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15days Fiancee - Chapter 37




15days Fiancee - Chapter 37

They are stubborn, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 



I stared at Regina and then Elena cut us short.

"Regina, can I have a word please?" Elena asked and she opened the door wider.

"Come in." She said in the very gentle manner she always used to talk when I met her. And that was what made me fall in love with her.

"Thank you." Elena stated and walked in. She also gave me the look which meant 'aren't you coming in?'

Then Jason held my hand and pulled me into the room. I walked in looking at Regina and she looked away.

With the way the little boy treated me, it was like we had this connection. Though the connection wasn't that sure, I am yet to run the tests. I like him.

And it will be so hurting to him if the test comes out negative. Indeed, he desperately needs a father.

And I don't know why Regina didn't get married to another person. 

"I am sorry for coming to you this way. I just think we really need to talk. I know this isn't my business, but I want to talk on behalf of my boyfriend Jace." Elena said and she gestured her to seat.

"Go on. I don't have a choice." She said smiling and Elena sat too.

Jason climbed the bed and asked me to come to him. I looked at Regina and she gave me a go ahead. I got to the bed and he asked me to lay next to him.

I lay on my side and then he placed my hand across his body and shut his eyes.

A smile curved at the corner of my lips as I stared at his face. He looked very handsome.

"So, I know things wouldn't have been easy, raising this child without his father." Elena muttered.

"God has been faithful." She replied and I looked at her.

"I am sorry about what Jace did ten years ago. He was still young and didn't know what he was doing." Elena said.

"I realized that ten years ago too..." She stated.

"Elena. Elena is my name." She replied and she nodded.

"Nice meeting you Elena." She said and Elena smiled.

"Same here Regina."

"So, back to Jason. I know you have no right to lie because you had everything under control and you have been okay for ten years."

"But you know it's not just possible to accept him just like that without getting sure."

"You both planned you were going to get rid of the baby, and then you went away. So to him, you had the abortion. So please can you tell me what happened?" Elena asked and she nodded.

"I agreed to get rid of the baby because he wouldn't stop making an issue out of it. I told him I won't be aborting my baby but he didn't even want to hear it. I knew if I kept it, he won't keep getting furious. So I went away, I left to take care of my baby." She explained and I felt bad hearing that again.

I looked at Jason and I saw he was fast asleep. His hand was on mine, holding me to himself so I don't leave.

"Regina I am sorry. I didn't know what I was doing. I was young and scared." I muttered sadly and she smiled.

"I knew that years ago and that's why I didn't call you to tell you anything. I wanted to do everything on my own by myself." She stated and Elena signed.

"I am so sorry Regina." Elena said and she nodded looking at Jason.

"Yes you are. Looks like Jason thinks he finally got what he wants. He seems to sleep soundly. Poor child." She said and I looked at Jason again.

He was all sweaty already and I knew we should put on the air conditioner.

"Please can you help me with the Air conditioner Elena, he is sweaty and I can't stand up." I said and she looked at me and nodded.

Regina stood up and helped switch it on. 

"Thanks." I replied looking at Jason again.

"Regina, I came up with an Idea. You have given Jason the impression that he has father and he seems to like Jace very much. But we aren't sure, we need medical proof." Elena stated and she bowed her head smiling.

"So you think I made this up?" She asked and I responded.

"No Regina. I just want to be 100% sure. I need to know if he is really my son." I said.

"What do you care? It's not like you accept him or anything. Seeing the proof won't change anything." She muttered.

"Maybe it would. He would take his full responsibility as Jason's father if it comes out true. Jason deserves to know his father, and this test would let us know for sure." Elena said and then she nodded.

"Fine. DNA test it is then." She said and I breathed our in relieve.

I couldn't bear to stay away from him because there is no proof, and then down in my heart knowing I should show the boy love.

He likes me and I know it. I just don't know what to hope for. Is it that the results are negative? Then Jason would be heartbroken and may even hate me.

If they are positive, then I get my son and I have to start seeing Regina as the mother of my son. 

What about Elena? What if Jason wants Regina and I to be together?

"Thank you Regina. And I must say you are a very nice woman." Elena said and she nodded.

"Thank you.  But I would do anything to see my son happy. And he looks happy with Jace. And if it's just a test that would keep him happy then I am ready to do it." She said and I smiled faintly.

I did miss her. And I never wanted to talk about her in the part years because I always had this guilt in me anything I thought about it.

I was so cruel to her, and that makes me a monster and a wicked father to baby Jason.

"We would leave now." Elena said standing up and she nodded standing up too.

They exchanged kisses and then looked at me smiling.

"He held my hand. I can't remove it without waking him up." I said and Regina sighed.

"I would wake him." She said and Elena stopped her.

"No don't. Let him be. I will leave you." Elena said and I furrowed my brows looking at her. She approached me and I was about to talk when she spoke up.

"We have more time. He wants and needs you here. I will be fine." She said and I smiled nodding.

She planted a kiss on my lips and walked to the door taking a last look at me with a smile on her face before walking out.

Regina shut the door behind her, and then it was left the three of us in the room.



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