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Reverence Episode 26


Reverence Episode 26


  Julliette got dressed that night in her night white dress that swept the floor, she gently got on Anna's bed and stare at Anna.

 'Wake up anna' she had sighed.

Looking at Anna and feeling guilty, julliette clasped her hands together and breathed out a sigh.

"God" she stated and closed her eyes.

"I have not prayed before, but I do believe you exist, I just wasn't taught about your existence, and I don't know how to pray, but I'm going to say this, please guide Anna and wake her up before morning comes, amen!" Julliette opened her eyes and laid down on the bed.

 After staring at the ceiling for what seemed like decades, she finally fell asleep



"Psst! Psst! Julliette!" Ava whispered into Julliette's ear waking julliette up.

Julliette's eyes suddenly fluttered open.

"What?"  Julliette asked sluggishly sitting up.

"Get up!" Ava said holding her hand out so julliette would grab it and sit up straight.

 And immediately julliette took Ava's hand, they both felt some kind of electrical spark.

"What was that?" Julliette asked.

"I don't know, it's not like it's the first time" Ava said looking at her hand bewilderingly.

"What are you guys still talking about we don't have much time, it's three in the morning for Christ's sake" Jane said walking up to the girls with a flashlight in her hand.

"Why are you guys up by three in the morning.?" Julliette asked.

"ugh" Ava groaned "You are so forgetful, remember how we are supposed to go meet clementine?" Ava folded her hand.

"Oh yeah right" Julliette said standing up.

Julliette slowly looked down at Anna before turning back to the girls.

"Well then, let's waste no more time."  Julliette said with the others girls agreeing.


 The three of them slowly made their way out of the dormitories and head for the garden behind the school's building.

"You know, now I'm having second thoughts about this now, what if we can't find clementine, this was a really stupid idea" Jane said nervously as she walked simultaneously with the other girls.

"Well it's your idea, and we kind of don't have a choice" Ava shrugged. 

"Yeah we don't" Julliette added. 

 The girls got in front of the garden which had a gate that 'used' to be locked. 

"Just yesterday the gate was locked" Jane stopped on her tracks. 

"Then how come it's opened!" Ava asked staring the gate's padlock n keys on the floor..

"Do you think this is trap?" Jane asked. 

"We will never know if we don't go in" Juliette said trying to walk in but Jane pulled her hand, stopping her on her tracks. 

"Don't!" Jane said. 

"So you're trying to tell me, we woke up this late just to get scared by some locked gate suddenly becoming unlocked, seriously? We're better than this" Julliette tilt her head.

"You're right, we can't just waste our beauty sleeps for this" Ava added. 


"No buts" Ava cut Jane. 


 After making up their minds, the three girls walked into the garden with Jane's hand shaking slightly. Ava gave a sigh before taking the flashlight from Jane. 

"Do you feel that bad energy and aura?" Ava asked looking around. 

"Yeah it's so bad I feel like I'm being squashed right now" 

  "Let's try to be cheerful, nothing is going to happen" Julliette stated. 

"I wish I had such Confidence" Jane scoffed. 

  After walking around the garden for what seem like ages, Ava suddenly spotted the garden's well. 

"Guys look!" she said making Jane and julliette turn to the well. 

"It's the well from the story" Jane squealed. 

"And it looks so deep" Julliette said taking a step froward. 

“Hello?” The girls suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice behind them. 

 They all paused and slowly start to turn to whoever was behind them. 

Still not sure why she was translucent and can't be seen or touched by anybody, Anna sat at the edge of her bed crying. Nightmares didn't last this long' she had thought. 

 Suddenly the door opened and a tall man dressed in all black walked in, his chiseled jawline was the first thing Anna noticed, and then his well defined features, his eyes were Hazel and he was fine looking in a dignified way. 

 Anna watched as this man walked up to her and gave a smile. 

"who... Are you?" Anna stuttered. 

"Oh, my dear, it is I, ludociel" He replied, his thick and husky voice almost taking over the whole room. 

 Anna slowly moved back upon hearing his name. 

"What do you want?" Anna yelled. 

"you don't have to yell my Dear Anna. Welcome to my world" Ludociel grinned. 


"Who... Are you?" Ava managed to ask the unfamiliar girl that had said hello to them. 

"First of all who are you?" The girl retorted, she was dressed in a black dress that stopped right at her knee and was also barefooted. 

"Are you by any chance, clementine?" Julliette asked stepping forward. 

