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Hidden Motives-Episode 16




Hidden Motives-Episode 16

Written By Amah's Heart

"...she sent me an email that I should leave our house, can you imagine that? Our family house Kago.... what kind of wickedness is that? Where did she expects me to go to? What type of woman is this... I have never seen such a wicked woman as this, she wants to rub her wealth to my face. Can you imagine? women are so predictable...I knew it will one day come to this and she proved me right? Women are all the same everywhere, they do small thing for you and they will start feeling like small gods. Maria doesn't have any right to tell me to evacuate her house... isn't it our house? She's my wife and mother to my daughter. Where is the respect and honor as a man. She doesn't love, care or respects me Kago. Because of one silly mistake I made, and it wasn't even deliberate. I haven't seen or heard from Lucinda to know exactly what is going on. I can't even ascertain what my mind is saying because I never saw Lucinda as a deceiver or fraudster. She appears too real and pure. I don't even know what to think right now, I..."

Kago interrupted by clearing his throat loudly.

"Whenever you're done whining, you can then tell me the reason why you're here this early. Your breath smells of alcohol, I'm trying to keep my nose straight, you know that your breath used to smel like ant before? now is worst, alcohol this early morning...is disturbing guy. Anyway, I'm still waiting for you to tell me the exact reason you shamelessly came down to my rat hole or isn't it what you used in referring to my house.."?

"Kago, why are you behaving like a woman. We had one small altercation you held it in your heart like is a big deal. That's in the past, I'm talking about more important things. Maria is threatening to kick me out of our house. She said she will be returning back any moment from now and she needs me to leave the compound. My anger is what kind of wife send her husband packing? Husbands supposed to be the one sending a wife out not the other way round. I really don't understand or what exactly I did other than i used some company money for myself. I never knew all of the money I took will affect the company. I actually told her what I used it for, which was my hospital bills yet she didn't believe me. I know is a lie but what better explanation can I give after spending all of that amount? What exactly is she thinking that I used the money for? I know Maria is very smart but she will not be able to find out about Lucinda because I covered my track and none of the staff knows what happened inside my office and none of them will have the liver to go gossiping around. Maria doesn't even have their time, her focus and goal is to take this company to higher level, listening to gossips is not part of her. Kago I also need some money... just lend me little cash I will pay back. Let me use it and sort one or two problems..."

Kago stood up and went to the door

"Guy, stand up and be going to your house. Enough of this your whining, your plenty talk is boring... you sound like a broken record. I have heard enough,  There's no place for you here, no money too, go home and face your problems like a man that you are..."

Jerome stood staring at his friend. "You're asking me to leave your house? Is this the kind of friend that you are... Kago?

"Yes, that's the kind of friend I am and if you don't leave now I will kick out your butt. I'm not joking guy. I'm friend enough to have advised you right, I repeatedly warned you, I did everything so that you can listen but guy you thought i was jealous because Lucinda choose you. There's no hiding place for you in my beautiful rat hole. Go back to your mansion and face whatever consequences that's awaiting you. Get out guy before I use force..."

Jerome shakes his head pathetically "fake friends everywhere. Everyone is showing their true colors now, I'm not surprised. remember a friend that helps you when you're down is a friend indeed. I'm not surprised at all, human being are the highest betraying specie that God made on this earth. They drink wickedness as water, that is what runs in their vein...not blood..."

Kago didn't reply. He remained standing beside the door as Jerome walked past then suddenly stood and kept talking.

"...Kago, mark this day and save the date. I will never belittle myself again like I did before you today. I won't need your help for anything. It will shock you the way I will sort out my problems. Maria is my wife and mother to my daughter and future babies she will come to reason and put everything behind her. Maria loves me with her entire being, I can swear it with my life that's why I'm not bothered. At the end of the day you will see how stupid all this your super acting will be. Kago, if you have sense you will value my friendship more than anything because you enjoy chilling at my place and gain alot from me. Once Maria and i are cool again, you will never be welcomed back to my home. Already Maria is thinking that you're the bad friend deceiving me into misbehaving. So, you see how you have just shot yourself on the leg..."?

Kago made attempt to push him out.

"guy, you talk too much. I said you should leave my house, I will gladly push you out..."

"Don't touch me for your own good, I'm leaving and never in my life will I show up here again. This your wretched rat hole that you called a house, it even stinks. I managed to come down to your level and you aren't happy. You're poor and still wicked at the same time... You will rot in hell. I'm rich, I got a rich wife and if I calculate everything you got in your entire life is not worth up to the money I spend in a month. I can choose to drink any time of the day, I don't owe you or anyone explanation. Drinking has been helping me this days because friends are no longer reliable or trustworthy , people like you are enemies of progress but I will still win no matter what..."

He kept talking as he walked out. Kago shut the door and returned to tidying up his house which was what he was doing before Jerome came in.

A week later Jerome was home when he had a knock on the door.

He went to open and was shocked to see Maria. 

She walked past him straight into the house.

She dropped her box and hand bag on a chair and started looking around.

"This is what you turned my house into Jerome? Messy, smelly dirty. Empty alcohol bottles littered around. Woah...why am I not surprised?

"Greetings to you too my dear wife, your guts now is in another level. you walked in here like nothing...after being away in another country studying for so long, you came in here like a witch, even to greet your husband is diffcult, you didn't bother to say anything nice. The only thing you're concerned is the condition of the house. Why won't it be like this when you are trying to frustrate my life. Beside, where's Jasmine...my daughter?

Maria smiled and went to him dramatically said.

"I greet you my royal highness, the husband I once loved and cherish, papa Jasmine, the man I dreamt to spend enternity with, bearing many children for him and making his life honey coated...so sweet and yummy. But this husband of mine that I proudly left in charge of everything  to go study some more with his approval crumbled everything left in his care, Mismanaged fund and emptied my company's bank account on a woman. Oh he expected a hug and a kiss for such an act? I had to pause my studies, leave Jasmine in a care of a trusted family friend of mine just to fly down because my presence was highly needed...to clean this huge mess my dearest husband made. To see if I can recover if not all but close so that my company lost under your watch. I refused to let my empire go down to the dust. Yes, dear Jerome that's why I'm here and I need you to do me this favor and leave this house untill I decided what exactly to do with you. If you don't leave I will call my officers to forcefully throw you out. For the sake of what we once shared, I'm asking kindly. You can stay at the quarters for now but not under the same roof with me. By tomorrow, a driver will come pick us up. We will be going to pay a visit to "your woman... your everything"... the one you lavishly poured my hard earned money on like rain. We will be paying her a surprise visit...I was away and working on my maths... now am ready. It will shock you to know that I actually know everything that happened. Pick your few stuffs Jerome and leave to the quarters..."

Jerome was speechless, he couldn't stand still or know exactly what to say as he started going towards the room to pick up few things like Maria ordered.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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