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Hidden Motives-Episode 12



Hidden Motives-Episode 12

Written By Amah's Heart

He waited untill the expected time for her to return passed.

Jerome decided to stay another week, hoping she will be back within the week and during this time he kept calling to check up on her and to know when she will return.

Lucinda hardly pick up and when she does she hardly speak for long.

She will leave excuse of being busy and will call back but she never calls back.

She later came back and as usually needed money because the uncle was in the hospital due to some illness.

Jerome informed her that there was no more money left in the company's account. Even if there was he doesn't have access to it again.

"But you're the boss, how can you not have access to your own company's money. This is about life, if you truly care about me please I need you to do this. I'm no more with Silaz, we're separated and waiting for the divorce papers. There's no one else to go to except you Jerome. Turning me down now that I needed you the most is like sending me back to Silaz who no longer care about me..."

"No, don't go back to Silaz. I will see what I can do. The company maybe mine but when's it's capital is at stake the bank will confusticate it to avoid it running into millions of debts. That may not be the perfect word or even make sense to you but it's related to what is going on. That's exactly what happened Lucy. But none of what is happening to my company is your fault or entirely my fault, It's something that happens to most limited companies. It's nothing new. Don't worry, I will see what I can do from now untill the weeks runs out..."

Lucy smile and kissed him.

"...I want more than just kissing thing Lucy. You promised that we will spend enough time together. You're not with Silaz anymore and he's not responsible for your needs...I am and I deserve the real thing now, just like you were doing with Silaz when you guys were still married. I want you as mine fully... Lucy, that's not too much to ask right? I can't just be spending all of this money without getting compensated with the main thing. I have been patient far too long and you also know that I have really tried..."

"I understand my love. You're really trying and I will compensate you in due time. Don't ruin your patient heart. We can even get married and move out...if possible. Right now, there's a traditional law that's holding me bond,  I can't sleep with any man while married to Silaz. I can only do that when we are fully divorced. Right now I'm still legally married and if I sleep with you now... hmmm it will be disastrous. You may even die..."

Jerome opened his eyes wide in shock. Lucy continued."...yes, that's the reason I haven't done it with you yet but I will soon. We may even get married and live together ever after...I will love that, won't you?

Jerome nodded to the idea excitedly.

He thought of Maria, he haven't spoken with her for a while now. 

She is probably mad at him for taking out millions of fund with no reasonable plan. But who can blame him, Lucinda is worth it all and he knows with time Maria will let go and forgive him.

She did that when he cheated during their dating days.

He cheated on her, she was always busy with work and making sure her company was raise to a well standard level.

She pulled in so much hard work, both nights and day and hardly have enough time to spend with him.

He was cheating on her until he got caught one day and she wanted to end the relationship but after several pleads she let it go and forgive. 

They later got married and after few years she finally decided to travel for her PhD.

She always wanted to go but was worried about the company. She said the company may suffer setback and she doesn't want that.

She kept postponing her traveling but Jerome kept reassuring her that he was capable and she doesn't have anything to worry about.

He promised to take care of the company and will get more investors and make lots of money.

After the constant assurance, Maria agreed and traveled with their daughter.

In his defense he never planned to meet a very beautiful woman like Lucinda who was very much interested in him and kept giving him green signal 

She likes him and didn't hide it too and that was how he was deeply caught up with her.

He is certain that even if Maria finds out about Lucinda, she will forgive him.

She may even blame Lucy for seducing an innocent man like him.

But if Lucinda decided that she wants him for life then he will think of what to do with Maria.

Jerome tried again to see if he can use another means to get money out of the company and give to Lucinda but all to no avail.

There was no means for him again.

He tried to let Lucinda know that he tried but couldn't get anything.

Lucinda became very angry, she said truly he does not care about him.

Jerome decided to take out the remaining money in his private account which was about 600k

He took 200k out and left 400.

Since there was no means again for him to get money from the company, he will be managing himself with the remaining 400k untill Maria lift off the ban on the company's account.

He sent the 200k to Lucinda who complained that the money was too poor. She needed at least 500k for the bills but Jerome said that was what he can afford for now.

After sending the money, nothing was heard on Lucinda again.

Her number was not going. 

Jerome even planned getting a divorce lawyer that will finalize her marriage thing quick, he had gotten the lawyer down but kept waiting for Lucinda.

He went to their apartment one day to see if he can get a clue of where her uncle's place might be.

He was shocked when he saw that the apartment was almost empty.

He was shocked because he didn't even know when Lucinda moved out things from the apartment.

She parked without his knowledge and all this while he thought everything was still intact.

Jerome was shocked and try calling her again but her number wasn't going.

The only option he had in mind was to go look for her in the new apartment he bought for her.

He doesn't understand what was going on or why Lucinda will pack out without letting him know.

She probably did it when he was away because he would have seen her moving if he was around.

Paying her a surprise visit in the new house was the only option left.

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