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Hidden Motives-Episode 05




Hidden Motives-Episode 05

Written By Amah's Heart

He was moody as he went to open door for Kago who was knocking none stop.

"Take it easy with the door, do you want to break it down with your knocking?

Kago ignored him and walked in.

"What is eating at you this early morning? When Jerome did not reply he  continued

"...it seems your neighbor has gotten a new whip, mhennn that car I saw parked close to his old car is machine. That man most be stinking rich. Well, that explains why his wife always sings his praise..."

"Sing who's praise? Jerome interrupted him angrily  ".... Lucinda is a queen and she deserves the best. Silaz planned to surprise her with her dream car but kept postponing. I decided to get it for her because she deserves it. A prove that I'm far more caring than her so called husband..."

Kago opened his mouth in shock while staring at his friend.

Jerome who had more to spill continued talking

"... I'm not even in a good mood, Maria spoilt the day for me. I just don't get her at all. She talks to me like I'm her houseboy. Guy, check this... Maria, sent her aunt to me for some cash, I didn't have much so i gave the woman the little one on me but Maria wasn't having it, she said that I supposed to have money and there shouldn't be any excuse of not giving her aunt money. The whole ish is because I moved out some money for some important expenditure and Maria want to know everything that goes in and out of the company. She is asking me what I used the money for even after telling her that I had emergency that I needed to sort. I'm tired of explaining myself to her... trying to explain every detail like a child. Kago, I'm really tired of her bossing me around..."

Kago who managed to sit, cleared his voice and said

"The company belongs to her, the house you live in... the entire compound is part of Maria's property, you're a wealthy man because of your wife. She has every right to question how her money is being spent. You refused helping her aunt but decided to get expensive car for another man's wife... I don't know that you're this kind.Throwing your wife's money on another woman? Wow...!

"Is not just her money, company or property...is also mine because I'm the one over here managing it, taking care of everything and running the company. So if I decided to take something big for myself I deserve it, any how I choose to spend it shouldn't be up for debate. And I decided to take a large sum out to get a car for one of my hardworking staff, just to encourage others...I don't see how that's a big deal...."

Kago began to laugh " Lucinda must be working very hard in your private corner too. Wow... such a pretty hardworking married woman. Hahaha, guy... please stop talking rubbish. You can deceive others but not me. We both know why you got her that car and I know you must have been spending lots of cash on her before that car. I'm only going to remind you that whatever you do in the dark will come out to the light one day. You better stop this madness and concentrate in building a great future for your family just like your wife wanted. She was hard-working before she handed it all to you and left for her PhD program because there's no better person to take care of her business than her dearest husband. But here you are getting angry with your wife for wanting to know what you spent so much money on, but you're showering Lucinda with praises... another man's wife. Her husband trust you, that was why he allowed his wife to go work in your company. How will he feel if he later finds out that..."

,"There's nothing to find out. Except you want to go and tell him that I'm hitting on his wife..."Jerome said interrupting Kago.

Kago later left after trying to talk to Jerome about Lucinda, but he wasn't ready for such conversation.

Early morning the following day, he could hear some noise in their apartment, they were quarrelling that very morning making it the first time he will hear them  having misunderstanding.

Ever since the couple move into the compound, it has been all lovey dovey. He sometimes get jealous of how much they love and care for each other

He had looked forward to a little misunderstanding where the woman will run to him for some comfort which he will be willing to offer.

But right now, how their voices were going up, how things were shattering on the ground loudly, listening to them at this moment makes him worried.

He wish to go over there and check what is happening but he wasn't sure is a good idea.

What if he was the cause of everything. What if he was the reason for their quarrels. 

Silaz will want to kill him if he shows his face in the house.

Jerome heard more things shattering plus a loud screaming and it was that of Lucinda's voice.

He couldn't keep calm anymore, he needs to go over there before Silaz hurts her.

Silaz should face him man to man and leave Lucinda out of out of it. He can't just sit listening to them and do nothing.

Ever since the quarrelling and noise from breaking stuffs started he haven't been able to sit still. 

He had looked from the window hoping for a glimpse of what is going inside the house but he couldn't see much.

Their sitting room window blind were little bit open and the parlour light turned on. He can see through from where he was, knelling on a cushion and straining his eyes for a glimpse of whatever that was going on there.

He was looking directly with all seriousness.

 He initially saw Silaz, he appears like he was throwing a tantrum like a frustrated child. He seems to be acting all beaten and angry.

Jerome try to station well at his window so that he can see clearer but he suddenly loose balance and almost fell to the ground.

He grabbed himself up and positioned well again at the window.

But they have moved away from the parlour to the room where he can no longer see them.

The noise went down, he waited to hear maybe Silaz shouting again but nothing.

His fear changed to anger, he wasn't scared again like before rather he was angry and his jealousy grew like wild fire.

  He imagined what they will be doing in the bedroom with the sudden silent.

Jerome who was initially hoping for the fight to stop began wishing for them to continue

"They can't possibly be making out all of a sudden, why the silent... what exactly are they doing in the room.." Jerome wondered within him.

He had to go and check, the whole quietness was getting him all worked up.

As he was heading to the door, the noise suddenly retuned.

Is as if Lucinda ranted a little bit and went quiet again.

Jerome was contemplating if he should change his mind from going.

He returned back to the window to check if they were back to the sitting room. 

On getting there, he was surprised that the window blinds was drawn down.

It was close, he can no longer see anything.

Jerome hit the chair hard out of frustration. He was definitely going to go over and check what Silaz was doing to Lucinda.

He can't seem to bear it anymore.

Jealousy and anger blew hot sweat out of him as he move to the door.

Jerome went over and knocked on the door and that was when he began to have a rethink.

He has no business being here, is there life and marriage and he is a third party.

But he cares about Lucinda and can't keep calm when she is in trouble.

It could be because of the car or other gifts he gave her that is getting her husband mad

He has to be there for her and also to prove to her that he loves and cares about her more than her husband will ever do

The door opened and Silaz showered up looking disturbed.

"Hey Jerome...?

He was neither smiling or in the mood for chic chat.

Jerome began to think of what to say.

"I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything, I thought I heard something shattering in your house followed by noises..."Jerome said then paused and continued when Silaz stared at him with a mean face.

"...is everything alright with you and Lucy..." He totally forgot himself and called her Lucy but got back himself immediately.

"....I mean Lucinda your wife..."

"We're fine. Everything is absolutely fine... thanks for checking..." Silaz replied and shut the door.

Jerome stood at the door not knowing what to do next.

He turned and quietly walked back to the house.

Thirty minutes later there was a knock.

Jerome first checked who the person was before going to open.

He became scared the moment he saw Silaz.

Silaz was at his door, he was looking like somebody coming for a war.

Jerome was not ready for such fight and as he held the door knob wondering if he should open or not the banging on his door continues.

What if he has a gun or some dangerous weapon,?

what if as he opens the door, Silaz threw a blow straight to his eyes, blinding one of his eyes.

Many thoughts traveled round Jerome's head.

Silaz must have found out about him and his wife which was the reason for the early morning fight.

The way he responded when he went to check on them was very clear that he probably knew.

The banging became harder, Jerome decided to open the door.

He got more than what he expected.

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