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Reverence Episode 18


Reverence Episode 18


"I think she passed out due to exhaustion she's fine" The school nurse said sighing with Jane laying conscious on the clinic bed, her eyes widely open.
"That's a relief" The nun who brought Jane along with Anna julliette and Ava stated with a sigh of relief. 
"And you three thank you for acting fast and helping Jane get here" The nurse said to julliette Anna and Victoria. 
Juilette smiled "she was talking to us of course we would act fast".
"Well she's fine now you can all talk to her if you want to, I guess you're all friends" The school nurse smiled.
"we're not" Victoria suddenly said.
"I'll be leaving now, Jane if you want their company tell them if you don't tell them" The nun said walking out of the clinic.
"And If you need anything Jane I'll be back soon anyways" The school nurse said adjusting her glasses and grabbing some folders in her hand.
"Have a talk with your friends I'll be back soon" the nurse said before walking out of the office.
 Jane turned to the three girls and breathed out a sigh.
"Are you okay?" Julliette asked taking a step to the bed.
"I don't feel okay" Jane replied.
"But thankfully you're awake" Anna added.
"Yeah, thanks for helping me out, the three of you" Jane stated
"You're welcome" Anna smiled.

"So we're going to leave now, Come on Anna" Victoria said and julliette looked at Victoria.
"You can go on your own why are you so possessive of Anna" Juliette said looking disgusted.
"That's because she's Anna" Victoria rolled her eyes.
"Go on your own" Julliette stated.

"Whatever, I'll just talk to her when you're not around" Victoria rolled her eyes before walking out of the clinic.

"Seriously Anna, you have to tell that girl to leave you alone" Julliette scoffed.
"Noted, I don't even know when we became friends" Anna stated making julliette breathe a sigh of relief.
"And besides your birthday is next week and you didn't even bother to tell me" Juliette crossed her arms.
"I forgot" Anna laughed.
"You forgot your own birthday?" Juilette raised a brow.
"With so much going on in the school how could I not forget" Anna rolled her eyes.

"with so much going on in the school? What is going on in the school.?" Jane suddenly chimed in.

Anna gave a nervous smile. "You know, trying to adapt in a boarding school and the activities are all new and--
 Jane gave Anna a look.
"I'm not talking about that" Jane said.
"And what are you talking about.?" Juilette suddenly asked.
"I'm talking about what's going on with the school, you two look like you know something" Jane said surprising the girls with her words.
"And you look like you know something too" Juliette stated.

"The fact that the school is infected?" Jane raised an eyebrow.
"How did you know, since when did you find out.." Anna asked.
"Since three years ago my first day here, how did you girls find out?" Jane asked.
"Not to long ago, let's say the first day here" julliettte shrugged.
"How?" Jane asked.
"Juliette figured it out" Anna replied.
"Yeah but how?" Jane asked.
"She's gifted" Anna shrugged.
"And by gifted you mean.?" Jane asked trying to sit up but stopped when she felt no strength in her at all.
"Are you sure you're okay?" Juilette asked.
"I'm fine" Jane breathed out.
"The nurse said you passed out due to exhaustion, but I'm not sure that's the case" Juliette said touching Jane's forehead.
"You're cold." Juliette announced.
"it wasn't exhaustion" Jane sighed. "I didn't pass out because of that"
 "Then why did you pass out.?" Anna asked.
"I almost got possessed" Jane replied startling the girls.

"What?" Anna paused.
"And you didn't, so we're talking to Jane not a frigging ghost right?" julliettte asked and Jane nodded with a weak laugh.
"I don't know much, but I do know that this school isn't worth it, I just want to graduate and don't get myself in trouble" Jane sighed.

"I knew something was totally off with you, now let me ask you something Jane, do you have an alter in your room?" Juliette asked.
"I do" Jane replied.
"What.?" Juilette was surprised.
"I mean I do but it was created by me, I thrashed the school's alter that was placed in my room and recreated mine, with my own candle from home, my own crosses, my own rosaries, nothing from the school, my grandma told me to take all those with me before coming here and told me not to show reverence, I didn't know what she meant at first but when I came here and was told to show Reverence my first night, I didn't and every week my grandma calls me to tell me what to do and refrain from, and I feel so guilty cause since I became the school's president I've been telling everyone to show Reverence when I know its wrong, but I have no choice I had to play by the rules" Jane sighed.
She looked so tired.

"I want to ask you so many questions Jane, but you look like you'll pass a second time if you do, so just get better soon" Juliette stated.
"You know, I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows the blackout of the school, I'm so glad there's two of you" Jane breathed out.
"Just stop talking and rest, you look really exhausted." Julliette stated.
"Yes just rest" Anna chimed In.
"Your friends might be here soon, so we'll just leave you to rest" Juliette stated. 
"No... Don't go, I don't... I don't really have any friends" Jane looked embarrassed saying that. 
"You don't mean it" Anna jaw dropped. 
"I'm the school's president and everyone expects me to have so many friends and stuff but to be honest I don't think anyone wants to be friends with me, sometimes I just want to talk to them as a normal person but then they treat me like some supreme deity that should be respected" Jane said laughing bitterly. 
"And maybe it was because you were acting like that supreme diety" Julliette added. 
"Maybe I should fix my mistakes then" Jane smiled. 
"You should" Juilette nodded with a smile. 

