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Reverence Episode 22



Reverence Episode 22


Anna came back to the hallway with Jane to see julliette and Ava not there anymore.

 Anna wondering where they could be, head back to her room to see them there and her sister reading Reverence.

"What are you doing here?" Anna asked Ava.

"Reading" Ava replied waving the book in the air.

Anna Turned julliette. "Why in the world would you let her read that, it's not something for just anyone." Anna expound.

"Huh?" Julliette gave a confused look.

"Anyone? Girl I saw this book before you, been dying to read it" Ava scoffed.

"What? It's just your first day here what do you mean saw it before me."  Anna scoffed.

"Wait I'm confused, Ava you didn't tell her?" Julliette asked.

"Tell her what?" Ava retorted.

"That you see things too!" Julliette stated.

"She knows you do?" Ava titled her head.

"Yes she does"

"I didn't know I thought she was clueless" Ava shrugged.

"Well she's not, she's your sister I thought you would have tell her by now" Julliette blurted.

"Well... I did doubt that she'll believe me that's why I kept it to myself" Ava shrugged.

"Wait, wait what are you guys talking about?" Anna suddenly chimed in.  "Who sees what? I'm confused"

Julliette sighed. "Apparently you sister sees things just like I do"

 Anna Turned ava.

"Since when?" Anna scoffed.

"Since the day before I broke my leg" Ava smiled...

"And you didn't bother to tell me?" Anna asked.

"You would have Called me a freak, so I kept it to myself" Ava added.

"At least you should have said something before deciding my answer in your head" Anna shrugged.

"Well now you know!" Ava scoffed. 

"That explains why you have grey strands of hair like julliette, still don't understand how you two are able to see things, or what kind of thing you both absorbed to make you see the future, it's strange" Anna explained.

"It's Strange to us too, we don't know how we got this ability, we just woke up and started seeing things and most of the things we're seeing is mostly about this school." Ava said.

"Exactly" Julliette added.

"Could this school be a lot more dangerous than we already know?" Anna asked.

"I hope it's not" Julliette shrugged.

"So julliette what was your last vision and when?" Ava asked dropping the reverence book.

"Uh, yesterday I saw two powerful things clashing, I don't know" Julliette shrugged.

"Lucky you, its been ages since I've seen anything" Ava laughed.

"But we both see different things right? What was the last thing you saw?" Julliette asked and Ava turned to Anna.

"What?" Anna raised a brow.

"I saw Anna become a vessel of a lady I couldn't see clearly" Ava explained.

"What? She was possessed?" Juliette eyes widen.

"Yeah pretty much, and it didn't end well for me so..."  Ava shook her head.

"What do you mean it didn't end well for you?" Julliette asked.

Ava remained quiet for a while before finally speaking. "It just didn't, we have to prevent Ava from becoming a vessel" Ava said.

  Anna gave a sigh shaking her head.

Becoming a vessel? Now she didn't like the sound of that. 

"Now Ava, you still haven't told me why you broke your own leg" Anna said.

Ava laughed. "Now that was stupid of me thinking about it now"

"Oh you think?" Anna rolled her eyes.

"I just wanted to escape the reality I would face, but the future sure is inevitable." Ava stated moving her hair back.

"What reality?" Anna asked folding her arms.

"story for another day" Ava shrugged.

"You're hiding something" Anna said.

"I thought you're slow witted, great job seeing me through, I'm not hiding thing, I just don't want to spill it out yet" Ava stated.

"You're unbelievable" Anna rolled her eyes.

Ava sighed and Turned to julliette. "Julliette tell me about what you've guys have known so far about the school." Ava stated.

"Well okay, according to that book reverence, this school was found in the year 1967 and well it used to be a church and everything, but Mrs isabella Jenkintown owned it as a school and was also the founder of the school, strangely she gave birth to ludociel whom we just recently found out that he died one hundred and thirty-five years ago. So now that is a bit confusing but ludociel whom is supposed to be a four year old boy is not but is actually a man whom we clearly don't know about yet, but then the golden question is, how did Mrs Jenkintown get pregnant for a man who is over a hundred years and she's like a nun but not a hundred percent nun but like fifty percent, and nuns don't get married, so that means she performed forniation, but then again she has never left the school or seen with any man, this mystery is disturbing, and now let's move on to clementine, clementine in my own perspective seems to be ludociel long lost lover well she's dead now and buried in the school garden beside ludociel's grave, though we haven't seen it but read it in the reverence book, and tye worst case of all is that clementine strangely looked like one of the students here forty one years ago and well who also looked like you and Anna" Julliette expound.

