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Reverence Final


Reverence Final


"Do you like anyone?" Anna asked her sister.

"What? Me? No! Ask Julliette!" Ava shrugged.

"What is wrong with you?" Julliette snapped.

"You like someone julliette?" Anna asked.

"No I do--

 Julliette stopped talking and turned to Ava.

"Do you feel that?" Julliette ask.

"That dark energy?" Ava added.

"You're both scaring us, what dark energy?" Jane asked looking around.

 Julliette and Ava turned feeling someone behind them and they both gasped, when the person came into view.

"What's wrong?" Anna asked watching as her sister and Best friend's eyes were fixated on a particular spot.

"Isabella!" Julliette called, seeing the dark spirit give a weak smile.

"Isa who?" Anna asked looking around to see who julliette was talking about.

"why are you back here.?" Ava asked. 

"I'm being punished for the sins I committed here on earth, and I'm just here to say thank you for breaking everyone out of Ludociel's spell, finally I can watch my school flourish in the best way ever from down there, thank you all!" Isabella said before turning translucent and disappearing into thin air...

"I kind of feel bad for her." Ava sighed.

"Yeah me too! But the most important thing is that ludociel is gone and the alter has been taken down and we can finally chill in this garden." Julliette breathed out. 

"What and who were you guys talking to?" Anna asked. 

"Isabella... Didn't you see her?" Ava asked. 

"You mean saw you two talking to nothing but air." Jane added. 

"That's weird, you two could Isabella before, why can't you now!" Ava scoffed. 

"Isabella? Jenkintown?" Anna wanted to be sure. 

"Yes! She was just here!" Julliette added. 

"I think the reason the both of you weren't able to see her was because, the fear and belief of spirits had subdue and its just left for us with the Astman eyes to see things beyond this world!" Ava explained. 

Jane shook her hair. "Well good thing, I'm not gifted by Astman, I can't stand seeing ghosts anymore, I've been through a lot. And I'm not sure I'd be able to stand it, if my hair starts to turn grey at seventeen!". 

"Yeah exactly!" Anna laughed. 

"But you told me having grey hair wasn't that bad!" Julliette snapped at Anna. 

"Well I did, but I that doesn't mean I want some on my hair" Anna added with another laugh... 

Jane suddenly cleared her throat and everyone turned to her. "Anyways! Anna and Ava, I prepared something for the both of you, you girls didn't get the best birthday yesterday, while I Anna and I were busy being unconscious,  julliette and Ava busy with the beams from their hand. I would say it's not the best birthday, anyways I prepared it myself and it's not much but I hope you like it" Jane smiled giving each girls a tiny box.

Ava seemed eager to open her box, while Anna felt reluctant, not actually believing someone gave her an actual gift, and she thanked Jane multiple times before opening the box.

 Ava smiled when she saw a crafty looking bracelet.

"Did you make this yourself?" Ava asked.

"Sure did! Stayed up all night!" Jane said moving her hair back.

"Wow you're amazing!" Anna stated bringing the same exact bracelet Ava had brought out.

"Well, wow, you got us matching bracelets!" Ava said bluntly.

"You see" Anna turned to Jane. "My sister doesn't like it when we wear two identical things!"

"What... Why?" Jane asked.

"It's not like, I don't like the bracelet, it's great but you know we're already identical enough and wearing anything matching is just going a little extra!" Ava shrugged.

"But it's just a bracelet!" Julliette scoffed.

"You don't know Ava, julliette. Don't worry, I'll keep mine, just keep wearing yours!" Anna said placing her bracelet back in its box.

"Now you're making me the bad guy, just keep yours!" Ava rolled her eyes.

"How classic, you know I don't wear stuff like this!" Anna scoffed. "You do, you just pretend you don't!" Ava scoffed. 

"Now you're trying to make me the bad guy" Anna rolled her eyes. 

 "You know maybe I made a mistake giving you guys bracelets as presents!" Jane laughed nervously.

