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Musical Fairytale-Chapter 1




Musical Fairytale-Chapter 1

First day at Rochester Musical Academy

Written By Lilly

 Emily's POV 

My name is Emily Brown, I live in the country side with my parents and little brother, Kevin

We own a cattle ranch and I've worked in the ranch my whole life

I finished highschool when I was 18 but I didn't want to go to college. Well its not that I hate schooling or anything like that but I just love music and I've always wanted to go to a music school

My dad bought me a guitar when I was a kid and since then I've always loved playing, I sing too, and most of the time I'm found singonh to Kevin, my parents and my friends. My family say I have a nice voice and that and the fact that it's what I love is why I want to go to a music school for me to learn more about music and harness my talent.

I turned 20 last week and my parents suprised me with an admission notice from Rochester Musical Academy

They said they applied for me and sent a video of me playing the guitar to their website and they accepted me

I was mad with joy when I saw the admission notice, I'll finally be going to a music school OMG! and not just any music school, one of the best music schools in the country!!

The music fairies are a band that I've been obsessed with for as long as I can remember, they are students of Rochester Musical Academy, I didn't know this until recently,

Though I really love the band, I don't know what they look like, I haven't watched any of their videos, reason being that I don't want to be so addicted to them, watching their videos would that that a little too easy, i'm okay with just having to listen to their voice

Nevertheless, I can't wait to see them for real, I heard from my friends that they are really handsome, I can't believe I'll be going to the same school as them ahhhhhhh!

I was brought back to reality feeling a sudden tap on my back, turning around to see it was my mom


"Are you daydreaming again instead of packing your things! Or don't tell me you forgot that we are all waiting for you outside" Mom said 

Today's the day!

Am going to Rochester Musical Academy!

"Sorry Mom, I was just doing a last minute packing, don't wanna forget anything" I said and she scoffed

"You've always been a forgetful person so am sure you'll definitely forget something, now pack up quickly and come out, your dad is waiting for you outside, he'll be the one to take you to the train station"

"Okay Mom, I'll be down in a jiffy"

Mom left and I did a last round of packing since I've already packed up most of my stuff earlier

I quickly changed into a short multicolored gown, brushed my long kinky hair while trying to place my guitar in its bag hanging it on my shoulder, I carried my luggage and went outside .

Mom, Dad and Kevin were standing beside Dad's truck

"My princess is looking so pretty today" Dad said as he saw me 

"Dad!" I said making a goofy face

"Stop making that face, you are reminding me of dog poop" Kevin said and I gave him a death stare

"Shut up Kevin or I'll smack your face" 

"Enough of you guys bickering, it's time for you to go" Mom said

"I'll miss you Mom" I said as I hugged her

"I'll miss you too sweetie" she said as she patted my back

"Make us proud" she whispered in my hear  and I nodded

"Am not gonna miss you" Kevin said and I scoffed

"I don't even want you to" 

"Just make sure to call every weekend" Kevin said and I smiled

He is gonna miss me

"If you are all done with the goodbyes let's go or you'll miss the train" Dad said

Kevin helped me put my luggage in the truck

I got in and my Dad drove off as I continued to wave at my Mom and Kevin till I couldn't see them again

The ride to the train station was a silent one

Dad didn't say much

We got to the train station right on time 

I started to get my luggage out of the truck and dad stopped me and took them  himself

We entered the train station and Dad gave me my train tickets

"Your train will be leaving soon" he said and I nodded

"I can't believe am sending my princess all alone to New York" he said

"I'm going just for school Dad so I'll be fine" 

"Still, I wish I didn't have to send you off" he said looking sad and I started tearing up

"Dad" I said as I hugged him

"Make sure you attend all your classes, don't skip any of your meals and I heard there are lots of bullies out there so make sure you don't get bullied" call me if anything happens he said

"Don't worry Dad, you know I can stand up for myself"

"Yeah, my princess is brave, I know that"

"The train for New York will be leaving in 5 minutes" an announcer announced from the telecom

"That's your train, you should go" Dad said

"I'll miss you Dad" I said as I hugged him again

"I'll miss you too my princess, now go and make sure to call often" he said

I blew him a kiss and I ran into the train

I showed the attendant my ticket, I got the window seat and went to seat 

Few minutes later, the train started moving and excitement rushed though me

Am going to Rochester musical academy!


I stood in the middle of the school with my luggage in hand as excited as can be ,  nervousness rushed in as I  remembered

I have to go to the Chancellor's office to sort out my admission procedures but I don't know my way around here and the school is so large

I have the school map with but am not good at map reading

I also went to the map app on my phone but it wasn't of much help, I keep getting lost

I tried asking for directions but everyone ignored me

Are the people from the city always so rude?

