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Obscure Episode Seven



Obscure Episode Seven


 Arriving at Castle Sylph, the horses hooves slowed down and Cornelius smiled at Rosanne.

"we are here!" He announced.

"Great!" Rosanne mumbled.

  The coachman stopped the horses and immediately went to get the door for Cornelius and Rosanne. 

    Rosanne stepped out of the carriage and lets out a gasp when Castle Sylph came into sight. 

 It was so beautiful.

 "Welcome to Castle Sylph!" Cornelius smiled. 

"It sure is beautiful!" Rosanne smiled. 

"Yes it is... Now, the sun will be setting soon, the rest is up to you, remember the rules!" Cornelius smiled. 

"You're leaving now?" Rosanne asked. 

"ah, yes, I'm afraid I have to leave now, for I am the King's personal guard and also the Royal announcer, I have to be at Castle Orrander in no time, sorry for my haste departure, I hope you can be fine all by your self . Or are you frightened being all self dear Rosanne? " Cornelius asked. 

"No I am not, for it was an everlasting journey, I assumed you might have been stressed arriving and suddenly leaving. Pardon my concern!" Rosanne gave a curtsey. 

"I am thankful for your concern, please be careful, now for the final words before I bid you goodbye, when it's nighttime, you can find the lantern at the front of the ball room and of course your new dressed is in your room, which is close to the ballroom! And also if you need to fetch a bath, there's a well at the right corner of the castle, Now, do you have any questions.? " Cornelius smiled. 

"I want to know if i can write a letter to my father every once in a while."

"You know the letters Rosanne, that is against Orrander rules!" Cornelius scoffed. 

"I do not! But I do want to write my father a letter, and there's no one here to help me do that!" Rosanne sighed. 

"Do not worry dear Rosanne, the queen made sure that every full moon, you'll be going back to Orrander to pay a visit to your father!" 

"Really?" Rosanne smiled. 

"Yes! In that case welcome to your new residence, and do not worry, you're not alone here!" Cornelius smiled. "I must now take my leave!

Rosanne gave a bow as Cornelius walked back into the carriage, and she stood quietly and watch the carriage leave the castle. 

  Rosanne stood alone, in front of the huge castle, after staring at its fine texture for a while, she decided to go in. 

  The doors to the castle were thick and heavy. 

The castle was huge but quiet and empty, no sound of wind could even be heard. 

  Rosanne's shoes echoed immediately she stepped into the castle and got into the ballroom. 

"Whoa!" she whispered. 

 It was the first time she would be entering a castle, and it looked so Rich. 

 The ballroom was wide as she has heard, it had tall pillars covered in fancy stones, and every step you take makes sound. 


  As Rosanne walked around the castle looking around the dazzling ballroom, she stopped to look at two big and Fancy chairs in front of the ballroom. 

  Her hand slid across the arm of the chair as she lets out a gasp. 

"It's lovely!" she said to herself. 


 Suddenly Rosanne felt a presence behind her, causing her to pause. 

 And slowly Rosanne turned, to see a very tall and shirtless figure behind her. 

Suddenly, the figure collapsed to the floor, causing Rosanne to scream. 

She looked down at the person on the floor, and gasp to herself. 

He looked so much like the queen. 

'could he be the crown prince?' she thought. 

 His hair was long and it stopped right at his neck, his long eyelashes covered the bottom of his closed eyes. His nose was protuberant just like his mother's and his heart shaped lips too. 

He was indeed a charmer. 

  His body was built and his biceps were that of a warrior. 

"Hello?" Rosanne called, looking down at him. 

"Hello... Are you okay?" Rosanne spoke to the lifeless body. 

"Hello?" Rosanne said, wondering what happened to me. 

"I thought he never leaves his room, what is he doing here?" Rosanne asked no one in particular leaning down to touch his forehead. 

 Immediately her hand came into contact with his forehead, she gasped and pulled it back to herself. 

"He's burning up!" Rosanne cried. 

 "Hello!" She called again, trying to touch his body, but shrieked, due to the hotness. 

How could one be so hot to touch. 

"Your highness!" Rosanne panicked, not knowing what to do. 

 She quickly got on her feet, and flounced out of the ballroom.

 Rushing up the stairs, pushing every door to see if she'd open the wash room. 

 Her father always dipped clothes in water and then lay it on her forehead whenever she had a fever. And now she didn't even think she would meet the crown prince in such a state and on her first day here. 

  Rosanne breathed out a sigh of relief when her eyes came into contact with a wash basin as she opened a door. 

 She stepped into the room and gasped when she saw how dry the basin was. 

"What." she cried out loud. 

"At this this, the crown prince is going to die if I don't act fast and the king might annihilate father and I for letting his son die." Rosanne breathed out, as she grabbed a wooden bucket and sprung out of the room. 

She remembered Cornelius words explaining where the castle well was, she needed water, as soon as possible. 

  As Rosanne made it down the stairs, she tried to control how she was panicking, and tried to control her breath. 

 She made it to the ball room and spotting the crown prince on the floor, she bit her bottom lips in guilt. 

 The bucket dangled in her hand as she sprinted across the ballroom, ready to burst out of the door, as she made it close to the crown prince body, 

Something suddenly grabbed her leg, causing her to lose control and fall to the floor, her face and body colliding with the floor, the bucket crashing and destroying into pieces! 

  Rosanne winced from the pain that ran through her body, as she fell on the floor, and immediately her head snapped to her leg to see what grabbed her. 

 The crown prince squeezed his eyes around her ankle as his emerald eyes watched her. 

"Who are you!" He asked. 

T. B. C. 

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