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Hidden Motives-Episode 11




Hidden Motives-Episode 11

Written By Amah's Heart

"...what kind of advice do you want me to give to you my guy? Because I don't have any right now... you're really going crazy that's if you're not crazy already..."

"I did not ask you to come and insult me Kago. I said I needed to reason something with you and I expected you to give me a positive response after relating my present story to you. I need a solution not insult.

"Guy, I don't know how to advice you without attaching small insult to it. I think you need to see a psychiatrist to know if you're really alright. How can you Jerome, buy a house for another man's wife with your wife's money..."

Jerome angrily said "it's not just Maria's money, it's equally mine. She left the company under my care and I have been running it for over two years that she had been away. I can choose to do whatever I want with some part of the money. The money is also mine, she is my wife and whatever she owes is mine. Her money, her housing and landing properties, her company is all mine. Well, you won't understand how this things works because you're still a bachelor. Wait untill you're married then I can listen to you talk to me about certain things. Now talking about Lucy, Silaz is planning a divorce and soon... she will be mine. I only asked you to tell me what I'm going to tell my wife if she calls later today for answers. Maria will call tonight and I haven't come up with anything's yet, I don't know the excuse or story to give to her. I also want to know if it's okay to also get a lawyer so that Lucinda and Silaz can easily and quickly separate. I have spent so much on Lucinda yet she refused to get down with me Kago. We do everything romance but anytime I try to... you know... Lucinda will remind me that she can't because she was still married to Silaz. So if they can divorce finally, at least I will get into real intimacy with her... you understand? 

"I guess you've been bewitched. That's the only explanation to all of this. Between Lucinda and your loving and hardworking wife who is more pretty?

Jerome cleared his throat noisely before saying

"If you're not blind then something is wrong with your sight or you just want to throw in sarcastic question. Let's tell ourselves the truth...Lucinda is the fairest of them all. I don't want to be partial or take side Kago but Lucinda is pretty, have you seen those cute eyes of hers, her pointed cute nose, those succulent pink lips, well round shape like she was carved out of a wood with a great wood carver. Straight legs, soft palm, perfect walking steps, sweet smell that's always inviting plus her perfect height for a man like me. Fair and sweet like a super runway model. Silaz doesn't deserve such beauty, that's why I'm happy that it all turning out for my good. If they can get a divorce then Lucinda will be all mine..."

Kago raised an eyebrow with a frown and said "I'm still waiting for the part of Maria. I asked a question, between your wife and Lucinda who is more beautiful and you went on and on with Lucinda... what about Maria? Your wife and mother to your daughter... Jasmine?

"Maria is just there. She's beautiful in her own way. But she's black and Lucinda is very fair and just too perfect. I wished I met her first before meeting my wife. Lucinda teeth is so white, it sparkles like a star, her skin like glass, her voice is heavenly and her..."

"Enough... enough already guy..." Kago interrupted.

"... I really don't know how I became friends with a lunatic like you. like how can you sing praises of another man's wife and neglect yours. Maria is a black beauty, smart and brainy. She's Super intelligent and very organized. A great cook, an amazing Mom, a funny a caring friend and sister and an awesome loving wife to a stupid, unappreciative, foolish, unworthy man like you..."

"You can say all your nonsense but Maria don't love me like expected. Did you know that after I told her that I had accident and was in coma, I know that's a lie but I just wanted to see how caring she was. Well, Maria disappointed me by telling me that it was all a pathetic story, all she cared to know was the money I already spent on Lucinda. She wants details on how I spent the money. She was not even bothered or worried about the hospital story I told her. If it was Lucinda, I bet you she will react differently. She may even want to fly down to come be with me. I'm not trying to compare but Maria is giving me reasons to think of another woman because she doesn't truly care, she is part of the reason I want to be with Lucinda..."

Kago stood up to leave "continue making stupid excuses for your nonsense behavior. I don't really have anything to say again to you because no matter what I say I will only be wasting my time. You have succeeded in making Silaz and his wife to have misunderstanding and you're even here praying that they divorce. That's wickedness guy, but your selfishness has blinded you. You think Lucinda will leave her husband to come and marry you... you are deceiving yourself. Beside, how are you sure that they're not some ill minded couple, working together to drain you? That maybe possible but I'm not saying it's true... even if there's truth in it you will be too blind see it. Ever since we've been friends, you haven't bought any tangible gift for me, except those I have to take by force from you. But just within one year you have bought a house, a car and other expensive gifts for another man's wife..."

Jerome began to laugh "now I understand your problem. Jealousy is disturbing you, go get a life and stop this whole jealous talk. It won't do you any good because at the end I will still spend on whoever I wished to spend my money on. Your long sermon can't change that. You're only bitter and jealous that you are not the one with Lucinda, she won't even give you a second look. I got her first and I'm her kind of man .. not you or Silaz. I won and will keep winning. I will find a way to take care of my problem since you don't have anything to offer me....byeee..."

Kago didn't say another word as he opened the door, went straight to his car and drove off.

Maria called severally that evening but Jerome refused picking.

She had to call the account officer to freeze the whole company's account and her husband no longer had access to any of company's bank account.

Lucinda reminded Jerome that she was coming for the money he promised her.

When Jerome saw that he no longer had access to the company's account, he decided to take from his personal account..

He was able to get 300k instead 500k for Lucinda. 

He begged her to manage it because there was no money like before.

He asked Lucinda to spend the night with him but she said that she can't do that because she was still married to her husband and will be going out for few days to see her dearest uncle who lives in another state.

Lucinda told him that the house was  boring without Silaz  who left ever since the day he caught them in the office and have refused to come back.

Maybe when she returns from visiting her uncle she may come over and spend enough time with him.

Her last words were comforting enough for Jerome, he began to look forward to when she will come back from visiting her uncle.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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