 The girl looked down at julliette and asked again. 

"Who are you?" 

"Am I right or wrong?" Julliette retorted. 

"Did ludociel sent you three here?" the girl asked. 

"So I am right. You are clementine, though you don't look like the clementine we know" Julliette said and Jane couldn't possibly believe how fearless and brave julliette was. 

 The girl stepped back and stared at the girls for a while.

"You three, you know too much, how do you know who I am.?" The girl asked. 

"One, a chronicle was written about you, and two your boyfriend is trying to kill my best friend" Julliette crossed her hand on her chest. 

"Your best friend? My boyfriend? I am so lost, Yes I am clementine, and I believe ludociel didn't send you here" the girl pointed out. 

"of course he didn't" Ava added. 

"And why are you here?" clementine asked.

"We are looking for answers" replied Ava. 

"Answers? What kind of answers?" Clementine asked. 

"Answers like why. Why are you and ludociel trying to take over the whole school?" Julliette furrowed her brows. 

 Clementine suddenly looked mad making Jane lean down towards Julliette's ear and let's out a whisper. "Now that's not a question you ask a ghost, look how mad she is". 

  "So ludociel is still trying to take over the school" Clementine sighed. 

"still?" Ava repeated. 

"Aren't you in this together with him?" Julliette asked. 

"No" clementine sighed. "Now listen carefully, no body knows what happened in the school, expect ludociel and I and before ludociel gets back, I can tell you all what actually happened if you're willing to listen" Clementine said and Ava nodded. 

"We're all ears" julliettte added. 

Clementine gave a sigh before starting. 

 "Now as everyone knows, this school used to be a church, years back, but no, this school used to be a house,  a home for ludociel and I.  Ludociel and I were engaged when we got to our early twenties and being engaged to me, ludociel decided to leave his father's home, because he wanted his own home where he could build his own family, he managed to start a wine business, and believe me when I say wine was the most valued things of those days. Ludociel earned enough to start a home and this particular spot, the place the building is standing, the garden, the entire school ground is owned by ludociel because he bought the land. He managed to build a small house, were he could live with me and maybe later on our future child.  We were both so happy, so very happy, and mind you, ludociel was the sweetest person ever, not until his Older brother sold this land without his consent, he sold it to a group of people called God worshippers, when ludociel found out that he's been swindled by his older brother, he tried to talk his brother, but unfortunately his brother left for another town with the money, the people who bought the land didn't try to listen to ludociel and it caused a rift. And at that time I was pregnant with ludociel's child and couldn't tell him because of what was going on. 

 The situation got intense and both ludociel and the buyers won't give up on the land, I told ludociel to give up but he didn't listen to me, I understood that it wasn't right for him to back down because he legally owned the place, but conflict was never the answer. 

 And then one afternoon when ludociel and I were home alone, where I finally disclosed that I was pregnant to him and he was so happy, but right after that some men came over to demolish our home, while we were still there, the audacity and disrespect they had made ludociel angry and ludociel left the house that day In anger and didn't return that day.

 That day I was so lonely and scared, our home had been demolished and I had nowhere to stay, I just sat in front of the house waiting for ludociel, I didn't care if he came back late, I was worried about him, and still that same night some unknown men came up to me and well the worst happened. I was raped and it was the same men who demolished our house. I struggled with the men while they tried to pin me down and I lost my baby at the process, because I was brutally raped. And that night was the same night I lost my life.  And years later strangely, I saw myself in the land of the living but I could not be seen or touched, I was scared because I know I died, not until I met ludociel and he told me that he had brought me back to life, I didn't know how, and a lot had changed, he seemed more darker and he's left me here in the garden for years, he even feeds me girls... Taking their blood will let me shape shift into them, taking their body and face features, I know it was a wrong thing to do but I was being forced, for years I've morphed into different kind of girls that I've forgotten what I looked like.  I later found out that my soul has been trapped in this garden and I can't ever leave it and I also found out that ludociel sold himself to the devil all in the name of revenge and getting back his home"  Clementine gulped after explaining everything. 

"holy crap!" Ava blinked rapidly. 

"What ludociel didn't die. Then how did he became a spirit then?"  Julliette asked. 

"You know, I would feel really comfortable if you ask that right to me and in front of my face" A deep and husky voice said behind the girls and they both turned immediately to see a tall man with Anna in his arms. 

"welcome to my territory girls!" Ludociel gave a sly grin. 

T. B. C.


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