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Obscure Episode Four



Obscure Episode Four


 "Are you sure your father's going to like this Rosanne?"

"of course he will!" Rosanne smiled.

"You know he prefers you inside the house, you always go by his words!"

"Oh be quiet Garam, I'm just making a present for my old man!" Rosanne Spat.

"I can clearly see that, but he'll certainly get mad when...


"Garam..." Rosanne interrupted. "Everyone, including my father keep saying we'll both be getting married soon, and Is this how you'll rant negatively when we get married?" Rosanne asked.

"No, I apologize... My lady!" Garam's bright eyes shifted from Rosanne to the flower crown in her hand.

"And done!" Rosanne smiled standing up and.  "Father's certainly going to love this one!" 

"I Guarantee" Garam added. 

"Do you want me to make more for you dear Garam?" Rosanne flashed a smile at the boy in front of her. 

Melting from her smile, Garam shook his head. "I have enough thanks to you Rosanne," 



"It's my father calling!" Rosanne gasped. 

"He's back already?" Garam questioned. 

"Quick, be a gentleman and hide this present, I'll give it to him later" Rosanne rushed her words, placing the flower crown in Garam's hand. 

  Holding up her dress, Rosanne's bare feet hopped on the wet grass and her long brown hair moved sideways as she ran towards a small cottage, which was her home.

Rosanne slowly, opened the front door of the cottage and walked inside.

"Father." She called, immediately she saw her old man.

"Roseanne... Where have you been?"

"Oh, I was at the garden, with Garam!" Rosanne replied.

"I told you to stay inside and practice your embroidery lessons" The old man sighed.

"Embroidery is tedious!" Rosanne shook her head.

"Tedious? You silly girl, you're eighteen, you're a woman, no maiden dare calls embroidery tedious!".

"I just find it that way!" Rosanne smiled.

 "Rosanne..." Her father called.

"Yes, father..." she replied, her eyes slowly noticing the sack of potatoes on the floor.

"Would you like to work in a castle?" Zackary, Roseanne's father asked.

Rosanne's ocean eyes sparkled immediately her father mentioned the castle and she let's out a gasp.

"The castle! Yes! I certainly would love to work at the castle, it's intriguing, rather than locking my old rump in here all day."

"Look Rosanne, I know how playful you can get, the castle is not a place you make flower crowns and chit-chat. A lot happens and you don't want to get caught playing whilst you're supposed to work" Zackary stated.

"Father, I know when to work and when to play, I am not a child.!" Rosanne declared dauntlessly, walking up to the stack of food behind her father.

"What is this?" Rosanne asked, as her eyes danced around the juicy tomatoes in front of her. "Where did you get so much food, father?" 

"I... Uhm... Ran some errands inside the castle today, and Uhm... The king gave me these!" The old man expressed, his fingers raking his white hair.

"Really? That is incredible! What sort of errand father.? For the king to offer you so much food. Just yesterday we were starving!" Roseanne said, pulling out a corn from its sack. 

"The food, is not for my errand but for you Rosanne!" Zackary said. 

"For me?" Rosanne gasped. "what did I do? And how does the king know of my existence.?" 

"Now listen carefully Roseanne, this is a secret between you and me. The king has a son!" Zackary started. 

"A son? But I thought he died, everyone said he died" Rosanne whispered. 

"He did, but surprisingly he was a twin, and his twin survived, the king stated that he's keeping his son hidden in the other castle outside Orrander, from bad people and surprisingly, you've been picked as one of his loyal servant to serve him at the other castle." Zackary explained. 

"What? Me? I'll be working for the King's son?" Rosanne's lips curved into a smile. 

"Yes you will, and you'll be getting paid In coins too" Zackary added. 

"This is amazing father, we'll become rich! The gods of Orrander are finally looking out for us!" Rosanne smiled. 

"And... You'll be leaving tomorrow!" Zackary stated. 

"So soon.?" Rosanne pouted. 

"The earlier the better and the richer we become, these foods are like a payment in advance and of course you'll meet other servants in the castle, and you'll get to sleep properly and eat properly!" Zackary explained. 

"Can I tell Garam about this father?" Rosanne asked. 

"Just Garam!" Zackary stated and immediately the front door opened. 

    Garam walked into the small cottage, his height towering Zackary and Rosanne. 

"Good day father..." Zackary smiled. 

"And how are you doing Garam?" Zackary asked. 

"I am indeed fine." Garam replied. 

"And how are your wonderful parents?" Zackary asked. 

"They are unquestionably fine as well" Garam replied. 

Zackary looked back at his daughter and then at Garam. 

"I'll be heading out for a while, I'll be at Mrs Huggins bakery if you need me" Zackary stated stepping out of the cottage. 

  Rosanne quickly rushed up to Garam, she took his hand in hers and let's out a smile. 

"I just recieved the most outstanding news ever!" Rosanne squealed. 

Garam smiled. "And by outstanding you mean?" 

"Look at all these foods, my father brought all these from the castle." Rosanne grimaced, prancing towards the stack of food. 

"Really? Tell me more..." Garam smiled walking up to her. 

 After giving Garam an earful of the 'good news' her father had passed to her, Garam lost his smile, his back slouched from his sitting position.

"Garam... You don't look happy, like I expected you to be." Rosanne said standing up. 

"And when will you be back?" Garam asked. 

"Oh, that doesn't really matter now, what matters is that I get to work at a castle." Rosanne grinned. "Do you know how mighty this job is, it's way better than embroidery!" 

"When will you be back, and when shall we get married?" Garam asked taking Rosanne's hand. 

"I don't know when, but there's no rush in this Garam!" Rosanne smiled, tucking a strand of Garam's hair behind his ear, before slowly placing her hand on his cheek.

"We've been betrothed since we were children, working for a castle isn't going to change that!" Rosanne smiled. 

"Well I hope not!" Garam smiled, his light brown eyes staring into Rosanne's ocean eyes. 

 Garam suddenly lets out a sigh. "But you're leaving tomorrow morning!" 

"Yes, the earlier the better!" Rosanne nodded. 

"So I Just have today to spend with you!" 

"Garam! We spend time together everyday, me being away for a few moons will not cost a thing!" Rosanne shrugged.

 Garam quickly got on his feet, being the aloof young man everyone described him as, he took him a lot of gut before leaning down towards Rosanne to give her a kiss. 

  It was the first time they would be sharing a kiss. 

  Rosanne quickly shut her eyes, understanding Garam's message, she was ready and not ready at the same time. 

Garam lips brushed against Rosanne's lips, as he gave her lips a light peck. 

  Rosanne's eyes fluttered opened.

'That was it?' she thought. 

T. B. C 


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