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I Must Sack My House Maid - Episode 2




 I Must Sack My House Maid - Episode 2

Written by Ayodele Adeoye

My husband is not the talking type, his words are few and this has been the

source of our fight many times. I was shocked the way my husband was

blowing hot when I told him we must talk about Stella matter today or else

I won’t let him go to work. I locked the door, hid the keys and I held him

by his tie, is either you kill me today or I kill myself, Stella must leave

my house or you will chose between me and Stella today, I said while


Lucy, sit down, he intrusted me calmly. I sat on the bed and he sat close

to me. Then he began;

When you accepted to bring Stella to this house, was I in the picture? Did

you consult me? Yet I didn’t pick up any quarrel with you, did I?

When she came you indirectly left your duties for her. Did I complain?

For over a half year you haven’t cook or serve my meal but Stella does and

does it in a special way you have never.

As if that was not enough, you stopped performing your bedroom duties. Lucy

when last did we have intimacy in this house? Yet we are looking for baby.

When last did you make me feel like a man in this house? How won’t I lust

after Stella? Isn’t she a woman like you? Am I a dead wood?

If you are not in women’s fellowship meeting, you are in one prayer rally

or the other. The other day, without consulting me you embarked on 21 days

marathon fasting. Did I fight you or stop you? Even though you starved me

in all ramifications.

While you were not available, Stella was there. She took care of my needs

while you were busy attending church programs. When I was looking for an

arm to rest on, you weren’t available. Stella was deputising for you, she

listens when I am looking for who to share my burdens with. She encourages

me when I’m worried. She prays with me and for me while you are away to


You slapped me because I was stirring at Stella, I didn’t say anything

because I knew I was lusting but you never created an avenue for me to lust

after you. A man must lust after something.

I am a Christian, else I would have taken advantage of Stella. She is more

of a wife to me than you. She is calm, you are not. She is lovely, you are

not. She is respectful you are not. She prepares my food, you don’t. She is

a listener, you gat no time. You are busy but she’s available. You are

always praying, she’s always acting. You are beautiful, she’s pretty. You

are my legal but ceremonial wife, she’s my emotional and psychological

wife. I see her more than I see you.

Lucy, if you are in my shoes, you would have fallen. I chose not to fall

into this temptation because I love God and I also love you. Your

disposition makes me the guilty one but I have sacrificed many things and

many times to be a true husband. But if you are me, whom will you give

attention to between Lucy and Stella?

This was the last question my husband asked me as he went mute expecting me

to supply answers to his numerous questions. I was ashamed of myself

momentarily. I knew I have failed but my mission to redeem back my home is

paramount to me. My husband is already falling for Stella and separating

them is the first step into solving this problem I caused for myself. I

didn’t respond to any of his questions but I went on my knees to apologize

for everything I have done wrong. He accepted my apologies and rushed out

because he was already an hour 30 minutes late for work.

When he came back from work I served him his meal and while he was eating I

told him Stella must go. On hearing that he left the dining and when

inside, I followed him in. Stella is not going anywhere he said. But why? I

asked him. Stella is innocent and she does not deserve such treatment

because of your fault. If you are not having an affair with this girl, why

don’t you want her to leave, I questioned him. I’m ready to take over my

home, her presence is making me uncomfortable, she must go. If Stella goes,

I go too, he replied, and that was the last statement I heard from my

husband. We have returned to status quo at the moment. Stella’s presencemakes me feel really bad, I want her out of my house. I’m ready to make

amends but not with Stella in my house.

I’m ready to do anything(as far as is not a sin) to get rid of Stella.

Please advice me.

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