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Reverence Episode 25


Reverence Episode 25


"Are you okay?" Jane asked helping Ava stand up.

"Clearly I'm not" Ava said standing up and drying her tears.

"What do you mean you're not, what's wrong?" Jane asked dropping the birthday wish card she had picked.

"Anna won't wake up" Ava sniffed.

"What?" Jane seemed confused.

"Ludociel did something to Anna and now Anna won't wake up" Julliette chimed in.

"What? Like... Are you sure?" Jane asked.

"Ludociel admitted he did so, so he'd have the time to deal with us three" Jane rolled her yes rubbing her itchy nose. 

"Deal with us? Did he say that?" Jane was beyond surprised. 

"You know we're the only ones who doesn't show the so called  Reverence in the school and somehow we're saved from the hypnosis he has on the students" Julliette explained. 

"That explains it" Jane shrugged. 

"But Ava, you said ludociel made Anna fall alseep so he will have the time deal with us and make Anna a vessel of clementine, which means clementine is still alive?" Julliette asked. 

"Yeah I think so" Ava states.

"But the only spirits wondering around the school is Ludociel and miss Isabella but strangely ever since that day she tried to posses Jane, I haven't felt her energy" Juliette explained.

"All this is so confusing, if clementine is still alive then it's nothing but her spirit which is alive" Ava stated.

"But the question is, where is clementine, well according to the fourth chapter of reverence Anna and I read, clementine said she was kind of trapped in the garden and she said how ludociel is not a bad person but the so called God worshipers made him that way" Julliette expound.

"So? What does that imply" Ava gave a look. 

"Maybe there's so much more we need to find out about ludociel" Julliette shrugged. 

"But how are we ever going to find out?" Ava asked. 

"We could ask your clementine" Jane suddenly chimed in. 

 Ava and julliette turned to look at her. 

"clementine.? And how are you so sure she's alive or..." Ava shook her head and sighed when she got tired of her own words. 

"I've the book reverence." Jane said. 

Julliette gasped. "Really.? since when?" 

"Since two months ago, and I was really surprised when I saw you girls with it, I didn't want to say anything at first" Jane gave a slight shrug. 

"But how did you find out about the book, wait how did you find out about the school and its mysteries" Ava asked.

"My grandma, I don't know, on my first day here I got a call from home and my grandma starts to warn me about things I should do and shouldn't do here in the school, place I shouldn't be and things I should avoid, I was really confused I didn't know why she was telling me those things but I obliged to them all and she calls every week to help me guide my way here and then two months ago, I found the reverence book and finally understood why my grandma was being that way and saying all those things, though I still don't understand how she knows so much". Jane explained. 

"Is she a seer or something?" Julliette asked. 

"I have no idea" Jane shook her head. 

"And you were saying we should go meet clementine?" Ava asked. 

"Yes! In the book reverence I believe it was either chapter two or three where a girl met with clementine, and according to the girl and her story, clementine seemed to be trapped in the garden, and she didn't seem or sound like a bad person."  Jane blurted. 

"No she didn't" Julliette agreed. 

"But how in the world are we going to meet a dead girl who's been dead for a hundred and something years now" Ava scoffed. 

"we could do it like Oliva, the girl in reverence, she visited the garden by 3am in the morning and met with clementine" Jane stated. 

"Uh, no thank you, I think when the day is brighter it's less evil" Ava shook her head. 

"But what if we don't meet clementine and worse, what if we get caught by a nun or the principal, her window's opposite the garden" Jane blurted. 

 Julliette gave a sigh and stood up. 

"look Ava, we won't know what we can do if we don't risk it all, Anna once said we are teenagers and we can't do anything about ludociel, but she's wrong, we won't know if we don't try so three a.m in the morning it is Jane, and besides we're doing this for your sister, Victoria, the entire school". 

"Well you're right let's giv--

 The bell interrupted Ava and she gave a huge sigh.

"It's breakfast time" Jane said walking out of the room.

Ava glanced at her sister and then at Julliette. 

"Going for breakfast?" Ava asked.

"Who's going to be here with Anna then.?" Julliette asked.

"She's just alseep, and I believe ludociel already did his worst, you'll just starve yourself Anna will be fine." Ava exposited and julliette nodded.

"You're right" she said. 

 Ava and julliette left the room and leaving sleeping Ava alone. 


  Breakfast seemed less appetizing for Jane, julliette and Ava as the looks they were recieving from Victoria wasn't pleasing at all. 

   And after breakfast everyone went to class. 

  Anna found herself sitting in her bed at home and alone. 

She glanced around the room and it hadn't change one bit. 

 Suddenly the door opened and her mother and Tommy walked in. 

"Mom" Anna called happily, but it seemed like she didn't hear. 

"Now Tommy, what is this?" Elizabeth motioning her hand towards Anna. 

"Anna has the softest bed, I couldn't help but bounce on it" Tommy replied truthfully.

"Well the bed is waiting to be smoothed" Elizabeth arched her brows. 

"Fine" Tommy sighed. 

  Anna tilt her head wondering if her mother and her baby brother can actually see her or not. 

"Mom..!" Anna called again but Elizabeth never looked at her but watched as Tommy got on Anna's bed to rearrange it. 

  Anna's pulse suddenly fell when Tommy passed through her body. 

"What?" she yelled to herself, touching her body and walking down from the bed. 

 She quickly turned to her mom. 

"Mom!" Anna yelled. She tried to grab her mother's hand but her translucent body passed through again. 

 "No" Anna cried. 

'This is a dream' she said to herself. 'This is surely a dream.' she added. 


  Class was over that day and as julliette glance at Anna's bed, she couldn't help but give a sigh. 

 "wake up Anna... Please" she muttered to herself. 

 Julliette walked to Anna's bed and sat at the edge of the bed taking off her shoe from her right leg, as she rested her hand on the board of the bed ready to take off the other shoe, her hand slipped, she immediately tried to grab the bed sheet to restrain her from crashing into the ground, but she accidently grabbed Anna's head. 

And like a flash, she saw a vision. 

 She gasped loudly when she felt her blood rise and drop at the cause of the vision she just saw. 

"What?" she said to herself, trying to understand what she had seen. 

  Juliette left sleeping Anna to join the rest during dinner and surprisingly Victoria wasn't present. 

 After dinner, Jane, julliette and Victoria ganged up at the hallway and julliette told them what she saw that evening. 

"So I don't quite get what I saw but, I saw Anna in a room and she was just yelling and suddenly there was this person who was pressing his palm down her mouth to prevent her from screaming, I don't know who the person was, I don't know if it's a male or a female 'cause It was really hard to ascertain" Julliette sighed. 

"Really?" Ava beckoned forward. 

"And I don't even know what that meant, she's still in her deep sleep state and I don't know I'm just confused" Juliette gave another sigh. 

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"Guys the bell will be rung any time soon, so let's just make sure to get to bed early and fix wake up by 3am" Jane stated. 

"What if we oversleep?" Ava asked. 

Jane paused. "Oh right, I get to keep the school's phone every day so i can set a silent alarm and I'll make sure to wake you up ava and then we can both sneak in to meet julliette" 

"Well it sounds okay" Ava shrugged. 

 "Yeah, so I'll be going back to sleep in. Good night guys" Julliette said and walked away from both girls. 

"She seems down" Jane said. 

"How would you feel if your best friend doesn't want to wake up, look I just have confidence that Anna will be okay" Ava sighed and slowly starts to Walk away with June behind her. 

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