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Looking For Wife-Episode 01



Looking For Wife-Episode 01

Written By Amah's Heart

Spent most of my life in abroad, Australia to be precise. coming from a wealthy home, let's just say one of the richest in the country  though I don't like bragging or showing off but that is the truth. my dad had different companies in and out of the country so just imagine how rich we are.

My name is Jerry, a 34 years old guy, 6 ft tall,  dark in complexion.

 let me just say that i'm a lady's man. every girl wanna come around me. 

If you call it bragging..I will totally agree.

Last month I was called by my father to come home and take over from one of his company's because he is getting old and couldn't handle everything by him self.

so, here I am in Nigeria ready to take over from him. Although is against my wish because I was really doing well over there in Australia but as the only son in the family I have to do what is required of me.

It's been  a week already I returned back from my base, everyone is happy to see me including my only sister that came to see me from her husband's house.

my dad is planning to introduce me as the next CEO of the company the following week.

I only have one problem with my parents which is marriage.

Since five years now my parents, expecially my Mom has been putting this pressure on me to get married.

She said that I'm not getting any younger, is high time I start my own family.

My answer is remained the same "I will get married when I'm ready"

"That is exactly what you have been saying for the pass five years, is it when you get to 50 years that you will be ready? 

"what is even wrong with you?

 that is my mom again with her usual sermon, telling me what I already heard over and over again.

"Tell us Jerry, are u impotent or what..?' my dad asked me.

Is always funny whenever he asked me that.

the question may appear annoying but it's still funny. I'm perfectly alright, what is in between my legs is correct machine that can make a lady to take in at one touch.

  I had numerous girlfriend back then in Australia both white and black girls, I was very careful because I wasn't ready for any sort of commitment.

Marriage was the last thing on my mind back then.

Few days later, I came back from work and was very tired and hungry.

All I wanted was to eat and rest but my parents broke the worst news that I never wanted to hear.

My Mom walked into my room that very day, she started with

"Jerry darling, how was work today? you look exhausted. Please when you are done with dinner..i  will love to discuss something important with you.

My Mom said before leaving.

I was not ready for the news that I got later that evening.

To be cont.......

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