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Looking For Wife-Episode 02




Looking For Wife-Episode 02

Written By Amah's Heart

That same night, at the dinner table my Mom started by saying

"Jerry, you understand that  care about you right? your father and i wish nothing but the best for you son..."

I wondered where the whole talk was going, I was already getting impatient

"Mom, what's going on? Is there something wrong...?

She continued, ignoring my question.

"It will only be fair enough if you could bring someone home..." Mom said.

"Bring who home? I hope this is another "wify tale" because I'm still not ready.

"When will you ever be ready, every time we try to start this conversation you will always have same excuse. If you're going to be the new CEO of my company then you need a woman by your side Jerry" Dad said.

"That's very true son" Mom chirped in.

"I have said it severally that i will get married when I'm ready, I don't feel ready now.  please respect my decisions. I'm not a kid for God sake"

"I will never respect such a foolish decision of yours..." said by my Dad.

 "infact we  give you from now till one month to bring someone home otherwise we will take all your inheritance and give them all to your sister and her husband. I mean exactly what I just said..."

Are they now trying to threaten me? I said within myself. 

This is really more serious than I thought

."Dad, stop trying to threaten me into getting a wife...is a whole new side of blackmail. Is not just fair..."

"You think this is a threat? I just hope that by the time you realize that this is very serious, it won't be too late for you.." my Dad added sternly.

"Whaat? Dad, you can't do that to me. I have worked so hard to be where I'm today, you can't just take what belongs to me and give to Debbie. I won't let you do that...never"

i was really furious to hear them say that to my face.

"You haven't realized how important this whole thing is right? This is not a joke and if you feel want to joke around with it just as usual then be ready to dance to any rythem I decide to play. We are giving you just one month to bring someone home as a wife to us. unless you are ready to kiss goodbye to everything you value and believe me son, I will do exactly what I said..."

I angrily stood to walk out but my Dad hushed me as he try to reaffirm his words.

 "One more thing, listen to me... I don't give an empty threat, i mean every word that i said. Good night son.."

I was there when they stood and walked to there room.

I slowly walk back to my room.

As I lay on my bed that night all I kept thinking about is where exactly to get a woman and not just any kind of woman, one with class and brain.

Maybe if I can get a wife for short period, maybe hire one just to impress my family.

I don't even have a girlfriend or female buddies back here. 

Where will i get a woman to propose to. And is not just getting a girl, another question is if I happens to find one now, what if at the end she does not like me.

What if I decided to hire a woman, she will just act as my girlfriend for a period of time.

"Who am I kidding? Such idea won't work.

Why will my Dad give me just a month to get all of this done when I'm not a magician.

Where am I supposed to find a woman within the short period.

I just got back to the country about a month, I have no friends around here yet because most important part of my life was in Australia.

I can only hope for some miracle in this state that I'm thrown into.

I was thinking of the whole thing most part of the night and didn't know when I finally slept off.


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