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Obscure Episode Fourteen



Obscure Episode Fourteen


 "Cornelius bring me the sword..." The king announced, frightening the young maiden sitting on the floor with her arms clutching her baby.

"Your majesty please!" The maiden cried.

  Cornelius bowed sadly as he walked away to bring a sword.

The queen suddenly stepped in.

"Lass, You do not want to know the outcome of this child!" The queen scoffed.

"I don't care... I don't want to ever know, curse mark or not I birthed her and she has every right to live. Your highness please." The maiden cried, and the Queen gulped in bitterly seeing the herself crying and Hasting in her arms.

   Cornelius arrived with the sword and was about to give it to the king when the queen took it from him.

 She tossed it at the corner of the room, causing the sword to clash with the floor and produce an ear throbbing sound.

    The queen turned to the king, and he silently, when he saw tears streaming down her eyes. 

 She shook her head at him. 

"We can't!" She said. 

"Curse mark or not, every child deserves to live!" The Queen added, making the maiden nod behind her. 

"Hasting doesn't derseve the life he's living, Nobody does, we're carrying the burden of our ancestors, they angered the great gods of Orrander, and we are the ones who getting a curse!" The Queen yelled, blinking away her tears.

"But how do we set a good example if...


"There is no example to set when it comes to killing innocent people, and for the news we've recieved about hasting for the past years, I feel guilty for my hasting because he has no idea what he's doing, there can never be an example to set because we never killed our child and every child deserves to live!". 

 The Queen dried her eyes leaving her husband speechless. 

She slowly knelt before the maiden, and brushed her finger against the child's stomach. 

"Such beaut, she is going to live" The Queen smiled at the maiden. 

"Thank you so much, your highness!" The maiden bowed do the queen. 

"But for the treason you're under, and also for baring a child with the curse mark, you will be held hostage here in the castle, and don't take it the wrong, you will be fed and well taken care of, you and your baby's care will be under the royal custody, and when this child grows, if she exhibits any  disastrous character, we won't hesitate to isolate her." The queen exouded.

"Yes your Royal Highness! I understand, thank you so much." The maiden cried. 

The queen got on her feet, 

"Take the maiden and her child to the Royal birth room, let the be fed properly and be bathed properly" The queen ordered, and everyone expect the king bowed down to her order. 

The midwives rushed to the maiden to get her to birth room!". 

 The king remained speechless as his wife grabbed his hand. 

"Archie..." she called. "It's for the best!" she smiled. 

"one day, my son and that little girl will get to see the day's light with their own eyes. The only time hasting got to see through his own eyes were days after the full moon, but after a few days, he is overwhelmed by the beast of Orrander, I wish I could go see him with his eyes being clearer now." The queen sighed. 

"You know you can't Adalind" The king stated grumpily. 

"I know... I haven't seen my son for eight years now, it's what you feel as a mother, and it is what it is" The queen sighed, walking past the king with her dress sweeping the floor. 

"Ahhhh.... Finally!" Rosanne breathed out a sigh of relief as she soaked her body into the big wooden tub. 

"This feels nice" she added slowly washing her hair. 

  She had just cleaned the whole castle, getting the thrashed castle in order. She cleaned the whole castle, but the scratches on the walls and stairs were going nowhere. At least she tried her best. 

 After she got the whole castle in order, she satisfied her gut with the enormous breakfast she had. 

 And after having a big bath, Rosanne got dressed in one of the expensive dresses she got gotten from working at Castle Sylph. 

    Tedious Rosanne after getting dressed, decided to write a letter to her father... Even though she knew clearly that she couldn't write, she decided to draw pictures instead explaining how her days had been so far and wanting to describe more about the crown prince in the letter. 

 Sitting at the center of the ballroom, Rosanne smiled at the blank, white sheet of paper lying on the floor in front of her. 

 She had mixed the black ink which was in a small wodeen bowl beside her.

She had taken the papers and the ink from the letter room, she came across the other day. 

 She carefully picked up the brush and dipped it into the black ink.

"Draw" she reminded herself and decided to draw herself saying hello, to indicate she's saying hi.

 As she made strokes around the white paper, careful not to spill ink on the untouched sides, with her mouth parted open, and her eyes focused.

  Rosanne paused when she saw the girl she was trying to draw looked more like a fish, than a girl saying hello.

"Huh?" Rosanne looked down at her drawing.

"Am I this bad?" she grumbled.

She angrily squeezed the paper, balling it and throwing it away. 

  She grabbed a new paper and placed it on the floor. 

I'll just try to write what I think, I don't care what I've written, I've seen Garam do it a lot. Rosanne thought, as she placed the brush in ink. 

Slowly her hands started to move across the paper. 

"I'm doing it! I'm writing!" She exclaimed happily staring at the jargon she was writing. "This looks exactly like what Garam would write!" Rosanne smiled. 

Writing the alphabet 'double u' continously. 

Now let me just voice out my letter and keep going' Rosanne thought. 


"Dear father" she began. "You didn't know but I can write, and I'm writing this to you, to tell you how my days has been in castle Sylph, to be honest, the crown prince is very hard, he's scary, tall and always likes to yell, I'm afraid to say he's obnoxious to my liking and... 

Rosanne stopped talking when she felt a hot presence behind her. 

Not moving an inch on the floor, she slowly saw his emerald eyes. 

T. B. C 


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