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Reverence Episode 9


Reverence Episode 9


"The feeling I get from standing or walking past this alter, was the same feeling I got from the lady and the boy" Juilette stated.

"To be honest, I'm getting scared right now" Anna gave a nervous laugh.

"There's nothing to be scared about, you should be happy you're not the one seeing them, they're pretty ugly to begin with" Juilette stated, and suddenly the lights in the girls room suddenly flickered.

"What the hell was that?" Anna suddenly yelled feeling the hair on her skin rise. 

"Haven't you seen a light flickering before, it's a common electrical problem" Juilette said.

"Yeah right, let me believe that, cause immediately you called those people ugly, the light shook, want to call that a coincidence?" Anna asked.

"Do not get ahead of yourself Anna, it was nothing, your fear is eating the whole room" Juilette stated.

"Every normal human being will get scared after hearing you talk about seeing ghosts and suddenly witnessing a flickering light, and sorry I'm human enough." Anna scoffed.

"And you're saying I'm not?" Juilette huffed.

"You're not" Anna stated bodly.

"What the hell? Where is that coming from? I seem more human than you." Juilette replied angrily standing up.

"Well I'm not the one with grey hair, and the one with a different eye colour who sees a woman and a little boy no one else can see" Anna spat.

"Oh shut up. With your long legs that ostriches can't stand?" Juilette scoffed.

Anna rolled her eyes.

"I have long legs, not ghost eyes, at least I don't see weird things." Anna yelled.

"You don't see weird things that's why you'll always remain stupid" Juilette yelled back.

"Don't try to start a fight with me juilette" Anna growled.

"The fight already started" Juilette barked.

 A heavy knock suddenly came on the door of the girls and juilette glared at Anna before walking up to the door and opening it.

"It is the middle of the night, everyone is fast asleep but you girls are here disturbing the entire dorm" Jane stated walking into the girls room. Her sleeping attire sweeping the floor.

"Well Anna started it" Juilette shrugged.

"I started nothing!" Anna barked.

"Enough you guys, we're all in the same grade. But you're both acting like kids." Jane rolled her eyes.

"Look who's talking, you're more juvenile than you could ever know Jane, your pride makes you less of an adult" Juilette scoffed.

"You talk like you know it all" Jane rolled her eyes. 

"I don't know it all, I'm just telling you the little I know and have been observing!" Juilette scoffed. 

"I'll be reporting the two of you to the head sister tomorrow" Jane stated. 

"Suit yourself" Juilette shrugged. 

"What do you mean suit yourself?" Anna asked standing up. "At least say sorry or plead to her not to do so, we'll be in big trouble if we get reported" 

"I know but I'm not going to plead or apologize she's not actually going to report she just wants to see us beg" Juilette snarled.

"Why are you always ahead of yourself?" Anna huffed.

"Look who's talking." Juilette rolled her eyes.

  Jane let's out a small smile. "Best friends fighting already"

"It's none of your bus-

"of course I know it's none of my business" Jane suddenly interrupts. "But I mean best friends don't fight." 

"And who told you that? Just leave Jane" Juilette spat. 

"I'm leaving already shortie, just make sure not to disturb the dorm with your loud voices." Jane stated

"Yes of course, we're sorry" Anna rushed her words. 

"Well then I'll put my trust in you then Anna since it seems you're the only responsible one here." Jane said walking out of the girls room. 

 Juilette slammed the door and walked over to her bed, her eye brows furrowed all the way down to her eyes.

 Anna sat down on her bed and both girls remained quiet again.

Well they just had a fight.

"Anna" Juilette called. 

"What?" Anna snapped. 

"I'm not trying to start another fight or fight with you, we shouldn't do this" Juilette sighed. 

"I'm not trying to start a fight, but you were making it sound like I was starting a fight and I couldn't help it" Anna sighed too. 

"So you're a fighter" Juilette smiled. 

 The girls heard another knock on their door and juilette rolled her eyes. "If it's Jane, then screw my vision cause I don't think we'd ever be friends." Juilette ranted. 

