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Obscure Episode Thirteen



Obscure Episode Thirteen


The crown prince looked around and his eyes paused right back at Rosanne.

"Why did you leave?" His voice was thunderous.

"What?" Rosanne raised up her head to see his eyes at her.

"I asked! Why did you leave?" He yelled frightening the poor girl in front of her.

"I'm sorry but her highness, the queen made me leave!" Rosanne bowed.

"Why would she do that?" His highness hollered.

'And how would I know that?' Rosanne yelled inside her head.

"I'm so sorry your highness, I was told to follow the queen's order, I'll go prepare your breakfast immediately!"  Rosanne bowed her head and dashed up the stairs.

  As she walked through the wooden stairs, the scratches on the walls, stairs and portraits on the wall, frightened her. What in the world happened.? 

Even the crown prince who had stayed behind knew nothing about the scratches on the wall and why the place was thrashed.

 'Or dead he evade the castle like I did?'  Rosanne thought to herself as she walked into the castle kitchen.

 She gasped when she saw the kitchen's roof on the floor.

  The kitchen was thrashed too, the pots, pans and coals were all over place.

"What in the world happened??" Rosanne had to yell!


  "Your majesty, your highness!" Cornelius yelled, walking into the planetarium where the king and queen sat.

"Careful Cornelius!" The queen stated putting her hand up in the air halting his movements.

"Forgive me! News just came in from the Royal physician!" Cornelius stated, out of breath.

 The King looked up at him.

"The Royal physician?" he repeated.

"Yes your majesty!" Cornelius bowed. "About the pregnant maiden whose husband Roland committed theft with Rosanne's father Garam, The maiden has been under the castle's care for she has a price to pay after putting to bed. Anyways the maiden just put to bed and your majesties, she gave birth to a girl..." Cornelius breathed out.

"Good for her, at least after a month or two she'll be joining Rosanne, that is if Rosanne hasn't been gobbled up by hasting!" The king scoffed.

 Cornelius pursed his lips together nervously.

"Cornelius do you have more to say?" The queen sat up.

"Your Majesties, I'm afraid to say, the young lass bares the beast mark of Orrander!" Cornelius yelled, guilt lying on his face.

"What?" The king barked! Standing up!

"Are you sure?" The queen's eyes widen.

"It was lying on her stomach for I saw it with my own two eyes!" Cornelius sighed.

"I must see for myself!" The queen got up, grabbing a hand full of her long dress and flounced out of the planetarium with the king behind her.


 Rosanne breathed a sigh of relief, after tidying up the whole kitchen and was done making breakfast for the crown prince.

"I'm going to loose it soon!" she muttered to herself, as she wiped the beady sweats on her forehead.

 She was exhausted and would be grateful to fall on a bed.

 Rosanne grabbed the tray of the crown prince's food, and slowly headed up to his territory.

  Rosanne stood shocked when she saw huge scratches as she got to the narrow corridor where the prince room was. It was beyond huge. 

 What could scratch a brick wall so deep.

 She gasped even louder when she saw the wooden door to crown prince's room, broken Into pieces.

 It was now door-less and she could see the room just standing from outside the room.

 Rosanne's breathing hitched when she made eye contact with the crown prince who was sitting alone and still on his bed, staring at her standing by the door.

His immense stare suppressing hers.

 She quickly bowed.

"Your breakfast, your highness!" She stated slowly squatting to put the food on the floor.

She suddenly wished whatever broke the door, be dead.

 "Do not put it there, I am not an animal!" The prince barked immediately, causing her to flinch.

'Exactly what I thought! But when I tried to put it on the bed the last time, you grabbed me by the neck and almost tried to kill, if I hadn't kicked you in the groin! I would have been dead."

 Rosanne wanted to yell out loud, but kept it all to herself.

"I... i understand!" she stuttered before walking inside the room, her hands shaking.

Rosanne sulked in her breath, as she dropped the steel stray on the bed, she could feel the heat coming from the crown prince's body and she gasped silently.

'Is he alright?' she thought.

"I'll take my leave now!" Rosanne bowed slowly and when recieved no reply from the crown prince, she awkwardly stepped out of the room.


"Gracious goodness!!" The queen gasped when she saw the red marking lying on the new born baby's stomach. 

  The maiden who had given birth to he child, clutched the baby in her bossom, drowning in her own tears. 

"No... No..." the king shook his head. 

"No please..." The maiden cried looking down at her baby. 

 The baby's eyes were closed shut and immediately she lets out a heavy cry. 

 The midwives and physician moved back when the king took a step towards the maiden and her child. 

"You know exactly what happens when a baby with the curse mark is born!" The king stated. 

"No... Your Majesty please... She's my first... 

"Silence!" The king shunned. 

"I also killed my first! And woman, you don't know what your child might become, if we let her live, she lives with a curse and you want her alive." The king scoffed. 

He suddenly glanced at the queen 

who looked away. 

"We'll flee!" The maiden cried. "Me, my husband and my child. We'll evade Orrander and never come back, please don't kill my sweet Dorothy!"  she shook her head, heavy tears flowing down her eyes. 

"Flee!" The king scoffed. 

"Flee you say, your husband stole from the royal kitchen days ago and now you want to flee, after your husband got your name and your baby's name under treason?" The king yelled. 

"I can accept any punishment for my husband and I but please do not kill my child!" the maiden begged. 

"Cornelius bring me the sword... 

T. B. C 

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