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Reverence Semi-Final


Reverence Semi-Final


 Both girls clasps each other's hand and that enthuse and electrical feeling started again, and the longer they held hands, the more it felt like something ignited in their hand. 

And visibly it was like little firey sparks surrounded the girls clasp hands.

"It's happening!" Jane smiled.

"The gift from the star!" clementine added.

 As ludociel kept casting his spells with his eyes closed, julliette and Ava slowly shut their eyes. 

 And suddenly a great beam of light circled their clasp hands and it suddenly got windy. 

"We should take cover, this is not looking nice.!" Jane stated. 

"You should take cover, for the sake of the vessel! I'll take over the box now!"  clementine said, taking the box from Jane.

 Jane left to take cover, while clementine stood in front of the girls with the box in her hand.

 Suddenly the grey strands of hair on the girls hair starts to glow and the bright light around their hand shone brighter.

  The spelled students under ludoviel got close to Ava and julliette, but the wind got stronger forcing their feets to halt.

  The lights emitting from Ava and Julliette's hand became extremely bright that even clementine had to close her eyes as she walk close to them placing the box under their hands. 

And just like an explosion. The lights emitting from the girls hand beamed brightly it let out a gigantic blow. Causing a whole lot of wind and destroying the box under the hands, exposing ludociel's heart. 

 The girls didn't let go of each other's hands. And as the first light exploded. Another bright light circulated their hands causing another explosion that destroyed ludociel's heart.. 

Still casting his spell, ludociel paused and opened his eyes. He suddenly looked down at his hands, as his skin starts to turn into pel, and then into dust before finally vanishing. 

"No!" he cried. 

"What have you done!" He yelled at clementine. 

"I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago!" clementine said as she watched her skin react the same way ludoeciel's skin reacted. 

"And now, we can both rest in peace!" clementine said before her body and ludociel's body vanished into thin air.

  The marching students all suddenly collapse to the floor. And Isabella repudiated out of Jane's body, causing Jane to lose consciousness.


 Ava and julliette let's go of each other's hand, and Ava blinked rapidly taking a look at her surrounding.

 Ludociel and clementine were of no more and every student were lying on the floor.

"That power! Such energy! I didn't know we had that!" Julliette said looking down at her hand.

 "Me neither, Clementine kept saying how we've been gifted by Astman, I don't know what that is!" Ava said.

"But the amazing part is we've dealt with ludociel and that's what matters!" Julliette said walking up with Anna's body on the floor.

  Jane's eyes fluttered open and so did every student who were under ludociel spell a minute ago.

"Everyone's waking up!" Ava announced as she and julliette helped Anna up.

  "Guys!" Jane said walking up to Ava and julliette. "what happened.? How are we out here? Weren't we down there a minute ago!" Jane asked pointing at her feet.

"We were, long story short, you were possessed by Isabella and Ludociel's dead!" Julliette explained.

 All the students opened their eyes and glanced at each other in confusion, none of them knew why they were on the floor, or what they were doing outside by 4am In the morning!

"Okay, I'll really need a better explanation!" Jane said to julliette.

"Everyone's waking up, everyone under ludociel's spell. But Ava isn't waking up!" Ava said worriedly.

"Let's take her inside, her body is freezing!" Julliette stated.

"But what are we going to say to these students, they all need a explanation like I do!" Jane threw her hands up in the air dramatically.

"I'm sure they will be fine without an explanation!" Julliette said beckoning Ava to ignore Jane and take Anna inside.


   Ava and julliette laid Anna on the bed gently and placed the blanket over her body.

"I hope she's okay!" Ava sighed placing her hand on her sister's forehead.

"I hope so too!" Julliette stated.

"We should all go to bed, and pray she wakes up! And just hope all gets even better!" Jane shrugged behind the girls.

"we should try to look at the bright side!" Ava breathed out. "I'm sure Anna will wake up!, ludociel's gone now, we should have nothing on our minds".

"Ava's right!" Julliette nodded. 


 Everyone went back to bed, including the confused students who where under ludociel's spell, all wondering if they were dreaming at the same time. 

 Dressed in her sleeping garments, julliette got on the bed beside Anna and closed her eyes to say a short prayer, all concluding Anna waking up soon.! 

