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Musical Fairytale-Chapter 3




Musical Fairytale-Chapter 3

Another Scandal 

Written By Lilly

 Aiden's POV 

"Dummy!!" I said stunned

And then I scoffed

"I was right, you are a crazy fan" 

"I'm not!" She said

She's obviously embarrassed

"I see, then why are you laying on the floor blocking my pathway, do you really want to get noticed by me that bad"

"I really didn't know you were one of the music fairies" she said and I scoffed

"And to think I was so troubled by you, you really are a dummy" 

"Cut it out Aiden, there are reporters here and everyone is watching" Jason said quietly

"No, I think she deserves to be embarrassed in front of everyone!" I said aloud

"Aiden, come on, what are you doing?!" Michael whispered

I took the dummy's arm and dragged her up

"Hey, look at me dummy!" I said as she was looking away, avoiding my eyes

"Why are you suddenly so silent now, aren't you going to call me a rude brat anymore?!" I said and she kept quiet still avoiding my eyes

"Woah, has the cat suddenly got your tongue? You seem to be such a talkative before. What did you say to me this morning? Oh yes, you said you don't care about who I am, even if I turn out to be a big time celebrity you won't care, don't tell me that was all a bluff"

"That's enough Aiden!" Jason said as he took the dummy's hand and dragged her away

"What's wrong with him" I said

"You messed up Aiden, let's just leave here before the reporters start with their absurd questions" Michael said

We tried walking out but the reporters blocked our way

Who's the girl that just left?

 What's your relationship with her?

Is she your ex?

"What!" The last question left me surprised

"She's not even worth being my maid not to talk of an ex!" I replied

 Then who is she?

 What was her offence that made you embarrass her that way?

"You should have just kept quiet Aiden" Michael whispered

"Excuse me, excuse me" Bryan said coming upfront and I sighed

He should be able to handle this

He walked up to us and faced the reporters

"Enough questions please, we'll organise an interview later on, so you can ask all your questions there" he said as he jostled through the reporters and we followed him

We entered his car and he drove off

He isn't talking, am sure he's really angry

 Emily's POV 

"Are you okay?" One of the music fairies asked as he sat me down on a bench but I couldn't reply

My heart is beating so fast right now and am flushed  by everything that has happened

Who could have imagined that the rude brat is one of the music fairies!

Oh Emily, what have you gotten yourself into

"I apologise for what Aiden did" the guy that took me out of the hallway said

Ohh, so the rude brat's name is Aiden

Stop it Emily! He isn't a rude brat, he's the lead singer of the music fairies, someone you've always adored!

"It's....its..... okay" I stuttered

"By the way am Jason, the percussionist of music fairies, I play the drum kit" he said

Oh my God!!

Am I really having a conversation with one of the music fairies right now!!

I've always loved Jason too, he's so perfect with the drum set

"I'm......Em.....Emily" I managed to say

"Okay, I'd have loved to stay here with you but I really have to go now so please if any of the reporters comes to ask you any question please make no comment" he said and I nodded nervously

"Thanks, I'll see you another time Emily" Jason said and walked away

Oh my God!!!

Is this really happening to me?!

I don't even know how I feel right now!

 Aiden's POV 

Bryan drove into our apartment and we all went inside 

"Why are you so reckless Aiden!!" Bryan yelled Immediately we walked in to the sitting room

"I didn't do anything wrong" I said as I sat on the cushion

"Really?! We were trying to cover up a scandal and you are trying to create another one?? does that sound right to you!" He yelled again

"Calm down Bryan" Michael said

"Stay out of this Michael, this boy is too short-tempered for his own good" Bryan said and I scoffed

As if he's not short-tempered as well

"Now tell me, who's the girl? What's your relationship with her?" He asked obviously trying to calm himself down

"She's nobody Bryan, just a crazy fan I met before, she's a dummy and so clueless and she always get on my nerves, she even calls me "rude brat" can you imagine that!"

