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Obscure Episode Three



Obscure Episode Three



  "A thief!"



"A thief, close the gate and do not let any one of them escape!" Yelled a royal guard.

   One of the Castle's royal chef had caught some old aged men stealing from the castle's kitchen, and without saying a word, she had informed the castle guards... 

  The guards ambushed the kitchen, with the men still inside the kitchen, trying to escape. 

  Seeing the royal guards, three men jumped out of the kitchen's window, and as the other two men tried to escape through the same window... 

They were caught and stopped by the royal guards. 

"You're both under arrest! For trying to steal from the Royal kitchen" A guard yell, his thick voice frightening the caught thieves. 


"Your majesty!" Cornelius, the King's Royal announcer who also is the king Royal guard, bowed in front of King Archibald. 

 "Cornelius!" the king called, acknowledging his presence. 

"For I am here to report thefts your majesty" Cornelius stated. 

"Theft is nothing new in Orrander, but whoever is caught doing it, shall be punished!". The king stated.

"This morning five old lads came to the castle's royal kitchen to steal. Three, managed to escape, and the other two have been caught, and we need your presence to know the outcome of their lives!" Cornelius yelled...

"And where are these thieves?" The king asked, standing up.

"in the dungeon your majesty!" Cornelius replied.

"Bring them to exile room, I'll be waiting...!" The king said, floucing out of the room.

"Please spare our lives!" cried one of the thieves as he knelt in front of the king in the exile room.

"silence!" the king yelled, taking a good look at the old lads in front of him...

One had black hair with some white strands on it, and the other one had complete white hair on his head, his beards also white proving how old he was getting.

"When people who have committed such great sin are brought here, to this room... Death only awaits them." The king stated looking at Cornelius, who stood still which a sword clutched in his hands.

"Please we are just commoners who wants to eat and live, please spare our lives your majesty!" The man with black hair pleaded.

"And we also want to eat and live, for I am not ruthless, I am just setting things right, for everyone who sin deserves to be punished, a some people just get punished without even having to sin." The king stated, gesturing his hands forward and immediately Cornelius placed the sword in his hand.

"Please your majesty! Spare our lives!" cried the Older man.

"The god of Orrander shall welcome you after I set things straight!" The king stated pulling the sword out if its scabbard, revealing its sharp blade that frightened the men.

The doors to the exile room suddenly went open and the queen walked in, her Azure dress sweeping the floor as she walked up to the king.

"My Lord!" she called. "Reports from the other castle"

The Queen paused and turned to the men on the floor.

"What is going on.?" She asked.

"They committed theft!" Cornelius replied immediately.

 The queen glanced at the sword in the King's hand and then at the men.

"And you think the only rational way to fix this, is by annihilating them?" The queen gave the king a glare.

"My lady! It is the only way!" The king replied resting the sword on the shoulder of the white haired man.

 "S-S-spare me!" the man shivered glancing at the sword on his shoulder.

"And why should I spare you? The great kings of Orrander never spared anyone, you should be grateful I'm making your death quick" The king hollered, his face, expressionless.

"If I'm to spare your low lives, there's no way you won't keep out of the castle, you might come back and steal more, once a thief, always a thief! So give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you both right now!" The king yelled.

"I... I have a wife at home and she's pregnant... We have no food... Please spare our lives your majesty!" The man with the black hair cried. 

"You're making me sound like a bad king. I have made it possible for every man here In Orrander to contain their families with edible jobs, I even make the invalid and disabilities work. So having no job and no food isn't certainly my fault and my problem, and then you dare steal from steal from the royal kitchen?" The king scoffed.

"Please your majesty! I have a daughter... She has no mother, if you kill me she'll have no one! Spare our lives your majesty!" The white-haired man cried.

"The god of Orrander shall welcome your souls" The king stated, raising the sword up when the queen stepped in front of him.

"My Lord..." The queen interrupted.

"I believe every sinner must be punished, or have a price to pay, for the sins they have committed. Rise on you feet, both of you!" The queen ordered.

Both men got on their feet with their heads bowed.

"You mentioned having a pregnant wife, and you mentioned having a daughter.?" The queen arched her left eyebrows.

"Yes your highness.!" The men said in unison.

 The queen glanced at the king.

"The castle is also running out of servants if I may say!" The Queen smiled.

"I'll humbly serve you your highness!" said the white haired man.

"Oh please, you're both old" The queen laughed.

"How old is your daughter?" The queen asked.

"She's a maiden of eighteen years old." The man replied.

"Wonderful! And how due is your pregnant wife..?" The queen asked.

"According to the physician we conducted, by next week she might put to bed." The black haired man added.

"Splendid, Cornelius! Look after them, the king and I will have a brief conversation".

 The king and queen stood in front of the exile, the king waiting for the queen to begin.

"My lord, this morning, a report came in front the other castle, from the Royal spy, the crown prince passed out today and he suggested it was due to his starving gut. All servants had fled the castle leaving my son, he might end up starving to death" 

"And where are you going with this Adalind?" The king asked.

"The maiden and the pregnant maiden! We can send them to the other castle, or I go there myself.!" The queen replied. 

"Nonsense Adalind. I can never let you step foot into that castle. And I understand where you're coming from my lady. The maiden and the pregnant maiden will be sent to the other castle to serve the crown prince..." The king stated. 

 A feeling a guilt flashed across the queen's face.

"And if they die?" she asked. 

"They have paid for the crimes the men committed, fear not Adalind. We're only humans." The king said embracing his wife. 

T. B. C 

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