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Musical Fairytale-Chapter 4




Musical Fairytale-Chapter 4

Crazy Girlfriend,payback 

Written By Lilly

 Aiden's POV 

I rolled over my bed frustrated about everything that happened today

Why did Bryan come up with such an absurd idea 

How the hell am I going to ask that dummy to act along with me for the interview

"It's not a big deal Aiden, she knows you are a celebrity now so she'll do whatever you say" I said to myself

My phone started ringing and I scoffed as I saw the caller

It's Naty, am in no mood for her bickering right now

I switched the phone off and dropped it by my bedside

 Naty's POV 

I angrily threw the phone on the bed and my friend who also happens to be my roommate, Nicole, looked at me with concern

"He isn't picking your calls?" Nicole asked

"No! He even switched his phone off!" 

"Calm down Naty, you know how Aiden has always been, he's just tired after all that happened, am sure he'll come around soon, just like always" Nicole said

"You don't understand Nicole, he always makes me feel like this relationship is just one-sided, like am the one pushing myself on him"

"Come on, am sure he loves you too, why else would he date you if he doesn't love you" 

I sighed as I sat on the bed

Aiden and I have known each other since childhood and I've heard a crush on him since we were kids

My dream was to become an artist cause I love drawing so much but I discarded that dream and followed Aiden to this music school just so I could be with him

And now he's finally mine and I won't let anyone come in between us, not even a crazy fan

An idea clicked in my head and I quickly took my phone and walked out of the room

"Naty! Naty! Where are you going?" Nicole called after me but I didn't answer 

Am going to find that blue-eyed girl and warn her to stay away from my boyfriend

It has always been like this, it's not easy dating a celebrity, you have to share him with millions of fans all over the globe 

And I always end up being the crazy one cause whenever I see a fan too hooked up with Aiden, I warn them to back off

I took my car and drove to where the history class was supposed to hold

I went inside the class and saw her seating with two other girls and I walked up to her

"Hey!" I said and she looked up

"I don't know who you are and I don't really care but am Aiden's girlfriend so stay the hell away from him or I'll make you regret ever coming to this school!" I said and I walked out

 Emily's POV 

"What was that supposed to mean" I said still taken aback by what just happened

"Don't mind her" Lucy said "she's Aiden crazy girlfriend"

"Yeah, lots of girls here have received such warning from her so don't take it seriously" Mia said

"She schools here too?" I asked

"Yeah, I think she majors in playing violin" Mia said and I nodded

I just hope this matter dies off soon, am tired of being the centre of attention

A teacher walked into the class and everyone went quiet

"Am sorry for being late, it was due to the event that happened this morning which you all are all too aware of but everything is being taken care of and classes will proceed as planned" the teacher said as he began writing on the board....


 Aiden's POV 

My bedside alarm clock rang waking me up and I slowly rolled over the bed and turned it off

Am not ready to wake up yet

Someone suddenly pulled off my blanket and I opened my eyes to see Bryan standing in front of me

"Up, up, up, get up, it's time for school, am going to wake Jason and Michael, you should be ready before I come back" he said and left the room

"Ugghhh, how the hell was he able to get in the house" I groaned as I slowly stood up

 Jason's POV  

I suddenly had a trumpet blowing near me and I sprang up from the bed

"Bryan!!" I yelled as I saw him and he smiled

"Get ready, it's time for school, am off to wake Michael, be ready before I get back" he said as he left the room and I groaned

 Michael's POV 

I felt someone pull off my blanket and I waved it off as I continued sleeping

Moments later I felt cold liquid on my face and I quickly woke up

"Bryan! Why are you pouring water on me!!" I yelled

"It's time for school, get ready" he said and walked out

What's wrong with Bryan today

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom

I took a shower and styled my hair

I dressed up, took my backpack and went to the sitting room to meet everyone already seated

Well, everyone except Bryan

 Aiden's POV 

We all sat in the couch waiting for Bryan then he came out of the kitchen with 3 glasses of juice

"Here everyone, you need to start your day with vibrant energy so drink" he said and we all took a glass

"Is this supposed to be breakfast?" I asked

"Yeah" he nodded "you guys need to watch your level of calories so be cautious of what you eat"

"Why should we? We are musicians not models" Jason said

"Doesn't matter, you still have to look good especially today since you guys are attending classes and I don't think I need to remind you not to cause any scandal again" Bryan said looking at me

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked

"Cause that statement was mainly meant for you, you are the only troublemaker here" he said and I scoffed

"I've already spoken with the reporters and the interview will be held tomorrow so make sure to convince that girl today" Bryan said

"What! Tomorrow?! Why does it have to be so soon?" 