"You didn't!" Ava and Anna said in unison, rolling their eyes at each other.

"The most absurd thing is, Jane you actually thought of a present and I didn't." Julliette grinned.

"That's not the point here." Jane shook her head.

"Or you know what? Ava you can give your bracelet to julliette and we'll both just match and you won't have to wear one with me!" Anna suggested.

"Sounds fabulous to me, and Jane still, thank you for the bracelet" Ava smiled taking off the bracelet and giving it to Juliette.

"Sweet, this should be our friendship bracelet Anna." Julliette smiled. 

"ugh. That is so childish" Ava laughed getting a glare from Anna.

"You're just jealous!" Julliette scoffed.

"Please!" Ava rolled her eyes. "I have better things to be jealous about!" Ava elegantly moved her hair back, intentionally making her hair give julliette some hairy smackings on her face. 

"Seriously?" Julliette raised a brow. 

"Oops!" Ava grinned "That was a mistake, I promise I didn't know!" She added laughing.

"Really you want to roll this way... Okay, I know your secret Ava." Julliette grinned. 

"Don't try to scare me or threaten me, I have no secret" Ava smiled. 

"Oh really?" Julliette laughed and moved closer to Ava, whispering something in her ear. 

"How In the world did you know that..?" Ava laughed. 

"I saw it, thanks to Astman, had no clue why I saw that though!" Juliette laughed. 

"Okay, so that is not a secret, but I wouldn't want anyone to find out even if they did, it doesn't matter, but no one should" Ava laughed. 

"Well It's still a secret!" Julliette vat her lashes. 

   Anna watched her sister and her best friend laugh their lungs out, what were they talking about? She didn't know, and she wanted to know.

   The bell could be heard around the school with groans of students who didn't want to attend afternoon classes. 

"This is official, I hate school and can't wait to graduate!" Julliette stated as she and Anna walked to class. 

"What were you and Ava talking about earlier.?" Anna asked. 

"Well nothing actually!" Julliette shrugged. 

"Okay." Anna was mad. 

  Both girls got to class and the day seemed slower than ever. The fact that there were no alter in any part of the school made julliette and the other girls relieved. The principal had announce that since the school had it own church which every students attend every alter should be taken down. 

   After class Julliette and Anna went back to their room to get changed and ready for dinner. And julliette gently lay on Anna's bed. 

 Unbuttoning her shirt, Anna sighed and Turned to julliette. 

"And julliette, you can have your bed back, I mean there is no alter and that means that side of the room isn't infected anymore, so you can have your bed again." Anna blurted. 

"Well I still don't mind, sharing a bed with you!" Julliette said sitting up. 

"I do!" Anna spat.

Julliette suddenly got on her feet. 

"Are you mad at me or something?" Julliette asked. 

"that's absurd, why would I be? I'm just saying, the only we shared the same was because of Ludociel and his dark energy and stuff, so he's gone and you can have your bed back, it's as simple as that!" Anna fold her arms. 

"No! I can clearly read your face Anna, you're mad at me, what did I do.?"  Julliette's voice was loud 

"why would I be mad when you clearly did nothing!" Anna shook her head folding her arms. 

"What in the world!" Julliette sighed sitting down. "I know I did something to you and you're not telling me, and clearly I don't know what I did, and I won't be able to correct it or apologize if you don't tell me!" Julliette stated.

"I don't know, maybe, why don't you try and reflect on your actions!" Anna shrugged. 

"Seriously?" Julliette raised a brow. 

"Yeah!" Anna added. 

"You're unbelievable!" Julliette scoffed. 

"Okay fine, what were you and Ava laughing about out in the garden and what secret were you guys talking about?" Anna asked. 

"What? You're stressed about that?" Julliette laughed. 

"Yes, I am stressed about that!" Anna rolled my eyes. 

"It's really nothing and besides Ava doesn't want me telling! So I can't tell you" Juilette expound. 

"Oh, so you're now keeping things from your best friend and the person you like." Anna snarled. 

