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Obscure Episode Nine



Obscure Episode Nine


"No, your highness! But I am not a--

  Before Rosanne could complete her Words, the crown prince's hand grabbed her by the neck and pushed her up to the wall.

 What did she do wrong?

'Why is he so aggressive?' Rosanne thought, trying to pull his hands away from her neck. She could hardly breathe.

"S...stop please!" she choked.

"Your highness!" She called, her face turning red from the way her neck was gripped by the crown prince.


"Just so you know, no one has ever dared to step into this room, it's off boundaries!" The crown prince hollered.

"I'm sorry!" She coughed.

"I could end you right here and right now, and toss your body over to the garden!" The prince yelled.

 Why was he so mad? What did she even do.?


  Rosanne could hardly breathe or speak.

 And did he just said he was going to end her.

'But I can't die yet!' she thought.


"f...f...forgive me your highness!" Rosanne managed to say, as her legs went straight to his groin, causing the prince to widen his eyes due to the pain, letting go of her neck immediately. 

 Rosanne quickly sprinted out of the room, closing the door immediately. 

 Her legs traveled down the stairs faster than ever, as she lets out tiny coughs and heavy breathing. 

 Rosanne stepped into an empty room, catching her breath, at least she was away from the crown prince. 

"How aggressive of him!" Rosanne breathed out heavily. 

"I clearly introduced myself to him, and he got mad!" Rosanne spoked to herself with no one in particular. 

 Her room was at the bottom of the castle and she was out of breath. 

"He certainly isn't friendly, just like Cornelius spoke" Rosanne shook her head.. 

 She plopped down to the dusty floor and breathed out a sigh of relief. 

"At least, I've learnt my lesson! I won't ever step foot into his room again!" Rosanne shook her head clicking her tongue. 

  Her head suddenly turned to the side, as she noticed a tall stack of white sheet of papers, with a brush and a bucket of dry ink beside it. 

"Wow!" She exclaimed walking up to it. 

"These are papers, I could write father a let... 

  Rosanne sighed when she Realised for the hundredth time that she can't write or read. 

 Rosanne walked out of the room and walked towards her room which was all the way down at the castle. 

     Rosanne got into the room she was asked to stay, and looking at the perfectly finished room, she couldn't help but grin happily, she suddenly felt like a princess in her own castle. 

  After examining the room for a while, she noticed the beautiful dresses that had been placed for her and for the first time in her life. She was going to be sleeping on a bed, it's softness and flufiness made her grin. 

   Rosanne watched as the day went dark, thinking about the Prince. 

'Why was he so mad?' was what she could think. 

  Deciding to clean the Castle the next day, due to the way it has dust on every corner. 

   Rosanne fell alseep on an empty stomach. 

  The sound of things crashing suddenly woke Rosanne up. 

"Father?" she called, looking around the dark room. 

 But it suddenly hit her, that she wasn't at home. 

  The loud yell of an angry voice shook the castle making Rosanne flinch. 

"Goodness!" she placed her hand on her chest. 

 Listening carefully to the angry voice and the sound of things crashing, Rosanne realised it was the crown prince's voice. 

"But it is the middle of the night, what Is wrong with him?" she asked no one in particular. 

  Sitting alone for the next few minutes, hearing the angry yell of the crown prince, and ignoring it, Rosanne fell asleep again. 

 The happy sounds of chirping birds woke Rosanne up, and she shut her opened eyes immediately it came into contact with a ray of sun light. 

  She groaned tiredly as she got up from the bed. 

 Recalling last night, she shook her head and walked out of the room. 

"maybe he had a nightmare" she said to herself, as she walked out of the room. 

"I have a lot to do" she announced happily, as she made it towards the kitchen. 

  With a heavy feeling on her chest, Rosanne prepared breakfast for the crown prince, and it took her a whole lot of courage to go up to his room. 


  Standing by the crown prince's door, Rosanne breathed in her and out heavily, she quietly opened the door and shrieked when it made a creeking sound. 

 'Follow the rules!' Rosanne thought to herself as she gently place the food on the floor, she wouldn't want repeat the same mistake she did yesterday. 

 Rosanne slowly shut the door after placing the food, and raced down the stairs like her life depended on it. 

'mission accomplished!' She said to herself.

  Recalling Cornelius words, one by one. Rosanne prepared the crown prince's bath, she made the water so hot, that steams covered the washroom, she rushed up to his room to ring the bell in front of the door, like Cornelius has suggested. 


  Rosanne tip toed as she walked up to the crown prince's door. She quickly grab the bell In front of the crown prince's door and immediately she shook the bell, making the bell ring loudly. 

 The door opened. 

 Rosanne breath hitched when the crown prince came into sight. 

 His hair, in a rough sight and his emerald eyes piercing into hers. 

 Wasn't it red just yesterday? Rosanne thought. And it was also emerald yesterday. 

Rosanne suddenly dropped a ninety degree bow. 

"Good morning your highness!" Rosanne said and dashed out of his sight before he could reply. 

 He wasn't friendly and she had to put that down in her journal. 

  "Sweet mother of Orrander, I have never Been so frightened in my life" Rosanne exclaimed when she walked into her room. 

 She had to stay out of sight at all cost. 

T. B. C 

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