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Reverence Episode 21



Reverence Episode 21



"So make sure to reach out to me if anything happens with your leg or anything at all and you too Anna" Elizabeth said as she was getting ready to leave the school.

"understood, you can go home now mom" Ava stated.

"Girl, I spent hours on our journey here and you want me to leave so quickly?" Elizabeth snapped at her daughter.

"I'm just saying." Ava shrugged.

"Anyways, happy birthday sweeties" Elizabeth said trying to kiss her girls on the forehead but they both moved back.

"Mom, you're being overly dramatic" Anna laughed a little shy.

"Way over dramatic" Ava stated.

"Fine" Elizabeth huffed. "Anyways see you at the end of the term sweeties" Elizabeth smiled before walking away from the girls.

"Finally" Ava breathed out pulling her suitcase.

"So... According to my schedule and the information I received, I'm supposed to be roommates with a girl named Jane Jones." Ava said.

"Wow, she got lucky enough to be roommates with the school president, we saw her a minute ago" Julliette explained.

"Is she nice?" Ava asked.

"Slightly" Anna shrugged.

"What do you mean slightly of course she's nice" Julliette nudged Anna.

"Ouch" Anna scoffed. "Look at you defending her, days ago you were a dragon trying to burn her with your words."

"People change and we both did" Julliette rolled her eyes.

Ava watched her sister being all jilted up with julliette, no she hasn't seen her sister talk so freely with someone else aside from her family.

"So you two are roommates." Ava stated..

"And best friends included" Julliette grinned.

"Just best friends...?" Ava narrowed her eyes at julliettte.

 Julliettte smirked. "Think whatever"

Ava and julliette burst out laughing and Anna just blinked rapidly thinking over and over again what was actually funny.

She didn't like how her sister was getting so well with julliette.

"Hey guys" Jane voice said behind the girls and they all turned to her direction.

"whoa" Jane said seeing Anna and Ava. "I can never tell you girls apart if you both put on the same outfits" Jane stated.

"What are you talking about, you can definitely tell us apart, I'm prettier, there." Ava joked with a smile.

"And I'm taller." Anna added with an eye roll.

"What?" Jane laughed. "You girls are both pretty and identical."

"You always brag about your height, you're just three inches taller than me"  Ava scoffed.

"Exactly, Anna always brag about her height" Julliette added.

"Well... You both can clearly see that I am tall" Anna boasted.

"Your pride is infecting the whole place" Ava laughed.

"I'm glad it is" Anna beamed.

"You're both cracking me up, please stop" Jane said, as she couldn't control her laughs

"Well anyways we have to get to class now Ava, Jane will feed you up on why you need to go, we have to go to class now" Anna stated.

"Okay then later" Ava stated.

"And you're paying for my shoes" Anna muttered closely to Ava's ear.

"Don't worry you can have the earrings Connie's girlfriend bought for me" Ava stated.

"I don't wear earrings" Anna growled.

"oops I forgot you're a boy" Ava joked.

"I wish you didn't come" Anna sighed hearing her sister laugh behind her as she walked away with julliette.


  The day went by slowly and it took ages before it was lunch time and when the bell was ring, julliette yelled "finally" causing the class and teacher to look at her with a small laugh.

Julliette pulled Anna to where lunch was taking place and as they walked in, the chairs were already being occupied.

Gladly someone touched Anna, and Anna turned to see her sister dressed in the school's uniform.

She laughed. "You look like snowhite, if she had an ugly version".

"And you don't look any different from shrek, come on Jane and I saved you guys a seat at the center" Ava smiled.

 Anna and julliette sat beside Jane and Ava, with ava and Anna in between them and when other girls noticed the two girls they started to murmur.

 Jane led the short prayer and everyone starts to eat.

"Anna has a twin?"

"Goodness, they're so identical!"

"This is surprising"

"They're both so pretty together"

"Enough with the talking!" Jane yelled and the table went silent.

