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Obscure Episode Five



Obscure Episode Five


"You seem more than happy this lovely evening" Zackary smiled at his daughter as he watched her prepare a hefty meal for supper.

"Working in the castle, made her this way!" Garam added, reaching for the carrots Rosanne chopped.

"I won't hesitate to cut off your fingers, if you keep eating these carrots!" Rosanne warned pointing the knife at Garam.

"You can't possibly do that!" Garam smiled.

"Watch me!" Roseanne added.

"Roseanne, I'll be at the garden, call me when supper is ready!" Zackary stated before walking out of the cottage.

"Is it just me or does father doesn't seem happy with you going to work for the castle!" Garam stated.

"Father can get a little emotional sometimes, it's not like I am going away to die!" Roseanne laughed. "But he'll get through it, you'll be here!".

"Yeah, I guess!" Garam shrugged.

"I'll make sure to write father a letter every single day, so he won't feel like I'm away!" Roseanne announced dramatically, placing her hands on her hips.

"Are you forgetting something?" Garam eyed her.

"What?" Roseanne asked raising her eyebrows.

Garam tilted his head at her and she lets out a gasp.

"Sadly, I can't read or write!" Rosanne laughed to herself. "You always help me with the letters I write and receive, how forgetful of me!" 

"I can always teach you how to read and write, but that's against the law!" Garam added.

"Yes, father would turn the tables if he heard that... All maidens aren't allowed to learn how to read or write, they are to learn how to be companion towards their husbands, Now this is one of the rules I despise here in Orrander, because I enjoy it when you write!" Rosanne expounded angrily.

"When we get married and live together, I'll teach you how to do so, it will be our little secret!" Garam smiled.

"You are just the sweetest Garam!" Rosanne grimaced.

  After preparing supper, Rosanne called her father, like he had suggested. And the three of them had supper, and chatted around the small table.


 The day had turn dark making Rosanne lit up the lanterns, inside and outside of the house.

 Garam thanked Rosanne's father for supper and decided to go home since it was already dark.

"Rosanne, escort Garam out the door!" Zackary announced as he walked towards his room to go to bed.

"Sure thing father!" Rosanne smiled, getting up on her feet and walking towards Garam.

   Rosanne and Garam stepped out of the cottage, the cold and dark night welcoming their skin.

 Little lanterns laid at the doors of each cottage on the street, brightening up the road path.

"So by dawn you'll be leaving for the castle!" Garam sighed.

"Don't feel sad Garam!" Rosanne titled her head with a smile. 

"I'll definitely look for a way to send letters!" Rosanne smiled. 

"Okay then!" Garam smiled with a sigh. 

"Kiss me!" Rosanne ordered. 

"What?" Garam was taken aback from Rosanne's sudden words. 

"What are you waiting for?" Rosanne asked pulling Garam close. 

"Oh... Sorry!" Garam apologized, getting flushed. 

 He slowly got his lips on Rosanne's forehead and was about to kiss her, when she burst out laughing. 

"Not on the head silly, on the lips." Rosanne giggled. 

"Sorry, I was a bit shaken!" Garam chuckled. "I'm trying to be a gentleman here". 

"You are a gentleman!" Rosanne smiled. 

 Garam felt his face heat up, as he slowly leaned down towards Rosanne to give her a kiss. 

   Both of their lips locked and an exciting feeling circulated their bodies as they kissed. 

  Rosanne smiled as they disengage their lips. 

"Goodnight Garam!" she beamed.

"Goodnight... Rose, I hope to see you soon!" Garam stated, pulling Rosanne for a brief hug. 

  After saying their night greetings, Rosanna walked back into the cottage, letting Garam walk home under the night sky. 

  The rays of the morning sunlight shimmered on Rosanne's face, and the smell of wet grass engulfed Rosanna's nose, causing her to jerk awake. 

"It's morning!" she yelled to herself. 

"It's morning... It's morning... Okay Rosanne stay calm." Rosanne said to herself stepping out of her bed made, of hay and an expensive looking fabric. 

The door to her small room opened and her father shoved his head inside. 

"Rosanne!" He called. 

"Good morning father!" Rosanne smiled. 

"Good morning Rose, get dressed! The queen of Orrander is here!" Zackary smiled. 

"The queen! Goodness! This excitement, I can't control it, I'll be meeting the queen, this is too much to take in" Rosanne ranted, holding her head. 

"Anyways, just get ready my little pumpkin!" Zackary smiled, before leaving the room. 


   Getting dressed in one of her finest dresses, Rosanne made sure, she brushed her hair from her head to her waist before walking out of the cottage. 


 Stepping out of the cottage, Rosanne let's out a gasp when she saw the castle's royal guard, all standing vertically in front of the house, a royal carriage with the Castle of Orrander symbol laid body on the carriage. 


"She's here," One of the royal guard announced, opening the door to the carriage. 

  Rosanne turned to her right, to see men and women with thir children standing in front of their cottage, staring at the amount of guards and the beautiful carriage in front of her cottage. 

 The queen was here for her, and it felt like a dream. 

  The queen stepped out of the carriage, and Rosanne gasped. It was the first time she will be meeting with anyone of the Royal blood, needless to say, the queen!. 

  The queen's dress looked expensive and it glistened under the sun due to the little diamonds it had, her slender body made the dress prettier, her golden blonde hair tied in a beautiful, and a little tiara laid at the front of her hair. 

  The queen drew so much attention, and the villagers watching, wondered what a queen of high class looked for in a place this. 

  Rosanne almost burst out of happiness when the queen stepped in front of her. 

 The queen was as beautiful as she had been described, she had a slender face, big bright green eyes and a protuberant nose. 

 The queen's lips curved into a smile as she stood in front of Rosanna. 

'Such a beaut!' she thought. 

"Your highness" Rosanne suddenly dropped into a curtsy, holding her dress on both sides. 

"Rise my dear!" The queen gave a forced smile. 

Sending a beautiful maiden like this to the other castle. What was she thinking? 

"It's such an honour to meet you your highness!" Rosanne smiled. 

"My pleasure" The queen smiled. 

Zackary stepped out of the cottage and gave the queen a neck bow. 

"She's ready, your highness!" Zackary said. 

"Very good!" The queen muttered. 

"I'm not ready yet, I need to get my things," Rosanne stuttered.

"Things.? No dear, the castle you're headed, has everything, clothes, foot wears, food, you name it and your wish is our command!" The queen smiled.

"Really?" Rosanne beamed.

"Yes!" The queen smiled.

'Is this my lucky day or what?'. Rosanne couldn't contain her happiness.

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