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I Must Sack My House Maid - Last Episode




 I Must Sack My House Maid - Episode 7

Written by Ayodele Adeoye

For three days I didn’t see my husband nor Stella. When the pastor came to

see me, he assured me everything is under control if I can calm down and

hear the full gist. How can I calm down when my husband just impregnated my

housemaid? I was mad at the pastor. Daddy, I am still listening to you

because of the grace of God over your life. How do you expect me to calm

down when I’m losing my marriage right in your presence? The pastor put up

a smile, Sis Lucy, you aren’t losing your marriage, just calm down. He


Few hours later I was discharged and pastor and his wife drove me straight

to their house. I was taken through several hours of counseling to just to

make me calm down. Eventually I calmed down to hear the complete gist.

After my nerves have been calmed, pastor invited my husband and Stella in.

To my greatest surprise Chioma was also invited. I tried to reason why

Chioma was invited but no idea came into my head. I held my peace as I was

attentive to watch the drama that was about to unfold.

Pastor broke the silence, Sis Lucy I’m glad to announce to you that all

that happened so far was a drama to bring you back to your senses. Your

husband wrote the script for everything you have seen playing out in your


Stella is not pregnant!

Your husband did not have an affair with Chioma!

The codom was part of the script, your husband arranged it.

The confession was all framed up to make you see need to give attention to

your husband.

Your investigation was staged before you carried it out.

All the lust dramas were planned.

We would have ended the drama if you had reported your husband the day he

came to make false confession about the affair with Chioma.

Chioma never worked in your husband’s company.

There was no recession in his place of work. That too was a scene in the


Your husband love you Sis Lucy. He wants you to realize your lapses but you

failed to. Instead you prayed and fasted instead of you to amend your ways.

I almost thought I was dreaming as pastor began to expose the behind the

scenes. I have been a foolish woman all this while. I am writing my story

for other women like me to learn these lessons. I put on a smile, my

husband smiled at me, Stella hugged me and everyone in the house laughed

out loud. I was the lead actor in the the drama of my life without reading

the script. I have been fooled but I give all the glory to God that my

fears were artificial, created by my weak mind and inferiority complex.

Women reading my story these are lessons I want you to learn from my life:

1. Don’t be too spiritual to neglect your home. Your home is your first


2. Learn to be patient, I was not patient in all this drama.

3. Don’t accommodate another woman in your house that could make you

uncomfortable. Even though Stella is a good girl, you can’t be sure to

always get a girl like Stella.

4. Prayer and fasting does not solve all problems. No wonder the Bible says

“we should pray and watch”.

5. Learn to trust your spouse.

6. Don’t see marriage as a place of rest. Improve on yourself daily.

In conclusion, I wish to thank Pastor Ayodele Adeoye whom God used to guide

my husband all through the acting time. I’m so happy now. I’m the most

happiest woman in the world. I love Stella, and she’s not going anywhere

again. My husband is a Christian indeed. I love him so much.

The greatest news is that I’m now three months pregnant. Joy has come to

build its tent in my house.

Thank you for reading. Hope you have learnt a lesson??.


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