Julliette paused. 

"The person I like?" Julliette repeated. 

"Yeah, I know you have feelings for me, you literally gave my sister an earful!" Anna expound cashing Julliette to freeze. 

"Did Ava tell you this.?" Julliette asked. 

 Anna sighed. "She didn't!" 

"Then how.. Did you know?" Julliette asked hesitantly. 

Anna sighed. "When I was under Ludociel's sleeping spell. I once mentioned how I was back at home and how I could see everything and everyone, but couldn't been seen or touched or heard, it was also like I was able to pass through time. Cause at some point I saw myself in school, I couldn't be heard no matter how many times I called you guys and then it hit me that I had been taken back to the past when I actually saw myself talking to you, and walking around I stumbled upon you and Ava's conversation in the hall, I didn't know how, but I know I wasn't at one place when I was trapped in ludociel's sleep state. But the main point is that, I heard your conversation with my sister." 

"Oh..." Julliette was speechless... 

"So did you think about it.?" Julliette asked. 

"About what?" Anna asked. 

"About me... You know. My feelings, you don't think it's weird do you?" Anna asked. 

"I don't... I don't know." Anna shrugged. 

"Look, let's just forget about everything, feeling a little shy now." Julliette stated and that was the last thing she said to Anna before they both head to eat dinner with the others. 

 "You know... Anna. You haven't really read the birthday cards mom and the others sent from home." Ava stated, as she walked side by side with her sister, Juilette and Jane. 

"The ones you cried reading?" Jane asked, getting a brief glare from Ava. 

"I didn't know we got birthday cards, now I'm eager to read it." Anna grinned. 


  Anna fell back laughing reading the birthday card from Archie and so did Jane and julliette. 

"Your brother is something else." Jane laughed. 

"The first one was the funniest" Julliette added falling back on her bed. 

"I can't help it!" Anna laughed. 

"I didn't get to read the last one from Tommy, Leslie didn't get to write us one." Ava said, slipping Tommy's card out from its envelope. 


 The four girls peered into the card in Anna's hand as Anna read it out loud. 

  “Dear Anna and Ava, happy birthday! Mom told me to write to you both, and wish you the very best and I do. Well I am happy about the fact that I can bounce and thrash both of your rooms without being yelled at. Anyways happy birthday!"

"Seriously, if I lived at your home I would never get tired of laughing" Jane said standing up. 

"Me too!" Julliette added.

"It will be time for bed soon, Ava we better head back to our room!" Jane said walking towards the door.

"Yeah" Ava agreed. "We've been in here for almost two hours."


 Jane and Ava left the room, leaving Anna and julliette to rearrange the birthday cards back in its envelop, and after that, they both got on each of their beds and remained quiet.

Julliette got under a covers and so did Anna, they were both quiet until Anna said actual words. 

"You know julliette," she called. 

"Yeah?" Julliette replied. 

"I'm sorry for acting so juvenile hours ago." Anna apologized. 

"It's okay!" Julliette breathed out. 

"And I don't think it's weird that you have feelings for me." Anna said, her voice low. "I did kind of suspected it, before finding out!" 

"Oh!" was the only thing Julliette said. 

"So it's okay, if I do weird things to?" Julliette asked.

"What weird things.?" Anna yelled, almost panicking.

Julliette laughed. "it's nothing! I was just joking!".

"Your jokes" Anna sighed, rolling her eyes.

"You Anna!" Juliette stated sitting up.


"We never had the time to read the last chapter of reverence!" Juliette added.Hi Peacemaker to add you to d stories +2348037873157

"It doesn't matter now, ludociel is gone, the school is fine." Anna smiled.

"But still, aren't you a little curious about what happened with the last writer?" Julliette asked.

"Well speaking about it now, I am!" Anna shrugged.

"want to read it on my bed?" Juliette asked.

"Yep!" Anna grinned, grabbing her pillow and the book to Julliette's bed.

With the girls giggling excitedly.





Thank God it has ended.


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