  The next morning, julliette gave a little groan before opening her eyes and stretching a little. 

  She sat up and paused. 

Anna wasn't on the bed. 

"Anna!" Juliette muttered to herself. "I hope it's exactly what I'm thinking!". Julliette added walking down from the bed.

 And immediately the doors flew open with Anna walking in. A towel wrapped against her body and her hair damped. 

"Anna!" Julliette's scream was louder than the school's bell, as she rushed up to Anna, throwing her body and giving Anna a hug. 

 Unstable from the hug both girls fell to the floor.

"Are you trying to break me this early morning!" Anna scoffed. Clutching her towel to her chest. 

"You're awake!" Julliette said standing up and helping Anna stand up. 

"Yes I am!" Anna replied. 

"Like you're really awake!" Julliette said, her voice cracking up. 

"Yeah? Is that a bad thing?" Anna laughed. 

"You've been asleep since forever, I'm going to cry now."  Julliette added dramatically fanning her eyes. 

 "I was  just in the bathroom with Victoria and... 

"Look." Julliette interrupted. "I know you don't recall anything but ludociel did something to you and you've asleep for almost two days now and.. 

"Julliette..." Anna interrupted this time. 

  "I do remember, I went to bathroom that morning and Victoria walked up to me, of course it was ludociel and she started telling me how I'll meet my doom soon, and out of nowhere kissed me. And that's the last thing I remembered but then I saw myself back at my own home and I could talk to no one or touch no one, I was clearly invisible, it was like I was stuck in a nightmare and I got to see how ludociel looked like! And he couldn't threatening how miserable my life was going to be, and how I'm stuck in his territory. I was so relieved seeing my self awake and out of that nightmare."

 "Ludociel's gone.!" Juliette stated.

"Really? How?" Anna's eyes widen. 

"It's a long story! I'm just glad you're awake!" Julliette said giving Anna one last hug.


   The school went on with the day, like nothing had happened, and the students all concluded last night to be a dream even though it wasn't. And Ava and julliette liked how they didn't feel the bad energy coming from any of the alters.


"And that's how Ava and I destroyed ludociel's heart!" Julliette explained, with  a chocolate bar in her hand she couldn't wait to devour.

It was lunch break and the four girls gathered together at the garden after having lunch.

 "Wow, and I thought you guys just saw things! But you both possess more than that, who could have stopped ludociel if it weren't for you two!" Anna shook her head.

"And it was weird how clementine kept saying Julliette and I were blessed by Astman, we didn't even know what that was!" Ava scoffed.

"Exactly!" Julliette added.

"Astman" Jane called.

"Yeah" Ava nodded.

"My grandma tells me about Astman all the time, she explains it like it's something fictious, but meeting you two, I believe it's not, and thinking about it now! I believe my grandma was gifted by Astman too, how does she explain telling me things that are yet to happen" Jane shook her head.. 

"Then what is Astman?" Julliette asked.

"Burrowed from the word Astral and human to make up Astman is like a gift from the stars granted upon human, it's very rare and comes once in every ten years, it comes in form of a shooting star and those whose eyes befall on it, shall be granted a gift!" Jane expound.

"Wait! That friday night!" Julliette scoffed. "I did see a shooting star out my window before going to bed."

Anna turned to Ava. "You did too right! You told me you saw a shooting star!"

"Yes I did" Ava replied.

"Well I guess that explains it all, my grandma said it's kind of a legendary stuff and was given to humans due to the evil things happening daily. I don't know!" Jane shrugged.

"But let's just look on the bright side, Ludociel's gone, the school is family normal, no one is under a spell, I saw Victoria this morning we can finally graduate happily." Anna smiled.

"Yeah! I mean how cool is that, the garden got open for students again, how we can live a normal life here!" Jane breathed out.

"Yeah, and confess to the people we like too!" Ava added throwing a glance at julliette.

"Do you like anyone?" Anna asked her sister.

"What? Me? No! Ask Julliette!" Ava shrugged.

"What is wrong with you?" Julliette snapped.

"You like someone julliette?" Anna asked.

"No I do--

 Julliette stopped talking and turned to Ava.

"Do you feel that?" Julliette ask.

"That dark energy?" Ava added.


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