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Obscure Episode Ten



Obscure Episode Ten


  Soaking her wet body into the big wooden basin, Rosanne breathed out a sigh of relief.

  She had just cleaned the whole castle and her body ached.

She had never cleaned so much in her life. She had never worked so much either, and she liked it. 

 Making lunch for the crown prince went smooth and after that, Rosanne decided to freshen up, the day had certainly been long. 

"Ah, this is nice!" Rosanne breathed out,    shoving her hair into the water.

"Just my second day here and I'm already feeling this way!" Rosanne breathed out.

  Rosanne's wet legs stepped into her room, and she grinned when she saw the expensive dresses that had been placed for her.

"Wow.!" she smiled.

"I feel more like a princess than a servant!" Rosanne mumbled taking a pink dress.

 The fabric soft and silky.

"This is amazing!" Rosanne grinned to herself, admiring the dress on her body.

 She paused and looked around the room. 

 She had nothing else to do. 

 She just served the crown prince his lunch after tidying up the whole castle. And feeling like she had done it all, Rosanne sat down, bored. 

  She is what you call a busy-body. She always wanted to do something. 

"I can't just sit in here and do nothing! The sun is still up and won't go down any time soon." Rosanne spoke to herself, walking out and stepping into the ballroom. 

 'Since it's just the crown prince and I in here, no one would care or know that I'll be stepping out of the castle for a while, just to look around' Rosanne thought, as her feminine hands slowly pushed the heavy door of the castle.

  The heavy sunlight hit Rosanne's causing her to smile. 

  She glanced down at her dress to see the silky fabric glistening under the sun.


"I wonder why the king and queen had to do so much for me, just by serving the crown prince, how precious is he?" Anna asked no one in particular like always, as she strode down the grassy path around the castle. 

    The sound of her foot wear on the grass and the chirping of birds from faraway, was the only thing Rosanne could hear as she walked around castle Sylph. 

 She wondered why the castle was so distant, no cottage could be seen around it. 

Why was it outside Orrander and why is the prince being hidden.? 

  Rosanne pushed back the questions in her head as she stepped behind the walls of the castle, her eyes taking in the garden that came into sight. 

"Wow!!" Rosanne gasped. 

 "This is beautiful, almost seem more like a meadow, and it's bigger than the one father and I call garden." Rosanne said to herself. 

 Her feet moving toward the garden. 

 The garden occupied almost half of the land behind the castle, the green grasses giving the scene an astounding nature like beaut. At the centre of the garden laid thick grasses that were as tall as her, and a leafless tree laid at the center of the grasses. 

  Beds of roses laid at the right side of the garden and another bed of daffodils laid at the other side. 

"This sure is heaven!" Rosanne cried. 

"I could make flower crowns all day with the amount of flowers here in this garden, it is very sheen!" Rosanne beamed, walking into the gathered grass. 

     Cornelius walked into the queen's chamber and gave a light bow. 

"Any news so far?" The queen asked talking a sip of squeezed grape juice from her golden cup. 

"According to the royal spy... Rosanne almost got strangled by the crown prince.!" Cornelius announced. 

 The queen sighed. "She is never going to last, Hasting is becoming more of a beast and his everyday emotions are filled with wrath, my dear sweet Hasting!" 

"Actually the young lass never followed my rules, I clearly told her to stay out of sight from the crown prince, but according to the royal spy, he declared that she actually walked into the crown prince's room, which caused him to get angry, as he doesn't like to be close to any other person, other than himself!"

"Oh goodness! People like that gets eaten before they get to live! I don't think she is going to last, she is extremely hyperactive, and will face the ugly consequences if she doesn't gauge her enthusiasm, anyways if she leaves our bitter world because of my son, then she's just paying the price her father failed to pay! No one should feel sorry for her, not even i" The queen blurted, muttering the last words very low. 

"Your highness, do you pity the lass?" Cornelius asked. 

"Do not cross the line by asking me silly questions!" The Queen spat. 

"Forgive me, for my outrageous words just now!" Cornelius bowed.

 "It's okay!" The queen breathed out. 

Cornelius pursed his lips together, making the queen eye him from his head to his toe. 

"Do your tongue itch for more words Cornelius?" The queen placed her hand under her chin.

"A full moon will rise tomorrow!" Cornelius announced, and watched as the Queen's pupil dilated. 

"The full moon? Tomorrow, the first full moon which is the moon of the beast of Orrander, the first full moon is always south right above Castle Sylph, and the second one is always at the north away from the castle, we have to get the lass out of the castle by dawn tomorrow and when the night is over, she'll be put back to the castle... Understood?" The queen asked. 

"Yes, I understand your highness!" Cornelius smiled. She did care about Rosanne. 

"When it's the moon of Orrander beasts, everyone needs to avoid the beast, everyone needs to avoid hasting!" The Queen sighed. 

"I'll arrange the carriage for the lass departure and by dawn I'll head to the castle to pick her up!" Cornelius gave a low bow, before walking out of the room. 

 "My poor sweet Hasting, going through so much as such a young age!" The queen sighed bitting her lower lips.


  Seated alone on the warm grass behind castle Sylph, Rosanne hummed a lullaby her mother used to sing for her before she passed away. 

  She smiled at the flower crown her hand designed. 

"This is perfect!" Rosanne smiled rasing the flower crown above her head. 

Rosanne slowly looked up at the crown. And said "By the power vested in me, I now announce Rosanne Hathaway as princess of Orrander," Rosanne stated dramatically and playfully placing the flower crown on her hair. 

"Oh thank you so much!" Rosanne smiled waving to the grasses in front of her. 

 Rosanne suddenly froze, when she saw his highness eyes on her. 

  He was standing by his window which was opposite the garden and was at the top of the castle. His deadly eyes looking down at Rosanne. 

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