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Reverence Episode 28


Reverence Episode 28


 Still stuck twelve feet below the ground.

 The heavy wind didn't stop roaring around the room, and almost half of the candle lights has gone off.

  Ava left the flashlight on, in case all the candle lights in the room goes off.

But then the forceful wind circulating the room stopped and a thud was heard.

 Ava and julliette turned to Jane to see her on the floor.

"Jane!" They both panicked.

Jane's eyes fluttered open and Ava and julliette stepped back after feeling a dark energy coming from her.

  Jane slowly sat up and grabbed the box before getting to her feet.

"Quick we have to leave, ludociel will be here any minute, he knows you girls are with the box." Jane stated.

"Jane?" Juilette was confused and so was Ava.

"This isn't Jane." Jane stated. "I managed to posses her properly this time because of her fear, the first time I tried to, she fought back and Ludociel trapped me down here, because I wasn't able to posses her." Jane expound.

"That familiar Aura, then you must be miss Isabella Jenkintown! Ludociel's mother!" Juilette announced.

"Yes, child, yes I am! But I am not Ludociel's mother, I never was!" Jane shook her head.

"But in the book, it was said you got pregnant and gave birth to a boy named ludociel.! Who is the one that's after us right now." Juilette added.

"I Do not understand what book you're talking about but, Yes I did got pregnant, after this school was passed down to me, I never such a person like ludociel, until rumours circulated my school about a little boy in the mirror at 3am in the bathroom, I wanted to see for myself and, what I saw was indeed the boy everyone was talking about, and after days of trying to bring the rumours down even though it was true, I started getting nightmares, strange and horrble nightmares, I prayed countlessly for these nightmares to end but it got worse and then one night after dreaming of me being raped, even though I prayed so hard, I started getting pregnancy symptoms in real life, I was insulted by my fellow nuns, I couldn't utter a thing to anyone, and then months later I gave birth to the devil himself, he talked right from his baby age and had to put on a fake baby act with strangers. 

This man Ludociel controlled me, he controlled the life out of me. I did everything he asked me, I kidnapped my own students for him and stayed muted, I was totally helpless, and then against my will I had to recruit new nuns who were supposedly teachers and Ludociel got them all under a spell. Ludociel came out with the idea of building an alter in the room and he had some dark spells around it too, I was scared for my students but I couldn't do anything! I was useless and helpless. And as my students showed reverence to the alter their souls spiritually gets bewitched by Ludociel's spell and instead of getting them kidnapped, they wander of on their own, whenever Ludociel needs them. I couldn't take it anymore. I was going crazy! I managed to find out a little about Ludociel. The pact he made with devil and how he respectively wants to take back what's rightfully belongs to him, the school, I thought if he wanted to take back the school he could do so, but he wanted to bring his wife back to life first, and that's when he had to make a sacrifice, and he used me! I was happy I died, but my spirit didn't rest in peace and followed Ludociel wherever he went. I managed to find out again that he died when he made a deal with the devil, and his heart was placed here in this box, if we manage to destroy his heart, his spirit will go to the afterlife instead of this world here. And all the people under his spell will come out of it. I'm not supposed to be roaming about in the world of the living, I am not amongst the living, and I want my soul to be at rest. I am tired of Ludociel and his darkened heart. If we can destroy this box and then his heart, then Ludociel will be gone for good!" Jane expound.

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"But there's no way out!" Ava exclaimed.

"For this place was marked by the devil himself. Every way out needs a little sacrifice!" Jane stated clutching the box to her body and walking towards the wall.

"What? Sacrifice?" Julliette repeated.

"Don't worry, it just involves a little blood!" Jane stated before biting her thumb really hard, blood gushed out of her thumb and she drew the sign of an upside down cross.

"Just like how he trapped his dear clementine in the garden, he also trapped me down here under the garden, the place he calls his territory and shortcut to hell. And I've seen him do this countlessly! And finally, I can leave, because I'm in possession of this girl!" Jane explained and immediately a door came in sight and Jane opened it.

 Jane pulled the door opened and turned back to the girls.

"Come, let's Hurry up!" Jane beckoned and the three of them left the small shrine.

  With the help of possesed Jane, the girls managed to escape the place and after a never ending stairs that led to the garden, they were finally above grounds.

  Julliette's eyes spotted a rock on the floor and  she picked it up immediately, handing it to Jane. 

"Ava and I can't touch the box, but Jane can" she stated. 

"Yes you're being protected by Astman, Ludociel's heart can be dangerous" Jane replied. 

"Astman? What's that?" Ava asked. 

"No time to explain!" Jane said placing the box on the floor and hitting the locked area with the rock in her hand. 

"You do not want to do this, Isabella!" 

   The girls heard a familiar voice in front of them and they all looked up. 

