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Hidden Motives-Episode 10




Hidden Motives-Episode 10

Written By Amah's Heart

He drove home that same evening and met Lucinda outside.

She was sitting in front of their apartment, looking so worried.

Jerome parked and gently walked up to her.

"Why are you outside, Silaz asked you not to come in? You can come over to my side if that's the case...."

Lucinda did not reply, he looked around the compound before turning towards Lucinda again.

"...his car, is not in the compound. What happened... hope he did not touch you? I'm ready to get him arrested if he lay a finger on you. Talk to me Lucy...?

Lucinda gasped out and said "he left. He told me that he does not want to have anything to do with me again. He said I should stay off his way..."

"There's nothing to worry over then, Lucy you know that I will always be here for you right?

"That's not the issue now Jerome. I want my husband not you. I'm hoping he will find a place in his heart to forgive me. All of this was your fault, you were impatient and greedy. You want to have me all that's greediness and you were not patient to see if I will eventually be yours and you weren't wise enough to apply wisdom knowing fully well that I'm a legally married woman. You want to ruin my life and marriage just because of your selfish desires..."

Jerome sighed heavily before saying. " I'm impatient, foolish, greedy, selfish and a home wrecker...I get it. I don't mean for any of this to happen. I only wanted your happiness and thought I could give you everything money can buy so that in return you will give me your heart. Well, is obvious that I made a mess out of it but I'm not any of those things you said that I am Lucy. I'm a honest, loving and caring man and that shouldn't be a crime. I will leave you to decide exactly what you want. You know the road to my apartment whenever you are ready for real talk."

He turned and started walking.

Lucinda went inside her apartment and stayed.

Jerome tried checking up on her the following morning but she didn't respond


He Left for work and all through the day his wife kept trying to reach him.

Maria called severally, sent messages and emails even had to go through the office managers to reach him.

Jerome finally decided to call back because he Saw he can no longer hide or avoid her

"What is going on, you haven't been attending to my emails, chats or taking any of my calls for the past two weeks. Can you please explain what exactly is going on?

"Nothing, only that I haven't been well. I have been critically ill all this days after I had a serious accident and was even admitted in the hospital. Sometimes I'm not even with my phone and when I am, doctors will warn me not to answer call. I was in coma for five days and managed to visit office after I was discharged. It haven't been easy Maria but I'm getting better gradually.."

Maria was quiet and didn't say a word immediately.

"... your silent either means you don't believe what your husband is saying or you're trying to digest it all. Don't you believe me Maria? I can get a picture and send to you as an evidence..."

"I'm not doubting neither did I believe. You had critical accident and admitted in a hospital and get discharged within two weeks, you were in coma for a week yet you're always online? None of the managers mentioned that to me, you haven't called to inform me all this while. You took out over 300 million  from the office account crippling a whole company. I'm sorry to doubts but I'm not yet convince with those pathetic stories of yours. I will like to verify the story but my major concern now is what exactly did you use such an amount of money for or you also want to tell me that you spent it all on hospital bills.? How am I supposed to survive ove her with Jasmine without money? How are we going to pay all our staffs without money, how is the company going to keep running without money. Few months from now my PhD program will be over and i will be home. All I'm doing is to better our lives, you have done this before and I'm angry because you're doing it again.  how am I supposed to do my whole clearance and return home without money Je? Before the 300 millions was taken, you have been taking millions for purposes that I don't know yet. You took 158 million before this last one and you lied that you reinvested it but refused to give details on where exactly or with whom you invested it on. You refused to give me any details on what the turn up will be at the end. alot of money have been flying out with no real explanation. You avoided my calls and no reasonable accountability. Now you're telling me a pathetic story of having a critical accident that sent you to coma. Je, I give you two days to tell me exactly where all this money went to..."