"Try not to be rude, I'll get the door" Anna said and walked to the door. 

 She opened the door and paused when she saw No one standing by the door. 

  She leaned her head out of the door and to the hallway peeking left and right at the hallway to see if she'll get a glimpse of whoever knocked on the door, but the hallway was as dry and quiet as ever, suddenly the lights in the hallway starts to flicker and Anna stepped back into the room. 

"Who?" Juilette asked. 

"No one" Anna replied turning to look at juilette who was walking to the door. 

 "No one?" Juilette repeated stepping out of the room and to the hallway, she looked sideways and turned back to Anna. "Strange, who could it have been?" Juilette said in a creepy but mocking way. 

"Don't make this sound scary" Anna warned. 

"I won't I'm sorry" Juilette laughed. 

Her laugh echoing in the quiet hallway. 

Juilette suddenly stopped laughing and she paused. 

 She slowly looked up to the ceiling and froze, Anna watched juilette's pinky finger twitch and her gaze still fixed above her head.

 "Juilette...? What are you looking at?" Anna asked not having the courage to step out of the room, she was getting scared.

"I'm not afraid of you, you know" Juilette said still looking at the ceiling.

Anna felt like she could pass out any minute as she watched her roommate talk to nothing.

Well it could be something.

"That will never happen." Juilette stated still looking up. 

"Anna... It'd be really nice if you'll walk inside now." Anna said, her heart almost beating out of her chest.


Juilette suddenly turned to Anna and rushed inside the room slamming the door shut.

 "God that was dreadful" Juilette breathed out leaning her back to the door.

"What just happened, who were you talking to?" Anna asked feeling her eyes getting wet.

 Juilette suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her in a hug. "Anna no matter how scared you are now, try to swallow it down, take down the fear, you're trembling" Juilette stated.

Anna stepped out of the hug. "Of course I am, we just heard a knock on the door with no one actually being there, and you were suddenly talking to nobody looking up at the ceiling or were you talking to someone?" Anna asked and Juliette glanced down at her shoulders to see them shaking a bit.

"Remember the little boy I told you about?" Juilette asked worried Anna's fear might go beyond.

"So you're telling me, that the ghost boy came knocking on our door.? And then he started a conversation with you!?" Anna asked, her voice shaking slightly.

"Yes and do not show your fear Anna, you're scared and it's not helping!" Juliette stated.

"How could I not be scared" Anna added.

"I understand now hold my hand" julliete ordered placing both of her hands in front of Anna and Anna held her hands.

"Take deep breaths" Juilette ordered and Anna did so but her breath came out more like gasps which meant she was still scared.

"Anyways... The school is infected with darkness, nobody knows about it, but that lady and her son are both the darkness, the school doesn't know about it" Julliete explained.

"The school is haunted?" Anna asked.

"No it's not haunted, it's infected, there's a difference Anna" Juilette said squeezing her hand a little bit to keep her calm because her breaths were starting to hitch.

"I felt the darkness and evil when I spoke to that boy, it's the same coming from the alter, the alter is infected, and somehow everyone in the entire school is infected with this darkness for they think they've been showing reverence to God but not to God but to the dark spirits of that lady and her son. Everyone in the school who has prayed in front of that alter has been under the influence of darkness without knowing it, they're just living their normal lives not knowing their soul has been hypnotized and being held hostages under darkness, and now that boy up there I just spoke to, warned me to show reverence tonight to the alter or I'm going to regret it, but I told him it's never going to happen and please Anna listen to what I'm about to say, we're never going to show reverence and spirits like that looks for vessels who don't bow to them, we're now vessels to that mother and child, we can be possessed by them at any time but we can still avoid possession, spirits like that smell your fear, they stand no chance against you when you're not afraid, but takes over you when they smell the fear coming from you, so I beg you... Swallow your fear, do what you can Anna! " Juliette expound leaving Anna frozen on her spot.

She couldn't comprehend what was going on.


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