I saw a guy sitting under a tree with headphones on and I decided to go ask him for help

He isn't busy with anything so he should be able to help me

"Oh my gosh, he's so handsome" I said as I saw his face

Snap out of that thought Emily, you have more pressing issues at hand

"Ummmm excuse me" I said but he didn't answer 

I guess he didn't hear me, he has headphones on and he's eyes are closed

"Hey" I said as I tapped him on the shoulder and he quickly opened his eyes and took off his headphones

"Please can you help me with directions to the Chancellor's office? Am a new student here" I said

"How dare you" he said as he looked at me

"What?" I asked not quite sure if I heard him right

"How dare you touch me" he said

I guess he doesn't like to be touched

"Ohh, i'm so sorry about that, I didn't mean to disturb but please, I really need you to help me with directions to the Chancellor's office or maybe take me there?" I said hopefully 

"You want me to take you to the Chancellor's office?!" He asked wide-eyed and I felt uncomfortable

"Yes, I'd really appreciate that" I said and he scoffed

"Is this you guy's new trick to get closer to me?" He asked

"Trick? Closer? Am sorry I don't understand" 

"Stop acting clueless and get out of my sight, if you really need to get to the Chancellor's office, you have a map in your hand, use it dummy" he said as he put his headphones back on and closed his eyes


Did he just call me clueless and a dummy

"Hey!!!" I yelled and he opened his eyes and removed the headphones

"You are still here? You must have a death wish" he said and I scoffed

"You could have just refused me was the insults really necessary?" I asked

"Why? Were you hurt by the insults? Well guess what? I don't care" 

"You are such a rude brat" I said

"What! Rude brat?!!" He said standing up

"Yes, were you hurt by the insults? Well guess what? I don't care" I said imitating him with a smile and he scoffed

Well done Emily, you got your payback

"I don't have your time" he said as he walked past me hitting my shoulder and my phone fell on the ground

"Hey!! Rude brat!! Look what you did to my phone!!" I yelled as I picked the phone up and he looked back

He brought out his wallet and throwed a paper at me

"You can get yourself another phone with that, that phone is outdated after all" he said

I picked up the paper from the floor and turns out, it's a cheque

A cheque of 100 thousand dollars!!!; I gasped

"What's it dummy, you've never seen such an amount in your life?" He asked with a smirk 

"This is too much, only the phone's screen is cracked, am sure I can repair it with just 500 dollars"

"Don't act humble dummy, am sure you are happy that I gave you such a huge amount of money" he said and I got angry

He is really a rude brat

I squeezed the check and threw it at him

"You call yourself rich but I guess you don't have 500 dollars, I'll let you be for now but if we ever meet again, I'll make sure to collect my 500 dollars rude brat" I said as I tooked my luggage and angrily walked out of him

I guess this school is really full of rude people though that rude brat is the rudest I've met so far

And to think that I actually admired his looks at first, I must have been crazy

"Hey, are you okay" I heard a voice and I turned to see a lady beside me

"Am....am fine" I stuttered

"Do you need help, seems you are a new student" she said

"How did you..."

"Your luggage" she said pointing at the luggage I was holding and I smiled

"Am actually lost and I really need to get to the Chancellor's office to get my admission sorted out" 

"Lemme take you there" she said

"You'll..... take me there?" I asked surprised

"Of course, let's go" she said

I guess there are few nice people here afterall

I followed her as we walked to the Chancellor's office

"By the way my name is Mia" she introduced

"I'm Emily"

"Nice to meet you Emily" she said with a smile

We got to the Chancellor's office and she insisted on waiting for me outside

I went inside the office and introduced myself as a new student and also showed him my admission letter

"Welcome to Rochester musical academy Miss Emily Brown" he said "this contains your hostel accommodation papers and the timetable for your classes, you are expected to start classes tomorrow" he said as he handed me a file 

"Thank you sir" I said

I came out of the office and met Mia still waiting

"Thanks for showing me the office" I said

"It's okay, I had a hard time finding the office on my first day too so I understand" she replied

"So which dorm are you?" She said and I checked my file

"This says girls dormitory 2" 

"Great, am in dorm 2 as well, what's the room number?"

"A5" I answered

"Oops, am in A8 but we are close enough so can we be friends?" She asked

"Of course" I said though a bit taken aback

I never thought I'll make friends this quickly

We walked together to the dormitory and we chatted along

She helped me find my room and we both entered

The room was spacious and there were only two beds in the room

I like it! It's almost like  the school knows that I hate crowded places

There was a girl in the room sitting on the bed, she stood up and walked to us

"I heard a new student will be coming in today, so which one of you is my roomie?" She asked

"Me" I answered "My name is Emily and you?" 

"Lucy" she said

"I think I'll get going, see you tomorrow Emily" Mia said and I bade her goodbye

"Am gonna be frank with you, I wasn't happy when I heard you were coming, I wanted to have the room all to myself" Lucy said

"Ohh am sorry about that" 

"You don't need to apologise, I just hope we'll make good roomies" she said as she brought out her hand for a handshake and I took it

"Do you need help unpacking?" She asked

"No thanks" I replied

She shrugged and went back to lay on her bed 

I unpacked my stuffs and and arranged my clothes in the wardrobe

I took my towel and went to the bathroom to take a nice long bathe

I came back, wore my pyjamas and slumped on the bed

What a tiring day, I wonder how tomorrow's gonna be

Met a lot of rude people today

I took my phone and looked at it, the screen is cracked thanks to the rude brat

But thank goodness it's still working, I should call Dad

.......to be continued......

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