"So that's why you embarrassed her in front of the reporters?! There's a timing for everything Aiden and that was not the right time for you to get your payback at her, what if the reporters goes to meet her and she spills some nonsense to them" 

"She won't do that" Jason said as he walked in "I already spoke to her to keep her mouth shut"

"Thanks Jason, at least someone is still being reasonable here" Bryan said

The door opened again and a girl barged in

Oh gosh, this just got more worse, it's my nagging girlfriend, Natalia

"Who the hell was that girl!!" She yelled as she walked up to me

"Calm down Naty, there's nothing going on with me and her, she's just a crazy fan that got on my nerves" 

"Crazy fan huh? You looked like you guys knew each other very well" Naty said and I sighed

"Am serious Naty can you stop getting worked up over nothing" I said

"So you think this is nothing?!" Bryan said and brought his phone "you are the number one search on the school website right now, lemme read it out for you" he said as he pressed his phone and read aloud

"Aiden and the new girl, Bully Aiden hashtag rude brat, Aiden and the blue-eyed girl, wait what was that? What's a blue-eyed girl?" Bryan asked

"Well, the girl has blue eyes" Jason said

"So was that why you couldn't help but notice her, you were enchanted by her stupid blue eyes" Naty said

"This is really not the time for your jealousy Naty!" I yelled

"Are you shouting at me because of that blue-eyed girl?"  Naty asked

"Just go Naty, we'll talk later" I said and she said some inaudible things and stormed out of the house

"The interview with the reporters will take place a few days from now so you'll have to convince that blue....blue..... what the hell is even her name?!" Bryan yelled

Why's he getting so worked up now

"Emily" Jason answered

"Thank you, so you'll have to convince Emily to go with you to the interview and tell everyone that you guys are childhood friends that parted on bad terms, that's why you reacted that way when you saw her but you've settled your differences now and you are friends again" Bryan said

"What! I will do so such thing" I said wide-eyed

"You have no choice Aiden, unless you want to be known as a bully forever, and you guys are definitely going for your classes tomorrow, do make sure not to create another scene again" Bryan said and walked out of the apartment

"What the hell is wrong with him, how can he come up with such an idea! Me and that dummy, childhood friend?!" I scoffed

"You'll have to do it Aiden, unless you value your pride more than your reputation and the band" Michael said

"I know it's absurd but Michael is right, this is the only option we have, you'll have to convince Emily to act along" Jason said and I scoffed

"Am going to my room" I said as I stood up and walked away

 Emily's POV 

I remained seated outside away from everyone, am too embarrassed to go back to the class

Why does this always happen to me

Why does bad things keep happening to me

I've imagined dozens of ways I'll meet with the music fairies but I never imagined anything like this, ever

Way to go Emily, you called the lead singer of music fairies a rude brat

"We've been looking for you Emmy" Mia said as she walked up to me with Lucy

"Why did Aiden embarrass  you that way, did you offend him in anyway?" Lucy asked

"Actually, I've said some pretty harsh things to him but trust me he was rude to me first and I had no idea he's one of the music fairies"

"No wonder he was like that, let's just go back to class" Mia said

"But am so embarrassed right now, am sure the whole school is talking about me now"

"Turn a blind eye to them, you aren't here for them after all" Lucy said

"You are right, am not here for them so I don't care what they say, let's go" I said as I stood up


We are walking through the hallway and I just feel like the ground should eat me up

All eyes are on me and am hearing different side talks

 Who does she think she is

 How dare her call our Aiden a rude brat

 I wish I could pluck out those stupid blue eyes

 Our Aiden is in a tough spot now cause of her

 She must have some nerves, walking around freely after what just happened

Aiden was right, she's such a dummy

"Don't listen to them" Mia said

I was planning on living a quiet life here but thanks to that Aide... No I mean thanks to that rude brat, am the talk of the whole school

How could he do this to me, I don't care if he's a celebrity but he's really such a rude brat

I love your voice and songs but I hate you Aiden!

.......to be continued......

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