"What?" Ava was surprised.

"Believe it Ava, I've seen her, she looks more like you" Anna added.

"We're identical what are you talking about" Ava rolled her eyes.

"Exactly what I've been trying to say" Julliette gave a huge sigh. 

"I'm just saying!" Anna shrugged.  

"And back to the story Ava" Juliette stated. 

 "Yeah sure go on" Ava said. 

"Okay so currently now, Mrs Jenkintown and Ludociel spirits are infecting the school with some sort of darkness, and spiritually and mentally hypnotizing the students when they show ''reverence to the alter" Julliette expound. 

"Yes I know about that, I saw that in my vision before coming here, but why is this Jenkintown lady and ludociel doing such?" Ava asked. 

"We have no idea, and there's this girl, Victoria whom he's actually making his vessel-

"Yeah, I saw her in the hallway, the dark aura that comes with her is just suppressing" Ava shook her head.

"I suddenly feel so happy" Julliette stated making the twins turn to her.

"Uh? Why?" Anna asked.

"Cause Ava sees things like me, feels things like I do, at least I won't seem like a freak saying or feeling things" Julliette sighed.

"You don't seem like a freak to me" Anna shrugged.

"Doubt it" Julliette scoffed.

"So like do you guys know why ludociel is making Victoria a vessel?" Ava asked.

"Well he wants to get close to Anna if I may say" Julliette shrugged.

"Get close to my sister? Why?" Ava asked.

"Duh! Because we both look like his long lost and dead clementine, she... I mean he, well Victoria has been coming up to me and asking me this and that, trying to be friendly, wants to talk to just me and I'll be damned it's creepy" Anna huffed.

"Well we're identical twins, I'm sure he's probably confuse and sad that there are two of us now" Ava smirked.

"But he knows clementine is dead, and he's aware that he's a ghost right, what does he actually wants?" Julliette scoffed.

"That's what we need to find out, what ludociel and Jenkintown wants, if we're able to know what they want, we'll be able to be somewhere I guess, that's the strategy we need to follow" Ava said smacking her palms together

"But how are we ever going to find out, we can't talk to them" Anna said

 Ava gave a smile. "That's why we're going to use you as bait".

"Me? Bait? Why?" Anna huffed.

"Well clearly ludociel thinks you're clementine, just try to please Victoria or should I say ludociel in any way and try to ask him some personal stuff" Ava stated.

"What? Are you trying to kill me? You also look like clementine why don't you go instead of me" Anna scoffed.

"You met him first, and you're perfect for the job" Ava smiled.

"Beats me" Anna rolled her eyes.

 "This is perfect, I pity ludociel already, falling into our trap, make sure to show him or her... Or Whatever Victoria is now your best charms Anna" Julliette grinned.

"Oh please" Anna scoffed.

  Victoria standing outside the door of the girls room gave a scoff after eavesdropping on the girls conversation.

"You will all be the one falling into my trap instead" Victoria scoffed before walking away .


  The bell was rung and the girls head back to their classes again before it was finally time for recess, Anna pulled julliette immediately class was over and dragged her back to their dorm room.

"I don't why I suddenly want to finish reverence now" Anna stated.

"I clearly know why, you feel like there's more to ludociel in there that you need to know before approaching him." Julliette ranted.

"How in the world did you know, you don't happen to read minds do you?" Anna narrowed her eyes at julliette.

"You're like an open book Anna, anyone can possibly read you" Julliette stated sitting down.

"ouch" Anna said, sitting down too and taking the reverence book.

"You read this time" Julliette said taking off her shoes and laying on te bed.

"fine, it's just two chapters left, I bet we can finish it in time" Anna sighed and opened to chapter four.

  And starts to read. 

 "Year 2003, my name is Olivia Mercury, so apparently I just found this book inside room and under my bed two days ago and it looked really dusty and old but the writings were still surprisingly neat and crystal clear enough to read, and when I read the whole book I got chills and decided to write this down, who knows something might happen to me too if I do, though I don't believe the stories the first three people wrote, it seemed to extra to be real and this school is one of the holiest school I've ever been to, everything is perfectly normal, students are allowed to study in the garden and there's no grave there containing the great and popular ludociel, Genevieve, Nora and Patricia had written". 

 Julliette's laugh suddenly interrupted Anna. 

"What is it.?" Anna asked. 

"Seems like this writer Olivia is a pretty strong headed girl" Julliette snorted. 

"No kidding and nothing good ever happens to people like her" Anna added. 

"just continue and let's see where this is going to". 

T. B. C.


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