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Looking For Wife-Episode 03



Looking For Wife-Episode 03

Written By Amah's Heart

It's been a week since I had the discussion with my parents. but so far so good nothing positive has happened yet.

the last two girls I have met are nothing to write home about.

 the last girl by the name Yetunde, a beautiful, well endowed lady but her attitude is nothing to write home about and again she is not ready for any serious commitment, i just had let her go.

I have been searching, although I know my mission is impossible one but still have to try.

Fast forward to the last week of the month, I was in my room doing some work with my laptop humming R.kellys song "sign of a victory" when my parents walked inside my room and sat on the bed with me.

"How are you son..." my dad asked.

"great Dad, just doing some work.."

"you know why we are here, right? Dad asked

"No dad, unless you tell me..." I pretend like I don't know but deep down I know exactly why they're in my room.

"Is about what we discussed last time, about you bringing someone home. so, we want to know if you have made any progress..."

"Oh about that? I have someone already and as a matter of fact you are going to meet her this weekend, i announced with full confident..."

"wow, son that is the best news i have heard so far. I definitely know you will make us proud. I was telling your father that one month was too short to get a woman but here you are, already accomplished your mission... I'm happy"  my mom said with full smile.

My Dad chirped in " glad to hear that son, may i ask who is this girl you are talking about? from which family, who is her father? I'm curious to know who this special lady is... tell us more about her..."

"Relax Dad, since I have found the woman for me, I will unveil her soon to you and Mom. There's no need to rush or worry again, you will surely meet her this weekend..." i said smiling. 

"Alright son, if you say so. we can't just wait to meet this girl. I'm anxious..very very..." Mom said.

"Yes Mom, I'm equally excited. if you will all excuse me, please I have so much work to do here.." I said acting like I was truly going back to my work.

"Alright son, make sure you come down for dinner..." Mom said as she head to the door with my Dad.

"Sure, i will mom...."

When they left, i smiles to myself and continue my work.

Saturday came faster than expected  and my parents sat comfortable in our large sitting room waiting for my guest  to arrive.

"It's getting late son and we have not yet seen her, are you sure she is still going to make it..."my Mom said impatiently.

"Calm down mom, she will be here shortly.."

 I was still talking when we heard a knock on the door.

"I guess she is here.." i announced to them.

one of the housekeepers went to open the door.

My guest walked in with fear written all over her body.

she knelt down and greeted my parents

"What? What is happening here son, don't tell me she is the one we have been waiting for..." my dad said with anger written all over him.

"She is the one Dad, she is the one I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with..."

My Mom take a closer look at the girl and frowned. She didn't say a word.

My Dad looked at the lady all over again and shakes his head pathetically.

"Our maid? Is this not Obiageri one of the workers in the kitchen? you mean you couldn't find a responsible girl from a responsible family to marry? Is our cook you decide to settle down with? oh son, I'm very very disappointed in you..."

All this while my mom just kept quiet with blank expression. I couldn't even read her mood.

I wish I know what she was thinking, unlike my dad that never stopped condemning my choice.

" Dad, please calm down. i know how you feel, you gave me only a month to get a wife, I'm not a magician. I try looking for a classy woman out there but couldn't get hold on any. Oby is always here, she is responsible, hardworking, kind and homely. I don't know that what I was searching for out there is right under my nose. I can't start explaining how it all happened Dad but all I know is that I want to marry Obiageri.  I understand she is our cook, but that doesn't change anything...she is the woman for me. please, just respect my choice and decision. The fact is that I brought in a woman just like you wanted so it does not matter what she does for a living or her background. I have accomplished my given mission Dad. Let the wedding plans begin..." I said with all seriousness.

 "My husband, I think we should let our son be. let just give them a chance. we are the one that wanted him to marry in the first place and now he has brought someone home for the first time. If he is happy with her irrespective of who she is, then all we will do is give them our blessings..." my mom spoke for the first time since Obiageri walked in.

"I'm not comfortable with his choice of a woman at all. I was expecting him to bring someone from a well known family to us or a recognized background. i never expected him to bring our cook of all people home..."

"I understand dear, Obiageri maybe our cook and she has been working here for a long time with no bad record. I believe she will make a good wife to our son..." My Mom said.

"I'm not okay with this idea at all but whatever...i guess his mind is made up..." My Dad grugingly said

For the first time in many years, i was really glad to have a mother like my Mom.

with a smile on my face I hug her.

"Come over here Oby, come and give me a hug. You're welcome to our family..." my Mom said to a surprise Obiageri who never expected that she will be accepted by my parents.

Days later my Dad came around and accepted my decision fully. 

Oby has been our cook and ever since I returned home, she always serve the table with smiles. 

I have walked into the kitchen either she was singing this melodious song or humming one.

During the search for a wife, I never in my wildest dreams thought it will be her.

Until one day, after serving me a lone dinner, it tastes so great that I commended her cooking skills.

She blushed and thanked me.

I started a conversation and it was going great that I didn't want it to stop.

That was all it took and I knew she will make a good wife.

It was like a silly joke agreeing with the idea kicking in my head but I can't change the fact that I was really attracted to her and I kept falling for her even while I try to still search for a classy Lady out there to impress my parents because I know they may never accept Oby.

After long search, I have to accept what was right in front of me this whole time.

I asked her and she was scared. I continued reassuring her that she was safe with me and it may be so quicky but I can't deny the fact that my heart beats for her.

She thought I was joking initially.

After long talk and much convincing, here we are.

Finally, my Dad gave us his blessings and after two months we became husband and wife.

After a year, Oby my wife looks unrecognizable. She has so much hidden beauty, brain and class that gradually showed out after sometime

She became pregnant and gave birth to a son.

My parents are more happier than I am. 

I'm so happy I stood with my decision without condemning her at first sight.

I finally found a wife and a family of my own. Something I never expected will happen in years finally happened within months.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing. 

Obiageri is truly made for me and I for her.

The End

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES .  )

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