 Victoria could be seen at almost the beginning of the table staring at the two girls, her eyes widen from shock and her hand frozen. She couldn't believe seeing two 'Anna'


"Wow I'm so full, good thing we have extra time before going back to classes" Julliette rejoiced.

"When are you not cheerful" Anna smiled.

"Just my first day here and I'm already popular" Ava stated.

"that's because we're twins, don't get all proud" Anna said. 

"I think you're both the school's first twins, twins are precious" Julliette said clinging to Anna with a smile.

"You think.?" Ava scoffed. 

  A girl running in the hall suddenly bumped into Anna causing her to scratch her arm on the wall. The girl apologized immediately and ran away. 

"How are some people so careless and clumsy, Anna are you okay?" Julliette asked, worry in her eyes as she took Anna's arm in hers.

"Yeah it's just a small scratch" Anna said staring at the place that got scratched.

"let's go to the school nurse." Julliette stated.

"It's just a scratch and besides there's no wound" Anna replied.

"But what if it get worse? Look at how red it is" Juliette whined.

"It can't, there's literally no would there that needs to be treated" Anna laughed.

"if it get worse don't come crying to me" Julliette clicked her tongue.

"It's not going to get worse" Anna smiled.

 Jane suddenly walked up to the girls, she sounded tired as she said "Anna I need your help".

"With what?" Julliette asked.

"You're not Anna, and I need her to help me take something from a top shelf she's tall" Jane expound.

"You seem breathless, are you okay?" Ava asked.

"Oh just stacking some books in the principal office I'm fine" Jane stated.

"But Anna hand got injured" Juliette stated.

"It's not injured, I'm perfectly fine" Anna suddenly said.

"Great, follow me then" Jane said and Anna smiled at julliette before walking away.

"Talk about over protective" Ava scoffed...

"Huh?" Julliette turned to her.

"You like Anna don't you?" Ava smirked.

"Of course I do, who would hate their best friend?" Julliette scoffed.

"I don't mean that" Ava rolled her eyes. "You like my sister... Like romantically" Ava stated.


"You can't lie, I've seen you guys" Ava huffed.

"I wasn't going to lie, of course I do have feelings for her, but she doesn't need to know that" Julliette shook her head.

"And what do you mean you've seen us." julliette asked.

"I see things julliette, and I know you do too, and I've seen you guys like... Like.

Ava paused rolling her eyes in an embarrassed way 

" You've seen us guys like what? " Julliette asked walking close to Ava with a grin.

"I can't say" Ava snorted.

"What? Now you're making me think lewd" Juliette raised a brow.

"Gross, how far does your mind travel?" Ava glared at her.

"more farer than you could ever imagine" Julliette crossed her arms.

"How bold of you, so do you ever think of confessing, my sister's a bit slow witted" Ava said.

"I'm never going to confess" Julliette shook her head.


"And get rejected?" Julliette raised a brow.

"Anna will come around" Ava scoffed.

"Thanks, but I like the way we are now" Julliette stated. 

"Two best friends just kissing whenever they want, what kind of bizarre relationship is that?" Ava rolled her eyes. 

Julliette gasped "Huh? How did you know we've ki-

"Because I saw it, you guys have done it twice." Ava smirk. 

"What sort of eyes do you seriously have. Anna and I need our own privacy" Julliette scoffed. 

"It's not like I want to see them too, sometimes I even see them from Anna's perspective I don't know how." Ava added. 

"Now this is uncomfortable" Julliette laughed. 

"I'm not judgy, don't worry, and you can confess before it's late, and Anna." Ava laughed. "I've had like over four boyfriends in my entire life and everyone else wondered why Anna hasn't, people thought It was because of her introvert or shy kind of way, but no, I just recently find out that my sister is attracted to girls but she doesn't know that, and I'm never going to tell her and at the same time, you still have a chance " Ava smiled. 

"Can I just burst out of--

  Julliette suddenly pause. 

"You're feeling it aren't you?" Ava suddenly ask. 

"Yep, that dark aura, it's nobody but him" Juliette breathed out. 

Both girl turned to their left to see Victoria standing by the hall and staring at them. 

T. B. C. 

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