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Obscure Episode Twelve



Obscure Episode Twelve


 "Flowers for my lady!" Garam's manly voice could be heard as he stepped into Zackary's cottage.

"Garam!" Rosanne called happily rushing towards the door to give him a hug.

"Roses for Rosanne!" Garam smiled giving the flowers to Rosanne.
"How lovely!" Rosanne smiled.
  Having supper with her family, the day was getting dark and Rosanne couldn't help but laugh so hard at Garam's joke, she wished they would follow her back to castle.
It was a bit lonely for her, being the only one working at the castle.

"So tell us, how is castle syph?" Zackary smiled.
"Oh... It's okay," Rosanne gave a faux smile.
"It doesn't sound okay coming from you!" Garam added.

Rosanne sighed. "Well to be honest, it's lonely there, I have everything, the things I have there are lovely but his highness...
"His highness?" Garam completed.

"What happened to the crown prince?" Her father asked.

"Well.. He's a bit... Rude" Rosanne titled her head, being careful to not speak ill of the prince.

"A bit rude... Did he do anything rude?" Zackary asked looking at his daughter.
   Not wanting to tell her father about the grabbing of her neck and his glares, Rosanne laughed.
"I don't know, his glares just seem a bit unfriendly"

"Okay then, maybe you should approach him with all the kindness in you!" Zackary stated.

"But... I was told to avoid him, my work there is to serve the crown prince not try to be friends with him, and how can a low class like me be friends with someone of royalty.!" Rosanne shook her head.
"He might end his glares if you try to be friends with him." Zackary shrugged.

"I don't think so father!" Rosanne shook her head.
 Garam cleared his throat. "well my father once told me that people might act rude to you, seeing you for the first time, and all you just have to do is make sure you pour out your kindness to them, show them how friendly you can be".
"Perfectly said Garam!" Zackary smiled.
"Just try to do what we say" Garam added.
 Rosanne stared at the full moon in the sky, she sighed heavily and fell back to her sleeping mattress.
She would be leaving for Castle Sylph at dawn, and somehow she felt like staying home with her father and Garam and also at the same time, she felt like going back to castle Sylph. The food the dresses, the garden, she also wanted an extravagant life.

   Just as the sky turned pale blue, Rosanne stepped out of the cottage to see the Royal carriage waiting for her.
  She turned to her father and lets out a small smile.

"I wish I could stay longer." she smiled.
"I wish that too, but it's going to be okay, I know you'll get to come home every once in a while" Zackary smiled.

"Yes I know that too!" Rosanne replied.
    She waved goodbye to her father as she stepped into the carriage.
 The coachman got he horses moving, and off to Castle Sylph they went.
 The tiring journey came to an end, and Rosanne couldn't help but wished, she never gets a day off work anytime soon. 
   The coachman and Rosanne's escort bowed at Rosanne before getting back into the carriage, and left for Orrander.

    Rosanne Turned to the castle behind her, and breathed out a sigh.
"Castle Sylph!" she muttered under her breath, before walking towards the castle door.
  Rosanne's fragile hand pushed the heavy door open and stepped into the ballroom.
   She lets out a loud gasp when she saw the ballroom.
  It was beyond destroyed.

  The huge pillars had scratches on its body, the floor was littered with so many broken things, the chair in the ballroom was also broken.
  She moved towards the stairs and gasped even louder when she saw scratches on the wall and holes on the wooden stairs.

"What in the world happened here?" Rosanne said to herself.
 She carefully walked up the stairs and almost passed out when she saw a body on the floor.
  Her breathing relaxed when she figured it was the crown prince on the floor.
 But... The crown prince?

 Rosanne gasped out louder and fell to her knees beside the crown prince.

"Your Highness!" she called.
"Your Highness" She called again, she wanted to tap his body, but recalled how hot it was to touch him.
But maybe he had a fever the last time. 
 And she was ready to endure the hotness, he's just human.
And she needs to know if he's still alive.

"Your Highness!" Rosanne called again tapping him, and also shocked of how calm and warm his body was.

"Your highness, please wake up!" Rosanne called, panicking.

 She decided to listen to his heartbeat to see if he was still alive.
 And slowly she placed her ear on his chest.
   When his rapid heartbeat came to her hearing, Rosanne breathed out a sigh of relief.

"What Are You Doing!" The thick voice frightened Rosanne and she slowly got up.
Her eyes meeting his emerald eyes.
He's alive! 

"Uh... Uh... Your Highness!" She stuttered.

 "I'm so sorry, I got here and you were on the floor, I didn't know what to do and I decided to know if you were still alive, I'm sorry" Rosanne gave a bow. 

 The crown prince got on his feet. 

"Stand up!" His thick voice said to Rosanne who knelt on the floor. 
 She immediately got up on her feet and gulped at his intimidating height. 
And why was he always shirtless. 

Rosanne glanced up at the crown prince, there was something about his eyes. It seemed less furious, more calm and he is not yelling. 

   The crown prince, looked around the place to see the place, thrashed and the scratching on the wall. 
"What happened here?" He asked. 

"I have no idea your Highness, I am just arriving from Orrander and to my dismay, this was how I found the castle looking!" she apologized. 
She was actually having a conversation with the crown prince!. 

"Orrander?" The crown prince repeated. 

"Yes! Orrander where I live!" Rosanne repeated. 

 The crown prince looked around and his eyes paused right back at Rosanne.

"Why did you leave?" His voice was thunderous.

"What?" Rosanne raised up her head to see his eyes at her.
"I asked! Why did you leave?" He yelled frightening the poor girl in front of her.

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