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I Must Sack My House Maid - Episode 3




 I Must Sack My House Maid - Episode 3

Written by Ayodele Adeoye

Everyone seem to be blaming me for the troubles in my marriage. It’s okay,

I accept the blames but there are many things I have seen that add up to my

worries. Like I said before, my husband is not the talking type and you

hardly know when he’s angry or displease about something. If he didn’t want

me to do a 21 days marathon fasting, should he not have stopped me? Did he

stop me and I refused to stop? I’m not a sex addict, hence I only give in

whenever he ask me. He claimed we’ve not been intimate for quite a while,

yes, that’s true. But did he ask me? Was there anytime I deny him? Did I

just leave my kitchen for Stella? No, I did that to please him since he

grew up in the village and his love and taste for local meal. I lived all

my life in Lagos, I can cook continental meals very well. But Stella does

well with local dishes.

What is wrong in a woman who has been waiting for the fruit of the womb for

almost a decade to be closer to God? Only women who had been childless for

that long can understand my plights. I don’t have any other gods than

Jehovah, hence I dedicated my time praying and fasting for us, our expected

children and his job.

My worries increased the day I saw a pack of codom in my husband’s

briefcase. He just arrived from a three day trip and I was trying to remove

his things from the briefcase, a pack of codom just fell off. One was

already used from the pack. To the best of my knowledge and in all fairness

my husband is a good Christian and a gentleman to a fault. But what was

condom doing in his briefcase? I tried to ask him but I couldn’t. I kept

that to myself until I started noticing his lustful attitudes towards


The breaking news why I insisted Stella must leave my house is that my

husband had threatened me he will marry Stella if I don’t change my

character. He told me if he had known Stella before me he would have chosen

Stella instead of me. Though he said all these while we were quarreling but

I’m not going to take it lightly. The Bible says “for out of the abundance

of the heart the mouth speaketh”.

Stella is innocent but her presence in my house is a threat.

She’s a good girl but I smell danger everywhere.

I don’t want my fears to come to pass like it happened to Job in the Bible.

Hence I want her out now that an affair has not started between them.

I don’t like my feelings about Stella and my husband.

I thought they say “prevention is better than cure”. Is it not wise to

prevent it from happening before it eventually happen?

If I am your biological sister or daughter will you advice me to keep

Stella under my roof?

Please be fair to me, tell me the truth like you will tell your daughter or

sister. I love my husband and I don’t want to lose him.

I will tell you more about the condom when I come back later.

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