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Hidden Motives-Episode 19




Hidden Motives-Episode 19

Written By Amah's Heart

"...yes, I knew it from the first day because his eyes was all over me. He had this lustful look... like he was about to eat me raw. It was even difficult for him to introduce his friend properly because he thought his friend will become a competitor but Kago admired me of course but he wasn't interested in me. It seems he has a babe and was a straight forward guy who won't stoop to date a married woman. Jerome couldn't get himself around me and was already offering friendship and trying to fix himself among us. I and Silaz already knew he was lustfully carried away. Since we agreed that Zinco was the last person, no more games I tried to avoid his advances. As we settled in the new house, it's to plan our wedding and start living properly like couples. We wanted a quiet Court wedding and from there we can think if we're ready for kids or to just enjoy the moment first. With the way Jerome was going about the whole thing and made it very obvious, he did not hide the fact that he wanted me and knowing that I was  "married" even though we just made people believe that. Jerome did not respect that fact. When we asked him about his family, he lied that he wasn't married. We knew he has a wife and kid but we acted along with his lies  that was when I decided to play him since he won't rest and leave me alone. Truthfully, Silaz was not okay with the idea at first due to what happened with Zinco but I assured him that such will never happen again. When I told Jerome about work, without hesitation he agreed. The first time I visited him so that he can put me through with the work stuff, He made a clear attempt to have me, very stupid move but I had a bigger plan for him...."

Jerome cursed under his breath. He had been warned not to react or say a word untill it was his turn so he was struggling to be quiet as Lucinda speaks.

"... the day I was in his office and the secretary came to inform him that his inlaw, I guess his wife's relative was at the lounge waiting for him. I pretended to be surprised and asked him again if he was married but he denied it and tried to cover up with something else. I played cool as we continued with the game. He started with the monetary gift at first, then go shopping for me and buying me lots of expensive gifts. Then I mentioned about a car..booom... Jerome surprised me with one. Silaz was surprised with the speed he was spending and asked me to slow down because it wasn't his money that he was spending, rather his wife's and we all knows that but pretended. I tried to take it slow after the car but Jerome was not even ready to calm down. The next was the house and we started planning on relocating because the whole thing was too much and what we avoided most is troubles. We don't want our greediness to get the best of us so we planned to get out, get married finally and sell off those assets before leaving the country. Fortunately, he made it easier, although that wasn't in plan but due to the fact that he couldn't have me, he thought Silaz was blocking his way so he thought of exposing our affair. Already we were planning a way to make it seems Silaz caught us at the end, so Jerome made it easier by sending messages and he showed up at the office and pull in some convincing stunt..."

Jerome who couldn't bear it anymore explode angrily.

"You mean to tell me that all of that beating and destroying things in my office was a mare stunt? He practically turned me into a punching bag and I accepted gladly thinking I was doing you a favor.  I had headache and serious body pain for days. I was ill because of all of that blow I received and refused to retaliate because I didn't want you to feel bad... everything was just him acting? God, it will never be well with you and Silaz...it..."

"Shut up Jerome or the officers will shut it for you, it's not yet your time to speak" Maria said calmly.

"Maria, please let me talk, I can't just sit still listening to all of this rubbish. I'm not a robot. This two scammers manipulated me, they use black magic on me until I unknowingly transfered all the money both on me and the company's to them. Nobody with the right frame of mind does that, it wasn't with a clear eyes. I was remoted and I did it all without knowing what exactly I was doing... you have to believe me... please"

Maria asked the officer to take Jerome outside until he was ready to be quiet.

They dragged him out while he was still shouting that he was going to cooperate.

Maria asked them to let him be

They released him and he returned to his seat and remained quiet

She ordered Lucinda to round up her story.

"I gradually moved out after Silaz left without Jerome knowing. We sold the house, getting a buyer wasn't difficulty and it was sold with a higher percentage. I told Silaz that it was time to finally get our wishes met and move out of the country before everything backfires. He agreed but said I should hold on a little. I didn't like the sneaky way he was begining to do things, i decided to check the account balance one day. Because we had a general account we use for the whole transaction but we also have our private account too. So it was the general account balance I checked and that's when I realized that Silaz was silently scamming me. He was gradually taking the money and transferring into his private bank account. I never knew he had a hidden motives all the while.  I didn't react or let him know that I'm aware of his mischief. I tried to gather more money from Jerome with the lies of an uncle being sick. He sent the money to my own private account. When I saw he doesn't have much to give again I left him. I also managed to transfer some money from the major account to my own privately. I was also trying to sell the car and keep the money in my private account. I planned leaving the country without him even knowing. I had my own hidden motives and I was going to play him dirty just like he planned doing to me. Silaz found out and we had hit up issue which delayed our moving. And that was when the secret service officers traced us out and kept us in house arrest. All the money we had left in the account were taken, the car was seized... alot have been happening since then until this present moment. I never planned for any of what happened, it was due to Silaz greediness he was using me and planning to scam me after I did all the terrible work just to make this money. Please ma, forgive me...I have learnt my lesson and I promise I will never go back to my old ways..."

Silaz was also trying to accuse Lucinda while Lucinda throw back insults at him.

She was really begging Maria to be considerate in her judgment because she never meant for any of what happened to happen. 

Maria was quiet for sometime before saying.

"You will have to tell that to the prison wardens because that's where you and Silaz will be spending some of your years. I don't have anything else to say to you. Your confession is all recorded. .."

Maria left and Jerome followed her pleading and telling her he was charmed.

Jerome was afraid and didn't know what kind of punishment Maria had in store for him but he was sensing it won't be hard due to the love she still has for him and she wouldn't want Jasmine to end up in a divided home, a story that she can't relate to as a child.

Despite how he tried to console himself he was still scared of the unknown.

 the silent from Maria as they drive back home was driving him crazy but he never stopped pleading.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART)

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