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Hidden Motives-Episode 14




Hidden Motives-Episode 14

Written By Amah's Heart

That same night while he was busy trying to make sense of what was going on, why Lucinda parked out without notice and why the new house now belong to another instead of Lucinda.

A house he bought in Lucinda's name and paid for it with his own money and the whole documents were handed over to him of which he presented to Lucinda on the very day that he decided to surprise her with it.

How can it belonged to another person and no sign of Lucinda?

As he was busy drinking and reminiscing over the whole thing.

His phone was ringing, he quickly picked without properly checking the caller.

"Je, I have asked kindly, pleaded respectfully and even shouted but yet you refused telling me what you did with my money. I'm only calling to let you know that I will definitely find out what exactly you did with all this money and when I did my findings and saw that you either squander or used my company fund for some illicit act, you won't like what I will do Je. I swear it to you that this company my late mother suffered to build and I put in my sweat and blood to raise it to a great height and proudly handed it over to you after your numerous assurance, now you have successfully brought it to dust. Je this is a great wound to my heart and I won't forgive you if at the end I find out that you squander this hard earned company fund on some useless stuff, you will have me to contend with. This supposed to be our family legacy, we had great plans together. This company was ours Je, all upkeeps and expenses came from this company, yours and mine. Why will you do this to us...why will you want to bring us down and crumple all the whole efforts we put into work. I can't even concentrate over here, and I'm writing my final exams and will soon be doing my clearance. You want to send me into begging in the street? I'm unstable and have been searching for a way to make sure that I work it all out from here. I'm angry and sick at heart that you of all people will do this...I trusted you, you're my husband, father to our lovely daughter... there is no better person to trust than you. Why...? Take it from me that I won't let this one slide Je, I will keep digging until I get to the very bottom. And I won't spare anyone involved in this. And that includes you..."

"Oh, you're threatening me now Maria, so it has gotten to the point that you have to start threatening me? hello... Maria..hello"

He realized that she had ended the call. "... she is now threatening my life because of how much? My own wife, she claims to love and care about me and said this very company is ours now she is still threatening me because of this same company. Can you imagine...? 

He paused and stared at nothing for a while "where can she be... where is she right now? Where's Lucinda...?

Jerome decided to go over to Lucinda empty apartment again. He checked and checked every drawer and cabinet but couldn't find anything.

He quickly put a call across to Kago, he made it sounded like emergency so that Kago can show up quick.

Kago came just like expected, he began to narrate everything going on, how Lucinda moved out without trace and the house he bought for her is now occupied by another person and there is still no sign of her or even Silaz and Maria was threatening him already.

"Guy, are you sure this people haven't suck off your brain with a straw because it's obvious that it's children juice that's in that your empty skull not a normal human brain. I warned you but you won't listen to me... you said I was jealous. Now everything is coming to play right before your eyes..."

"Listen Kago, those things you're thinking is far from what is happening. I know Lucinda is caught with the uncle's ill health and will call me whenever everything is resolved. I'm only over worried because I'm used to hearing from her everyday. She is going through a lot right now, Silaz maybe threatening and fighting her, she is going through a divorce process, her uncle is critically down in the hospital. Everything is happening too fast and I wished to be there for her. Lucinda is not a scammer or street girl. She is everything beautiful and with the way Maria is threatening me I may decide to end up with her..."

Kago shook his head and said ", you need help guy. You will lose in both sides if you're not careful. Maria is unhappy due to what you caused and you aren't bothered. Lucinda may be working together with Silaz, they parked out without notice, sold the house you bought because they know you will come looking for her there and yet you are still here making excuses. The street is humming your name, they're calling you because that's where you will end up if you continue to trade this path.  Maria won't spare you guy and you deserve whatever harsh decision she makes. I don't know why we are even friends because I so much detest this friendship of ours right now..."

"Leave my house this minute.." Jerome barked angrily as he began pushing his friend.

"... don't ever step your dirty feet to this house again Kago. Since you detest our friendship so be it... make sure you keep your distance man. Jealous soul, If you like Maria too much why not go and marry her, all you do is to sing Maria's praise anytime the opportunity arrives. I always know that you're a jealous friend. You couldn't get Lucinda you started jealousy. Go back to that hole you call a house, I will never call you for anything again and you shouldn't dare call me for anything either. I will never come close to that rat hole of yours that you called a house, please stay away from mine. It will shock you how i will fix my problem without your help.."

Kago kept laughing at him sarcastically as he stepped out. "I'm at peace in my rat hole, I don't go dragging other men's wife or denying my fiance because of some selfish interest. You're too stupid man and I'm saying it again that I hate the fact that we are friends. You don't appreciate what you have, Instead other men's beautiful wife will be entering your eyes and now they have left you behind...hahahaha! I'm always on my own when you will call me over, please sort your problem and shock me...I want to really be shocked with the way you will come out of this whole thing. Good luck to you man, that's my kind wish to you. I'm out of here for good..."

Kago left and Jerome decided never to call him again.

He kept trying to reach Lucinda to no avail.

After few more weeks, he was running low on cash. Jerome decided to resumed office but he found out that the office was not opened.

Only the securities were on duty.

"What's going on here? Today supposed to be Monday or is it a Saturday again? I don't understand... where's everyone? Why is the office not open today...?

The security man on duty told him that the order was from above. No work untill further notice.

"I'm the one sitting above, which other order that came from above and I'm not aware of it? Who gave such order in my company...my own private company?

"Sir, I don't know. We also received the letter on Tuesday, it's almost a week now. I heard that all reports and complains goes to the general manager now, Mr Kudwa not you anymore. You were not at work for some time and I heard a lot of things were mismanaged and plenty fund missing, paying of salaries will be very hard. All the staffs were asked to stay at home untill things are back to normal only two of the securities are asked to remain and guard the property. Our pay at the security post here were slashed, instead of the full payment we will be receiving half for now but no problem, this company has been good to us all and although we need to feed our families but we will be here until everything is back to normal. Getting a well paying job like this one is hard this days. I really don't know what happened and why the mismanaged fund to the extent they can't pay salaries but my prayers is that it bounced back soon and not crumple like some other companies. Sir, I'm really shocked that you're not aware of all these whole things...."

Jerome breathed in and said. "Yea, a common security has to be the one filling me in on why the company is on lockdown..."

He paused and continued "...I was actually aware, I'm the head here, so I know what goes in and out of my company. I actually traveled last week and totally forgot that the close of office commence today. Well, as a boss I can't obviously stoop low and be discussing the company's welfare with a security guard like you..."

The security man apologized as  Jerome returns to his car and left.

He was really running low on cash and patient too, he needs money seriously and he is yet to reach Lucinda.

He can't even call Kago or Maria his wife who obviously shut him out of the office premises.

The only thing he has to do is to go back and look for Lucinda in the new building he bought for her.

He hopes that luck shines on him this time because she is his only compensation as it stands now.

If possible he may get some money from her with a promise to pay back.

Lucinda won't deny him in time of need.

All his wished is to be able to see her first.

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