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Obscure Episode Six



Obscure Episode Six


Rosanne could feel her eyes getting wet as she waved goodbye to her father.

  She was happy leaving, but at the same time, she was going to miss her dear father.


  Roseanne sat quietly inside the carriage, opposite the Queen who watched her with a smile.

 She couldn't believe it, she was going to the castle to be a mere servant, but was recieving such exclusive escort.

"Just so you know dear Rosanne, if you can work in the castle with nothing happening, you'll be recieving a pay!" The queen smile.

With nothing happening? What does she mean?.

"Ah, yes your highness, my father already mentioned that, and I'm certainly glad to work for the crown prince!" Rosanne gave a small bow.

"Good! Cornelius here, will explain to you, the little things you'll need to do when you get there, the journey to the other castle is everlasting and I will be stopping at the castle in Orrander!" The Queen smiled.

 Rosanne turned to the royal guard beside her and he flashed her a smile.

"I'm Cornelius" He stated.

"Rosanne!" She gave a slight bow.


  The journey became quiet until the carriage got to the castle of Orrander.

  Rosanne couldn't contain her breathing, as she looked out the carriage window to see the tall castle in sight.

 'It's beautiful and heavenly' she thought.

"These horses are running faster than ever!" The queen declared, realizing they were back at the castle.

 A royal guard opened the door to the carriage , and the queen stepped out.

 "My journey ends here, dear Rosanne, I wish you all the luck!" The queen smiled.

"Thank you your highness!" Rosanne smiled.

"Ah well, you're welcome!" The queen smiled, her Emerald eyes leaving Rosanne and to the castle.

 The door to the carriage went shut and Rosanne felt the excitement in her heart.

 The journey to the other castle began as Rosanne heard the neighing of the horses.

 She heard as the horses hooves trampled on the grasses and soil of Orrander, causing the carriage to move, in full Speed.

 Cornelius suddenly start to speak.

"Young Rosanne, could you lend me your ears for now!".

"Yes of course" Rosanne smiled.

"Good, we're now going to the other castle outside Orrander called, 'sylph' owned by king Archibald's father, it used to be a forgotten castle, but now the crown prince lives there, and so you don't get surprised, you will be the only servant working there for now. For the other servant is under some kind of situation in the Castle of Orrander. So for now, you shall be the crown prince only servant" Cornelius explained.

Rosanne turned to her, her ocean blue eyes capturing the rays of sunlight from the window.

"Why am I the only servant? And why isn't the crown prince staying in Orrander, but castle sylph? Why is he alive, but then the whole village still mourns for his death?" Rosanne asked.

"Rosanne, I'm afraid my job isn't to answer those questions, but to tell you about your job, the crown prince remains a secret because the king and queen wants it that way, i am afraid I am in no position to answer those questions!" Cornelius said, giving an apologetic bow.

"I understand!" Rosanne lied

   She clearly didn't know why the crown prince was being ostracized.

'is he an invalid? A disabled?' she thought.

He could be worse.

"And now the Castle sylph is a very big castle, it's bigger than the castle in Orrander, and mind you, you and the crown prince will be the only ones there, your job everyday, is to make sure to cook for the crown prince, every morning when the sun is at the north behind the cloud, in the afternoon when the sun is right above the castle, and in the evening when the sun has set, the castle has been stocked with food and every morning of a full moon, more foods come in, and of course you have every right to prepare what your guts desires. You must also prepare the crown prince baths, he doesn't like warm or cold baths, he prefers hot baths, do not mix the hot water with cold water, you must boil all the water, till the castle is full of steams and the water is dangerous for you to touch!" Cornelius explained, causing Rosanne to widen her eyes.

Cornelius continued. "And the crown prince does not like to be seen, so make sure to stay out of sight, he will aware of your presence but make sure he doesn't come face to face with you, you must leave every meal at his door, by opening the door a little bit and placing the food on the floor. After preparing his bath, you'll see a bell outside his room, ring the bell and leave the premises. Descend to your room once it's nighttime and turn off all the lights!"

"Is the crown prince okay?" Rosanne finally asked, causing Cornelius to shut up.

"Now that is a bit rude, the crown prince is absolutely fine" Cornelius smiled. "His taste in things are just a little over the top!"

"Ah... I see" Rosanne smiled.

"Now if I may continue... The crown prince room, is at the top of the castle and your room, is at the bottom of the castle, the laundry room is at the back your room, and the kitchen is just below the crown prince room, make sure to leave leave the above floor where the prince lives, and make sure the castle is dust free every now and then, now if you can keep up with this, I'm sure the queen will raise your pay"

Cornelius smiled.

"Now all this are just petty jobs!" Rosanne smiled happily.

"Yes they sure are, just remember the things I told you, and the crown prince is around your age if I can guess, and he's a little bit... How would I put this, he's not friendly" Cornelius smiled.

"I understand!" Rosanne nodded. "I'm going there to work, not be friendly with the crown prince!".

"Now that is one positive spirit, I wish you good luck!" Cornelius smiled.

"Thank you" Rosanne beamed.

  And that's how the journey went quiet until the carriage left Orrander.


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