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Hidden Motives-Episode 09




Hidden Motives-Episode 09

Written By Amah's Heart

He stood there staring at his wife, anger was written all over him.

It seems like enternity before he looked over at Jerome.

He bent his face and they thought he was just going to turn back and leave but instead he jumped on Jerome surprisingly began punching him everywhere, while at it he was cursing and pulling at his tie, trying to suffocate him.

Jerome managed to pull away from him as he tries to return the several blow but Silaz was a far better fighter than he is.

He beat up Jerome who kept calling security to come to his rescue.

Lucinda was begging Silaz to let him go but Silaz was not done dealing with him yet.

"You pretend to be a friend not knowing you're only interested in my wife..."

He slapped him hard and continued hitting him and saying " ...I told you about my marital crisis, I told you because I thought you're a friend. How could you do this to me, how long has this been going on? I take my marriage problem to you, I dine and wine with my worst enemy thinking he's a friend. I allowed my wife to come work in your company because I thought she was safe...."

He walked round the table in rage, scattering and pushing everything he lays his eyes on to the ground, including Jerome's office laptop and important documents.

"...I thought you were different, I thought wrong and you must have taken me for a fool. I agree, I'm very stupid to have allowed you into our lives and homes. Look at what trust and my carelessness has caused me. You were busy sleeping with my wife under my nose...?

He paused and looked at Lucinda

"... now it all begining to make sense. The day I decided to surprise my wife by returning from my business journey unexpected... she was with you right? You lied and said your Mom and the lady she brought for you to marry were inside. I later went back in and all of a sudden Lucinda came out of your apartment. I knew from then that something was fishy among you two but I just bluntly refused to believe it. The truth I seek was staring me in the face but I just decided to ignore. I didn't want to believe it because I wanted to give you benefit of doubt, I choose to trust my wife and trust you but both of you have successfully threw my stupid self to the ground. You have done the very thing I have always been afraid off. So, you're the so called client that got her such an expensive car? Oh...it was you right? You people must have taken me for a fool. I'm actually very foolish to have ignored the red flag. Jerome for doing this to me another man will do it to your wife whenever you get married... and you will feel the exact pain I'm feeling right now. You won't escape it except you choose not to get married. Back stabber like you..."

He kicked him hard and Jerome screamed, calling security to come quickly.

Lucinda carefully approach her husband and said amidst tears " is not what you think my love, Jerome and I didn't really get intimate...it didn't go beyond kissing and smooching, I can swear it if you want, I'm saying the truth honey. I can return the car and everything he got for me if that will make you happy and believe me that I'm sorry... please.

Silaz laughed hysterically

"You still have the mouth to refer to me as your love? Shameless woman... nothing I do is ever enough. Everything I practically did, my hard work and sweat is just to make you happy. Lucinda, have I ever deny you anything, even if I can't afford it immediately I will strive, add extra efforts just to give it to you. I plan getting you your dream car but needed a little time and patience but you were impatient and your lover got it for you instead, a car that's far bigger and expensive than what I would have gotten though and you lied about it, rob it on my face because I'm not as rich as you wish. Jerome is your spec now right? I confronted you severally with your sudden adopted life style, I suspected you were seeing another man but each time I bring up the topic you will deny and turn it into a fight. Finally, the exact thing you lied about is now a reality. Your dirty secret deeds is now out in the open. You need to hide your face in shame but again since you're a shameless woman, you obviously have nothing to hide. All the time he was busy calling you Lucy, singing your praises and calling you my biggest achievement, you were busy warming his bed. You got no iota of shame sleeping with your neighbor, or should I say your boss. He was showering you with lots of expensive gifts and I was stupid enough to ignore the enemy within. Since I haven't been a good husband and Jerome is a better man than I am... you are finally free to do as you please. Because I want nothing with you..."

Lucinda was begging him to forgive her while Jerome was busy shouting "...yes, I'm a better man than you are. I can take care of her far better than you will ever do. Lucy will be happy and safe with me than she is with..."

Before he will complete what he was about to say Silaz landed him another blow.

Jerome retaliated before shouting "securities" again

The securities arrived just in time to whisk Silaz away.

"You want her right...? You can go ahead and have her. She is all yours Jerome... evil neighbor, backstabber, enemy of progress. You cannot go and get your own wife because you're a weakening, you will rather steal another man's own, shameless amoeba like you. My God will do to you as you have done to me...karma will pay you a visit soon. Just watch and see. Mark my every word it will happen, except my name is not Silaz again..."

They led him out of the building, he angrily got into his car and left.

Lucinda face Jerome.

"How did he even get to know what was going on and came right in without anyone stopping him..."

"Well I won't lie, I did it. I used another number to tip him off and I informed my security and receptionist not to stop him when he comes. I described him to them.."Jerome said with pride as he moved closer to Lucinda while robbing his arm where Silaz had hit.

"Why will you do that Jerome? You promised to cover your part and I do the same, why will you blow it all off. He's my husband for crying out..."

"And what am I to you? You saw what he did to me, I took several blows because of you and did not retaliate until the last blow. I have done a lot of things to prove how much I love and want you in my life but at the end you keep putting him first and hardly acknowledge me. Everything you asked of me I do no matter how inconvenience it may be...yet, you will rather choose Silaz over me.  What do you want that I haven't done? Let him go, I love you and ready to do anything to have you..."

Lucinda started heading to the door.

She pause by the door and said

"You desire my body and admire my beauty. That's not love... you're only lusting after me Jerome, let's tell ourselves the truth. Silaz love me for real, he is a nice man and does not deserve this. He didn't marry me because of just my beauty, he married me because he truly cares and love me. I look cared for and flashy because Silaz makes sure of that..."

"I can beat Silaz to everything if you will give me a chance Lucy..." Jerome said

"I have to go after my husband first. Will let you know whatever he decided. Please, try not to come or call, you have done enough harm by inviting him here to catch us in the act. Hope you're feeling like a hero now? My marriage is at stake. Silaz may never forgive me because of you"

She angrily stormed out, ignoring whatever Jerome was saying.

She went straight into her car and zoomed off.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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