are you..? It sounds more like he was concerned.

"I'm with my friends Amy and Diva."

"But you just lied now that you're close to the house, instead of you to tell me that you're chilling with your friends, you decided to lie. this is exactly why I keep having issue with you every time. Anyway, if you're coming back, buy vegetables and fruits, that's what i want to eat tonight and start coming home. Enough of the chic chat with your friends, especially that your friend, Diva, She like giving you wrong advise. I wonder how you will be taking advice from somebody that's not under any man. Diva is not married but she thinks she knows better than married couple and dishes unsolicited stûpíd advise. That's why I prefer Amy, she maybe single but mainly looking at her, you will see she's a wise, intelligent lady, she's the kind of friend to keep and take advise from not Diva..."

The call ended.

"I have to go, Desmond is home.." Didi said getting up.

"Did he apologies for all his nonsénse attitude towards you? You would have put it on loud speaker so that we can hear him begging. Make sure he goes on his knees when you get home. He supposed to come here to get you not you rushing over. Who do he even think he is..? Amy said

"He's still my husband Amy. I know Desmond can be very annoying but I'm still married to him. I'm his wife and mother to his child.."

"Look at you, just because of the small apology he probably rendered that's why you are defending him now. Few days later, you will still run back crying fowl. We will still be here waiting..." Amy said

"Quit already with all this hâteful words Amy. Is very normal for couples to have disagreement. At the end they will still come together to agree. Please stop all this wrong advise that you're dishing out..." Diva said

"Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. All I said is the truth. Men are scúm and Desmond does not worth this whole stress..." Amy said as she picked up her phone and focused on it.

Didi said goodbye to her friends and left.

She was bóiling angrily that Desmond told her to buy things without asking if she have money with her.

She thought he actually called to apologise, maybe she don't really know the man she married and is also time to take Amy's advice and not show him too much of her own self.

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