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Reverence Episode 24


Reverence Episode 24


  Julliette and Ava got to the bathroom and stopped on their tracks when they both spot Anna's body lying on the floor.

 Ava quickly rushed up to her on the floor and so did julliette.

"Anna" Julliette called horridly.

Ava turned her body that was facing the side, to face the ceiling.

Ava paused and breathed a sigh of relief when she placed her hand under Anna's nose to confirm if she was still breathing.

"She's fine" Ava breathed out.

"Are you sure? Check her heartbeat" Julliette said checking her heartbeat.

Julliette breathed a sigh of relief "She is fine, she's just alseep, thankfully but what do you think happened to her?" Julliette asked tapping Anna lightly on her skin to wake up.

"Anna." Julliette called and tapping Anna.

But Anna never respond.

"If she's alseep, she should wake up when I call out her name, Anna's a light sleeper, hey Anna wake up." Julliette said moving Anna's hand.

"She's not waking up" Julliette breathed out.

"Let's take her back to the room, the floor is really cold and she's in really thin clothing" Ava said standing up.

"help me put her on my back" Ava said squatting beside Anna.

  Julliette did so and both girls rushed Anna back to the room.

  Julliette helped Ava put Anna on her bed and Anna gave a heavy breathing.

 "I'm scared." Julliette mumbled. "What if she never wakes up" Julliette added.

"We don't know that for sure, but then again someone can't be in a deep sleep as deep as this" Ava breathed out.

"But what happened?" Ava turned to julliette.

"I don't know, one minute I was persuading her to go shower and the next minute we both found her body on the bathroom floor" Julliette expound.

"So the only person who knows what happened is Anna, but she's asleep, and strangely won't wake up" Ava sighed moving her hair back in frustration.

"What if she got possessed" Julliette added.

Ava paused and looked at her sister, then back at julliette.

"I don't think so" Ava shook her head.

"Yeah me too" Juliette sighed. "cause we would have felt the bad aura and energy coming from her but she still gives off her normal Anna aura vibe" Julliette stated. 

"No, she could still be possessed, we don't know that, but don't you know that sometimes when a person is possessed we won't be able to feel their presence or aura when they suppress their own spirit and leave the vessel spirit in charge of the body but somehow they're still in control" Ava explained. 

"What? What in the world? And how do you know that?" Julliette asked. 

"Staying home with a broken leg, I've done my researches, and the reason why I don't think Anna is possessed is because, if she was the spirit will still be unstable and the dark aura would be all over the place and she would be awake not alseep, cause a spirit can't function well in a sleeping body" ava blurted. 

"Then why won't she wake up?" Julliette sighed. 

"I don't know, I don't know what happened to her, but there's only one person in my mind now. And that is Victoria" Ava said. 

"What if she fails to admit it?" Julliette asked sitting beside Anna. 

"I won't know until I ask. Stay with Anna I will be back" Ava said walking out of the room.


 Julliette gave a sigh and glanced down at Anna. 

"Wake up Anna" she grumbled. "It's your birthday..."


  After walking around the whole school Ava finally spotted Victoria who was just coming out of her dorm room. 

 Victoria suddenly smiled seeing Ava. 

 Ava rolled her eyes. 

"Let me guess, you think I did something to your sister." Victoria smiled. 

"So it was you, good thing you made this easy by answering first" Ava said crossing her hand. 

"I made nothing easy, let's see your sister is practically sleeping beauty and you don't know when or how she'll wake up, unless I say so, so how in the world did I make anything easy?" Victoria scoffed.


"What in the world did you do to her.?" Ava asked. 

"Shh.. Its still so early, you don't eat to wake the sleeping birds" Victoria grinned. 

"Ludociel you filthy animal, what in the world did you do to my sister?." Ava asked through gritted teeth. 

"For I do not like insults, and I just gave your sister a little kiss and she fell to the floor like a melted ice cream" Victoria grinned, her accent getting a little ancient. 

 Ava stood still and crossed her arms when she felt ludociel's dark energy festering the entire hallway. 

"ludociel. You don't know what you're getting yourself into-

"Oh shush little lady" Victoria interrupted. "You! Yourself don't know what you're getting yourself into".

"I might be ludociel to you, a bodiless man who's taking advantage of this little girl's body, yes you do know that I'm not among the living, but I can be if I want to, and you don't know what I'm capable of, this school is wrapped around my finger and I can make anyone my vessel, except for you and those three. But you're all just little children, what can you all possibly do, I see you're also strong headed unlike your sister who's calm, that's why I'm keeping her alseep until I deal with you and the other two, she feels more clementine than you, even though you're both identical, you don't posses what clementine used to, she was never strong headed and that's how Anna is and she's going to stay asleep until I put you and the rest under my control or terminate you" Victoria breathed a happy sigh.

"Shut up" Ava yelled angrily not caring if she would wake anyone. "My sister and I are from another descendant, another generation, your clementine is dead and dust she shall remain, do not try to call any of us clementine." Ava spat.

