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Obscure Episode Eleven



Obscure Episode Eleven


Rosanne suddenly froze, when she saw his highness eyes on her. 

  He was standing by his window which was opposite the garden and was at the top of the castle. His deadly eyes looking down at Rosanne.

'Why is he looking at me like that?' Rosanne thought, slowly taking the flower crown off her head.

  She looked away, but looked up at him again. His eyes still boring into hers.

'Should I wave?'


'Yell hello?'

'Smile at him?'

  Rosanne shook her head at her thoughts, Cornelius clearly warned her about him, being unfriendly, and she wants to get on his good side so bad. But he doesn't look at Easy as the word sounded.

 Rosanne didn't know when her right hand went up in the air, her lips curving into her smile, making a part and showing her teeth.

  She smiled and waved at the crown prince.

 The crown prince froze on his spot and slowly, his eyebrows gathered above his eyes in furry.

"Sweet mother of Orrander, I made him mad." Rosanne said looking away.

She slowly raised her head back to the window to see it empty, the crown prince had left in anger.

"His highness is sure the most unfriendly person I have ever met" Rosanne clicked her tongue, shaking her head.


 The sun had start to set, which made Rosanne give up on her flower crown making and walking back into the castle.

 And just like the previous day, Rosanne hit up the furnace, her body hot and sweaty for making the coal caught on fire. She chopped and diced a lot of ingredients, and after hundreds of minutes, super was ready.


  Rosanne walked quietly as she got to the crown prince's territory.

 She slowly opened the door and as instructed, she placed the food on the floor.

She stood up and was about to close the door when a firm hand stopped the door from closing any further.

  Rosanne's eyes widen knowing it was the crown prince's hand and she wasted no time in dashing down the stairs.

Avoid his highness... Rosanne said to herself, as she sprinted down the stairs.

  Rosanne stepped Into the kitchen breathing heavily. 

"How is it possible to serve someone you need to avoid" Rosanne shook her head. 


  Rosanne rushed her supper and left to prepare a bath for the crown prince, she breathed heavily, when she ringed the bell in front of the crown prince's room. 

"This is heart aching, just because he's a little agressive doesn't mean I have to avoid him all time, I can't keep running off like some thief" Rosanne complained as she fell on the soft bed in her room. 

"I'm exhausted!" Rosanne breathed out, standing up and stepping close to the the window in her room. 

 Rosanne gazed at the waning gibbous moon in the sky. 

"Guess it'll be a full moon tomorrow!" Rosanne sighed as she went back to the bed laying on it and falling asleep immediately. 

 The sound of something crashing woke Rosanne up and she placed her hand on her chest trying to control her breath.

  The Angry yelling by the crown prince could be heard around the castle, making Rosanne shut her eyes.

'What is wrong with his highness!' she thought.

"it is the middle of the night, the same thing happened last night, does the crown prince need a physician, is this the reason he's staying at Castle Sylph instead of Orrander? Is he mentally ill?" Rosanne asked no one In particular, shaking her head and going back to bed.

"This is definitely the reason why he is away from Orrander, I bet the king and queen couldn't stand this illness" Rosanne muttered to herself. Slowly falling asleep...


 As Rosanne prepared breakfast the next morning, she could fadedly hear the neighing of horses and their hooves on the floor.

 Castle Sylph was too quiet, you could hear even the farthest things.

  Rosanne served the crown prince his  breakfast and also prepared his bath.

 And just as she was about to step into her own room.

  She held the loud neighing of the horses...

"It's right outside," She said to herself, walking up to the castle door and walking out.

   Rosanne gazed at the familiar carriage in front of her eyes, with the Orrander symbol at he centre of the carriage.

  The horses stopped moving and an unfamiliar man stepped out of the carriage and walked up to Rosanne, he bowed down lightly.


"Are you peharps, Rosanne Hathaway?"  the man asked.

"Yes I am" Rosanne dropped a cutsey.

"We recieved an order from the Queen to take you back to Orrander for just today, you will be back tomorrow!" The man announced, opening a scroll at Rosanne with the Orrander symbol drawn on it, to prove that he was from Castle Orrander. 

"L...Leave castle Sylph? Why?" Rosanne asked..

"Reason only for the queen herself, you just have to come with us!" The man bowed.

"For it is the queen's order and I shall leave with you!" Rosanne bowed too.

 Rosanne looked back at the castle as she stepped into the carriage. 

 She wondered why the Queen had ordered her to leave. 

What was going on? 

"I will be back tomorrow?" Rosanne asked. 

"Yes you will, but just for today, you shall flee Castle Sylph". 

   The coachman got the carriage ready and Rosanne couldn't help but glance back at the castle. 

 If something bad is going to happen, shouldn't the crown prince flee too? 


    The ride back to Orrander was

Everlasting, just as Rosanne expected. 

 And Rosanne breathed out a sigh of relief when they made it into Orrander by mid afternoon. 

 Rosanne smiled at the familiar cottages and the familiar noise. 

  She beamed even more when she spot her father's cottage ahead. 

   The carriage stopped right in front of Zackary's cottage causing Rosanne to burst out of the door. 


"Father!" She called, as she walked into the house. 

  Her father smiled seeing his daughter. 

"You're here!" He smiled. 

"You knew I was coming home?" Rosanne asked..

"Yes some of the King's men came here earlier to tell me that! They said the queen was giving you a day off!" Zackary smiled. 

"Really? The news came unnoticed and sudden to me, I'll be going back there tomorrow, but I'm sure happy I can see you just for today!" Rosanne smiled.. 

"And so am I!" Zackary smiled.. 

"How is Garam?" Rosanne asked. 

"He just left, act like you didn't know, but he went to pick up some flowers for you, since you heard you were coming home!" 

"Goodness! How sweet of him" Rosanne beamed. 


Cornelius walked into the queen's chamber and gave a low bow. 

"The lass is back in Orrander!" he announced. 

"Splendid!" she smiled. "Now we just have to let Hasting unleash those beasts before taking her back there!" 

"Yes of course your highness!" Cornelius smiled. 

"And any good news from the scholar?" The queen asked. 

"I'm afraid the search on the beast of Orrander's cure has no progress so far!" Cornelius gave a bow. 

"It's alright, Hasting will be alright... Some day.. 

T. B. C 

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