Ludociel was standing in front of them with his left hand holding, Anna's sleeping body and his right hand holding a sharp and pointy stake that he placed right in front of Anna's neck. 

"No." Ava lips quivered. 

"just go ahead and try to destroy that box and your sister will be no more" Ludociel said with a slight grin. 

 The girls remained speechless not knowing what to do or say. 

"Now if you know what's best for you four, give me back my box!" Ludociel stated. 

"And you'll let Anna go?" Ava yelled. 

"silly child." Ludociel laughed. "I don't negotiate, I do and take what I want". 

   "Do you not have a heart!" Julliette yelled. 

"What are you talking about, it's inside that box! So no, now give me back that box before things get messy!" Ludociel laughed. 

"Over my dead boys, Ludociel you're ending here, enough of your useless schemes" Jane yelled. 

"How stupid" Ludociel got angry, and was about to shove the stake into Anna's neck when someone pushed Anna, causing her to fall.

  Ludociel got angry and turned to see who the intruder was. 

"What in the devil's name are you doing clementine!" Ludociel barked. 

"Enough!" clementine yelled. 

"Enough what? My dear clementine, I am doing this for you, this is all for you my dear, we can finally own what belongs to us and live our lives again!" 

"No!" Clementine shook her head.  "At first, I agree to your term revenge, yes what those people did to me were harsh, but it's Just reality, take whatever you recieve, it is the way it was suppose to go, why revenge, it's been a hundred years now, I've been playing by your rules, I'm tired of killing innocent girls! Yes I love you ludociel, I want to have a home, a family with you, and I wished so many times I didn't lose my life, or my baby's life, we could have been so happy and would have grown old together, but then getting involve with darkness! Why? I wished to live with The ludociel I know, not the one in front of me who has done a lot of bad things!" clementine cried. 

"But we didn't deserve any of that!" Ludociel said sternly. 

"Do you think people receive what they deserve every day, nobody deserves bad things, just like those girls we killed over the years, they didn't deserve it, I had to feed on countless of girls, so my spirit wouldn't perish, I may be in human form, I can feel, be seen and get touched, but let's not forget I'm dead now, it's all a waste of time, we're both wasting our times, Bad things happened to us because God wanted it to, you should have never taken matter into your own hand." Clementine shook her head. 

"God doesn't exist!" Ludociel barked. 

"The devil you traded your life with wouldn't exist if God doesnt exist" Clementine stated wiping her eyes.

"If God existed, that wouldn't have happen to us!" Ludociel added. 

"Everything happens for a reason ludociel!" clementine yelled. 

"If you're angry about me losing my life, you shouldn't, because we've spent over a hundred years in the garden, if you want to get your land back, you can't because you're supposed to be dead even if you were alive. Ludociel please just let everything slide." clementine sniffed. 

Ludociel let's out a hysterical laugh. 

"I'm going to get back what belongs to me, go to hell clementine." Ludociel announced. 

"Fine, have it your way!" clementine said walking towards the girls and pulling her something from her dress. 

"You're not so smart after all" clementine stated sternly. 

Ludociel's jaw dropped when he saw the key to the box in clementine's hand. 

"You thought you disposed it real good, but you didn't!" clementine shook her head, handing the key to Jane, who quickly shove it into the keys hole and unlocked it, but surprisingly the box won't open. 

"It doesn't take just a key to open up a box made by the devil himself." Ludociel laughed and starts to utter some chants.

"He's casting a spell, stay put and be careful!" Clementine announced. 

 Immediately, sounds of commotion could be heard, as hundreds of students walk out of the building, heading towards the garden. 

"What's happening?" Ava asked as she noticed the hundred of students that headed towards their direction. 

"The ones who managed to show Reverence are under his spell right now, in their heads they're still asleep, but they don't know they're under Ludociel's spell, he's creating a student army to get us" Jane explained. 

"What can we do?!" Julliette asked. 

"I'm afraid nothing" clementine stated worriedly watching ludociel utter his spell. 

"No we can do something, you two are gifted by Astman, do something!" Jane stated looking back and forth at Julliette and Ava. 

"By Astman? Wow, then please do something!" Clementine added. 

"What in the world is Astman?" Ava asked. 

"There's no time to explain, just do something, anything, because I feel the energy coming from you both" Jane stated pushing Ava towards Julliette as the students marched closer. 

"But what can we do. I mean we can just see visions!" Ava added trying to move back when she stepped on Julliette and was about to fall. 

Luckily Julliette caught her hand in hand and they both felt that electrical feeling again. 

"Could it be?" Julliette looked at Ava. 

"Should we?" Ava opened her hand. 

 Both girls clasps each other's hand and that enthuse and electrical feeling started again, and the longer they held hand, the more it felt like something ignited in their hand. 

And visibly it was like little firey sparks surrounded the girls clasp hands. 

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