Jerome picked offense and replied angrily "I told you how much pain I went through after my accident, none of that even matter to you, all you're after is money.. only money. I'm deeply hurt and disappointed in you Maria. I know you don't care or love me, maybe you are even cheating on me over there, you're seeing another man and does not care about me anymore or believe what your husband is telling you. I'm your husband Maria and you should believe whatever I tell you not doubt. The company is equally mine and not yours alone. I have been the one foreseeing things here ever since you left. I make sure the company moves forward. I put in my time, efforts and brain into working for this same company. Every time you make it seems like is just yours, don't I have full right to it like you do? I know your late Mom hand the company over to you and you built up to a great standard before we met and got married, have you forgotten that in marriage..what belongs to the wife also belongs to the husband. Whatever you owe is mine Maria because you're married to me. Stop disrespecting me because of money. I have equal rights same as you. I know the only explanation to all of this disrespect is because you are having an affair, you're getting entangled with another man and now you feel you can talk to me any how and doubts whatever I tell you. You will rather choose to believe an outsider than your own husband. Other women like you will be crying and praying for their husband to get well, they will tell him to do whatever it will take to bounce back to health, any amount it requires he should use to get well because life and health is far more important than money but instead all you're after is some stupid amount of money that is even vanity at the end..."

Maria giggled sadly and said.

"You called Millions of "our" hard earned money that disappeared with no good accountability "stupid amount"..? I don't have much to say to you Je. Don't forget that you have two days to give a good explanation on what exactly you did with the said amount. Also, I want to see the hospital reports, every details about the said accident in picture as prove. Don't send a fake or doctored pictures to me because you know I will finds out the truth. My late Mom will be so disappointed in me if at the end this company she started with sweat and blood goes down in drained. I put in everything to raise this company, I was doing well and running it fine and also planning to go for my PhD when we met and got married. I gave you signatory to the company's account and made you co boss. Each time you keep disappointing. This isn't the first time but this time is far huge and will bankcrupt us if nothing is done soon.  I will wait for your call and if I don't get it, I will call on the third day for the results. Things can't continue this way Je, if you take this company as yours we won't be having this conversation again

.  is high time you start giving account for every dime you spend before everything crumples to the ground. Accountability is very important in all situation and I will await for it..."

She ended the call before Jerome will say any other thing.

He hit his hand hard on a desk angrily.

He didn't wait for the working hours to be over he drove out to an exclusive bar to chill out.

He ordered for expensive wine and drank to forget his sadness.

He stayed there untill late hour before driving back home.

He went straight to bed after taking his bath.

The following day he did not go anywhere, he stayed back home.

In the afternoon there was a knock on the door and it was Lucinda.

"Hey, you didn't go to work today?

"Yeah. He replied while still standing by the door.

"Are you not going to let me in? Just need someone to talk to..?

Jerome left the road and she came in.

"Silaz had refused to pick my calls or tell me where he was. He sent a message that I will hear from his lawyer, I'm afraid that he maybe asking for divorce. It was unfair of me to have blame it all on you when I know part of it was also my fault. I'm sorry about that..."

She went over to Jerome and hugged him before sitting down beside him.

"...I know you're angry with me, I was actually very angry with you yesterday but the truth is that if Silaz love me then this is something we can sort out amicably. It does not supposed to get to this or him making big deal out of it. Maybe he doesn't truly love me like he claims. I have cried my eyes out since yesterday. I'm done crying and I will get ready for whatever he wants..."

"I'm glad that you are beginning to see all the things I have been saying all this while Lucy. Maybe you don't get to understand fully the big mess that I am currently in due to the whole missing fund in my company..."

"But is your company, you can get around it right and sort it out. I'm sorry if the challenges are all because of me but it was fully your choice. I never forced any of those things on you. You decided on your own to spoil me with lots of expensive gifts in cash and kind..."

Jerome turned to her and said with all seriousness

"Since Silaz maybe asking for a divorce, can you hasten him up with it. So that at end we will finally be together..."

Lucinda laughed out sarcastically "what are you talking about? You want us to get married or what exactly do you mean?

"I'm not talking about marriage, I'm just saying that we can be fully together. You won't be under Silaz anymore.

"Well, let me think about that. One at a time please. Divorce is nothing to rush on. I'm not saying no to your offer just give me time. I want to repaint my car please, Silaz Left a big scratch on it, he almost vandalized it but I can fix the rest. I just need little cash for the painting... About 500k, can you do that...if you can't, I total understand"

Jerome quickly agreed to give her the required money, he said it without even thinking about it.

All he asked is little time to find a way to get It.

Lucinda later left with a peck on Jerome's cheek.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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