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15days Fiancee - Chapter 34




15days Fiancee - Chapter 34

They are stubborn, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 



After a long chat with Josh. I was beginning to miss Jace badly. And I couldn't wake up Celine because of that.

She was fast asleep on Jace's shoulders, and he also rested his head on hers. His eyes were shut. 

I looked at Josh and I saw he was also staring at the both of them.

"They actually look cute this way." He said and I smiled.

"Yeah. But don't you miss her? You have spoken for more than an hour now. And I miss him." I said pouting my mouth and he laughed.

"I miss her too. And I even want her in my arms, but she is asleep and I can't wake her since I was the one that started this in the first place." He said and I heaved.

"I started it first, not you." I said and we laughed. Just then we saw Jace open his eyes and he stood up.

He looked at him, and he looked at me before looking away. Celine was slightly awake, and Josh quickly moved to her side and rested her head back on his shoulders.

Jace began to walk to the back of the plane, and I guessed he was heading to the toilet.

"You should go grab him now." Josh said and I nodded smiling. I stood up and walked to the back of the plane too.

I traced him to the toilet of course and I met him there. I opened the door and I saw him washing off his hand. 

I moved closer and hugged him from behind, and he smiled looking at me through the mirror.

"You done catching up?" He asked and I nodded.

"I know you missed me." I said and he scoffed looking at me.

"Celine actually did a great job." He said and I felt very jealous.

"So you prefer her company than mine?" I asked and he laughed so hard.

"I preferred her company then because you were busy enjoying yourself and I couldn't just sit and stare at you." He said and I rolled my eyes.

"And I didn't say you should prefer it more than mine." I said pouting my mouth and he laughed again pulling me by my waist to himself.

"You are just so funny when jealous." He said and I rolled my eyes again.

"Remember you started it. You kept laughing, screaming, hugging your lost but found bestie. Leaving me, and you even forgot to introduce me because you were lost." He stated and I sighed.

"I am sorry Jace. That was so bad of me." I said shrugging my shoulders with my eyes closed.

"I am not angry. But out there, I wanted you beside me, I wanted your head on me. But you really wanted to catch up. So I decided to prefer her company." He said and I nodded.

"Fine. I understand, and that won't happen again. I am sorry." I said folding my hands around his neck and he planted a kiss on my lips.

"We should leave the toilet now." He said and I giggled.

We walked out of the toilet, and walked back to our seat. Then the speaker alerted us that we would be landing in no time.

"Finally. I can't wait to get off." I said and as soon as I got to our seat, I saw Celine and Josh kissing. Passionately.

"Woah." I whispered and Jace laughed silently. We silently sat down next to them so as not to disturb them, but unfortunately we did disturb them.

We sat down and used our seat belts, getting ourselves ready for landing.

I took the tickets of where we were headed and looked at it again. I couldn't measure the joy that was in me.

The Plane finally landed and we began to pack our stuffs. When it was time for us to get down, we did. Holding hands.

We didn't have much to carry. Jace's mother made provisions here already.

As we stepped out of the plane, we looked around and a large smile crept on our faces.

"Can't we stay here like forever?" Celine asked and we laughed.

"You can't. You have work at home. This is a vacation, don't be too happy." Josh said to her and she nodded pouting her mouth.

Just then we saw a camera man taking shots of us.

"Is that how it's done here, or we should be scared." I said and he laughed.

"That's how it's done." He said and he waved at the man. He came and then gave us the pictures. 

They were ready in no time. 

Jace paid him off, and we took the pictures.

"Wow. It's beautiful." I said looking at how Jace and I held each other in it.

"Feels like home already." Celine said and we all chuckled.

We walked to where the taxi drivers were and we showed them the tickets.

They asked us in. Jace and I in one, Celine and Josh in another. We got in and it zoomed off.

I lowered the window and stretched out my hand enjoying how the breeze hit it. I smiled looking at Jace and he brought his face closer kissing me.

"I don't want this to end. Never. Promise me this is forever." I said looking at him.

"This is forever. I promise." He said and I kissed him again with a smile on my face.



After the long drive, we got to the hotel and we climbed down. He helped with our stuffs and the hotel attendants took it from there.

We walked into the hotel grinning and after some minutes, Celine and Josh joined us.

We began to talk to the receptionist when another lady came in, holding a boy in her hands.

Jace was busy having a chat with the receptionist. While I was staring at the little boy. He looked handsome.

"Hey. Room 556." She said and I saw Jace look at her immediately.

"Regina??" Jace called in shock.

"Jace." She called in almost a whisper and they both went silent staring at each other.


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