Victoria laughed. "But, my clementine isn't dead, she's amongst this world and she's doing perfectly fine, all I just need is a perfect Vessel and we'll both take what's rightfully ours, the school!" Victoria smirked.

"Over my dead body will Anna  become a vessel for your dead rotten girlfriend." Ava said through gritted teeth.

Victoria laughed "Oh really, you are one fierce tiger, sit back and watch me then, watch me get you under my control and watch your sister become clementine, I'm done playing teenagers with everyone, it's finally time to take action, and no neither you nor your friends can stop me" Victoria said and yanked Ava to the left before walking away.


 Ava walked into Anna and Julliette's room and plopped right beside Anna.

"What's wrong..? Did you see Victoria.? Did he do this to Anna.?" Julliette asked.

"Yes ludociel did this to Anna, apparently to terminate, you, Jane and make Anna a vessel for clementine." Ava explained looking lost.

"What?" Julliette screamed. "He said all that?"

"Yes, he said he's tired of playing teenager and he's going to take action now, and he's going to take back the school with clementine"  Ava explained..

"what?" Julliette screamed again.

"And I don't even know what to do" Ava shrugged holding back what seemed like guilt and bitterness.

"So Anna's going to remain like this and who knows what ludociel might pull next." Julliette stated, worry written all over her eyes.

  Both girls suddenly heard a knock on the door and Ava got up to get it.

Jane stood in front of the door with a big cardboard box in her hand and an envelope.

"Oh Ava, you're here I was wondering where you were, can I come in?" Jane asked and Ava nodded letting Jane in.

Ava closed the door the moment Jane dropped the box on Julliette's bed.

"So I'm just coming from the principal's office and this here is a package your mother sent to the school this morning" Jane smiled dropping the envelope on the box.

"Oh Anna's still asleep.?" Jane stated.

 Ava silently walked to the cardboard box and opened it to see another fancy white box inside, and when she opened the white box, it was a white cake and at the top it was written 'Happy birthday Ava and Anna'.

 Ava took out the cake and Jane let's out a gasp. "It's so beautiful" she said.

"Yeah it is" Juliette said sadly and glanced down at Anna.

 Ava grabbed the envelope and opened it, inside the envelope was a different coloured papers which contained small written wishes from her family.

She grabbed the first yellow coloured paper and read it to herself.

“Happy birthday my little bumpkins, seventeen years ago I thought I wasn't going to make it out of labour, but look at me now, I'm so proud of my twins, wishing you girls the best, I love you both so much my dear ava and Anna, ~from mom”

Ava grabbed the pink coloured paper that was next and read it too.


“Uhm, twins, this is dad and I miss you girls so much, I haven't had time to talk to you both, especially you Anna, I hope you're reading this because you left the house first and you know how you're always on my neck, I miss that though, wishing you and Ava the very best birthday, May both of your days be good at school ~from dad"

Ava smiled and felt her eyes wet at the same time. 

She took the next paper. 

“Mom literally forced me to write this, anyways happy birthday To you girls, the most annoying sisters ever, but then again I love you both and cannot ever say that to your face so forget I wrote that, and Anna my girlfriend says hi, you know you're her favourite and not Ava, well Ava sorry to say I like Anna more too, mom told me not to pick favourites but you're just smartly annoying, ~from Archie your handsome brother” 

Ava let's out a small laugh as a tear dropped from her eyes. 


 She breathed on the inside. 

Ava grabbed the next paper. 

“To be honest, I didn't remember it was your birthday and promise to make it up to you both when you're both back from school, so happy birthday to my most beautiful and not so sweet sisters, but they're literally the best, wish you both the best and wish both of your voices would become tiny so anytime you both fight with Archie I would sleep better without hearing a thing, anyways wish you both the best, happy seventeen and don't think of having boyfriends just because you're seventeen especially you Ava, and Anna say hi to that weirdly dressed nun we saw in front of your school the first day we came ~from Connie.“

Ava took the next paper, she was already crying so much. She silently wished Anna was beside her and they were both reading it together and laughing at Archie and Connie being crackheads.

“Happy birthday to my amazing and favourite twins, you're both so lovely and talented and sometimes clowns, and Ava mom placed three candles inside the cake instead of two, incase you blow out her candle like you did last time, just be a good sister to Anna, she can be stubborn but you still came to the world first, be a good sister and an older one to her, be there for here and do not let anything bad happen to her, you're the oldest after all and I wish you both the brains, the best, and... Safety... I don't know what to write anymore, safety? What am I even thinking, I just wish you the best Ava an Anna and Anna try not to be so stubborn. ~from Joan your cool older sister“

Ava plopped down to the floor startling julliette and Jane, they both watch the papers fall from Ava's hand and giant tears escaping her eyes. 

"Ava. What's wrong?" Jane asked rushing up to her and picking the papers...

"this is the worst birthday ever!" Ava sniffed. 

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