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15days Fiancee - Chapter 40




15days Fiancee - Chapter 40

They are stubborn, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 



We sat on the chair waiting for the results of the DNA. Jason was sitting next to me, and Jace was sitting at the end of the chair with Elena next to him .

After staring at them a little,I looked away swallowing hard.

"Mom can I ask you something?" Jason whispered looking at me and I nodded smiling.

"Anything my love." I replied staring at him in the eyes.

"Do you love Dad?" He asked and I heaved.

"Jason you shouldn't ask this kind of questions yet. You are still young." I said looking away.

"I need to know mom. You know i am not too young, and I have eyes, I can see how you are around him." He stated and I bowed my head fondling with my fingers.

"Jason if I tell you what would you do? Make him love me too?" I asked smiling as I looked at Him and Elena.

Elena had her head on his shoulders and he had his head on hers. For some time, I felt jealous but I didn't let it over throne my judgement.

"Exactly what I want Mom. You are not happy." He said Childishly which made him look very cute.

"Okay, listen Jason. I love your Dad, I have always loved him and that's why you don't have any other dad or brother and sister."

"Since I had you, I always saw his face on yours so I couldn't bring myself to love someone else. I love your Dad Jason..."

"But you need to know I am not here to fight for his love. I had something to hold unto that relationship which is you but he didn't."

"So I knew he would have moved on with someone else. I am here because I want you to be happy, that's all that matters to me. I love you, you don't have to worry about me. I will be fine." I whispered in his ears and he smiled.

"Okay Mother. But I want you to be together when you are with me, at least talk a little not act like strangers." He said In a loud tone and this made Jace and Elena look at us.

"Jason." I called trying to caution him, Jace kept staring at me.

"I am sorry about that." I said looking away and rubbing Jason's hair.

"Mr and Mrs Bones?" We heard the doctor call and we all stood up.

"We aren't married." Jace and I chorused making us look at one another again.

"Oh my Bad. The test results are out Mr Bones, and here is it. Congratulations, you are the father of that great little boy." He said and I smiled.

Jace looked at Jason and smiled widely. He opened the test results and smiled widely as he read down the paper.

"I knew he was my son. I just wanted to be on the safe side." He said happily and he gave the test results to Elena.

He squatted in front of Jason rubbing his hair happily. 

"Officially my Son Hun." He says happily and he jumped up.

"I wanted to tell you not to do this DAE, you should have just trusted mom." He said smiling.

"Baby it's DNA, not DAE." I replied smiling but he kept mute staring at Jace waiting for an answer.

"Jason I am sorry okay? But this is how things should be done. Believe me, I had this feeling you are my son. The connectivity is 100%, but I needed to be 100% sure." He explained and Jason being Jason nodded smiling.

He is the perfect Son any parent would ask for, and I am proud to be his mother and to have groomed him all by myself.

"It's Okay! I am just happy we are one now." He said and he raised up his head to look at me, while I transferred the look to Elena who just kept staring at the father and his son.

"So are you ready? To go to the mall?" He said standing up and Jason jump up happily. 

"Super ready!" He shouted and Jace looked at me.

"Elena can you please take Jason out. We need to talk." Jace said to Elena and she nodded grabbing Jace's hand.

"C'mon Jace. Dad and mom wants to talk." She said to him and he nodded walking away with her, and I turned my head to look at them as they left. 

"Regina I am sorry. I am so sorry, for letting you do this yourself, for doubting your honesty, I am deeply sorry." He said and I turned my head to look at him.

"It's okay Jace. I Understand you very well, you shouldn't be." I said smiling.

"No I should. I know it has not been easy, and I should be with you but I was a coward. I am so sorry Regina. Please Forgive me." He said and my eyes heated up.

"It's Okay Jace. I have forgiven you." I said blinking my eyes so as to stop the tears from rolling out.

"Thank you." He said and I turned to look at the hospital door.

"Jason is waiting. He is too happy for us to keep us waiting, we should go."I said and he nodded smiling.

We walked to the door trying so hard to avoid eye contact.

"They are here Aunt Elena. Let's go!" He said asking her to open the back door. He jumped in and also pulled her hand into the car.

"Elena are you comfortable sitting at the back?" Jace asked and she nodded laughing.

"It Is good Jace. Jason and I are playing a game." She said and I smiled.

"Okay." He said and opened the front door for me. 

"Thanks." I said and hopped into the car. He rushed to the driver's side and also hopped in.

"Here we go!" He said happily and we all smiled. I looked at Jason and he winked at me making me laugh.


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