"Scandal is like a wildfire Aiden, if we don't quench it soon it won't be easy quenching it later on" Bryan replied

"How am I going to convince that dummy to act with me?!"

"That's your problem and you deal with it" Bryan said "So does anyone have anything else to say before you go for your classes?"

"We still haven't made a music video for our last song" Michael said

"Which song?" Bryan asked

"The one titled friendship, we played it at our last concert in Vietnam, I checked our blog yesterday and lots of fan are still waiting for us to officially release the song with the music video" Michael said

"Oh yeah, I was actually waiting for you guys to come up with more songs so we can release all the songs as an album but since our able songwriter has suddenly lack inspiration to write more songs, let's just release it as a single, we'll start planning for the music video after the interview. Oh, you guys should announce it at the interview, it will be perfect" Bryan said and we agreed

"So anything else?" He asked

"Nope" Jason said

"Then go for your classes, just because you are celebrities doesn't mean you should be late" he said

We walked out of the house to our car

We all entered and Jason drove

 Emily's POV 

I stared at myself in the mirror trying to brush my bushy kinky hair but it never straighten out well so I gave up and left it that way

"What class do you have today?" Lucy asked

"Am having a guitar lesson first, what about you?" I asked

"Am having the class I hate most today, music class" she said

"Why do you hate it? You don't like singing?" 

"No, I just have a really bad voice that I get embarrassed everytime I sing, am more talented with the drum set" Lucy

Lucy plays the drum set and she's exceptionally good at it

"What about Mia, will she be going with you to class today?" She asked

"No, she has a different class today"

"Then how will you find your way around the school and the gossips that's still going on, will you be okay on your own?" Lucy asked

"Don't worry, I've already learnt how to use my phone map and as for gossips, I try my best to ignore it" I said as I took my guitar

"Am off" I said as I baded Lucy goodbye and I left the dorm

I walked to my class and many people talked as they saw me, this is all your fault Aiden!

 Aiden's POV 

I looked through the window as Jason drove and I saw the dummy with her guitar, she's probably going for class

"Stop the car Jason" I said and Jason stopped the car

"What's it?" He asked

"You guys should go on, I'll come directly to the class later" I said as I got out of the car and I walked towards the dummy

 Emily's POV 

"Hey, dummy!" I heard someone call and I decided not to look back

My name is not dummy afterall 

"Am talking to you dummy!" Someone said again and I immediately recognized the voice

"Aiden!" I said as I turned to look at him

"Wow, you no longer call me rude brat now that you've known who I am" he said with a sneer 

"What do you want?" I asked

"Fine, I'll go straight to the point then, it's not like I want to waste my time with you, you'll have to go to an interview with me tomorrow" 


"Yeah, because of what happened yesterday people think am a bully so we have to clear that rumor, we have to act as childhood friends and tell the reporters that we parted on bad terms that's why I reacted that way on seeing you but we've settled our differences now" he said and I scoffed

"And why should I do that?" 

"What?!" He asked surprised

"Did you really think I was going to agree to do whatever you want so easily? You are the one that need my help right now, I don't need you and guess what, I have no intention of acting as your childhood friend, not after what you did to me yesterday" 

"Are you kidding me, you are still going to be like this even after knowing who I am?" He asked surprised

"Am not the type to stay down and get bullied Aiden, you only had your way yesterday cause I was really shocked and I never imagined a rude brat like you to be one of the music fairies but now that I know I only hate you more, you are an insult to music and your fellow band members, I actually loved your songs you know but now that I know the real you, I regret ever listening to any of your songs, now excuse me, I have a class to attend" I said and I walked out of him

Way to go Emily, that was amazing

I smiled as I walked to my class

.......to be continued.......

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