"So if you two don't mind, I do like both of your companies right now" Jane sighed slowly closing her eyes. 
"Oh don't worry we'll be here till you fall asleep" Anna said assuring. 
"Thank you" Jane mumbled closing her eyes. 
"Jane isn't as bad as she seem" Anna said as she and julliette walked Into their room after leaving the clinic.  It was dark and they needed to be in bed. 
"Yeah and surprisingly she knows about the school mysteries, I can't wait to ask her about so many things" Juilette stated closing the door. 
"Yeah me too" Anna said "But I'm thankful that she's willing to talk to". 
 Anna gave a tired sigh. 
"What's wrong, you've never sighed like that before. Are you pressed about something?" Juilette asked. 
"Ava's coming here next week" Anna replied. 
"What's wrong with that?" Juilette asked. 
"As much as we fight all the time I don't want her to get tangled in this school bizzare history" Anna replied unbuttoning her shirt. 
"Well that's okay, at least there will be two Anna, if one hates me the other one will love me" Juliette joked.
"Your jokes aren't very laughable" Anna scoffed. 
"Well that's because you--
  Julliette stopped talking and paused. 
"What.?" Anna asked holding her shirt in her hand. 
"I feel some sort of dark aura but I don't know where its coming from" Julliette stated.
"Now don't get me scared" Anna said. 
"I'm not trying to, An enormous darkness is somewhere around here" Julliette replied. 
 Anna adjusted the skimpy singlet on her body and clutched her shirt in her arms. 
  Both of the girls heard a knock on the door and julliette looked at Anna. 
"It's him, it's his Aura I can feel it" she said in a whisper. 
"Now just play along with me and don't try to say anything" Juliette added before walking up to the door and opening it. 

  "You again" Victoria scoffed seeing julliette. 
"Yes it's me I board here what do you want?" Juilette asked. 

Anna paused and her eyes widen when she finally realised that julliette detected Victoria's aura and stated it as 'him' and an enormous dark aura which means Victoria is being a vessel to ludociel and Victoria isn't there anymore but ludociel. And ludociel is in love with her because she looks like Nora who also looks like clementine, Anna gasped on the inside when she realised all this,she was slow witted when it comes to finding things out and hated herself for that. 

"As you already know I'm here for Anna" Victoria replied glancing at Anna behind Julliette. 
"Well then Anna is over there go talk to her" Juliette said making way for Victoria to enter the room and walk up to Anna. 
 Victoria was a bit surprised by the act but walked up to Anna with a smile on her face. 
Anna froze reminding herself that she wasn't standing in front of Victoria but Ludociel. 
"How are you?" Victoria smiled. 
"I'm G-good" Anna stuttered. 
"Good to hear" Victoria smiled her eyes glancing down at Anna's bare shoulder and then back to her face. 
 Anna looked at julliette for help but julliette did nothing and just watched them with her hands crossed. 
"You look really pretty tonight" Victoria smiled. 
"Uh..." Anna gulped nervously "Thank you". 
 "And I've never seen you in such skimpy clothing" Victoria stated her eyes lingering from Anna's chest to her shoulders. 
 Anna eyes widen feeling uncomfortable with the stares. 

"Pervert" Juliette muttered behind Victoria and stepped in between them. 
"Excuse me?" Victoria scoffed. 
"Oh I wasn't talking to you" Juliette smiled and turned to Anna.
"Anna you've got something on your hair, if you can just lean down a bit and let me get it for you" Juliette said and Anna slowly leaned down knowing something wasn't on her hair and julliette was up to something. 
Julliette leaned close to Anna's ear and whispered. "just play along and don't freak out". 
 Before Anna could wonder what she wouldn't freak out about. Julliette pressed her lips Anna's lips leaving both Anna and Victoria shocked. 
 Anna tried to pull away but julliettte circled her hand around Anna's neck pressing her down to her lips even more. 
"What the hell!" Victoria screamed making the girl break the kiss. 
"What. What's wrong?" Juilette asked pursing her lips together. 
"Why did you... Why did you guys... Victoria words seemed to be flaking.
Anna stood still her face all red and flustered. 
"Oh that, Anna and I do that all the time" Julliette lied with a smile. 
"What?" Victoria looked like she could break any time soon. 
"Yeah so..." Juliette stated walking closer to Victoria and in a low voice she threatened. "So in case you're trying to do worse with Anna, just know I pulled the trigger first and I'm not letting you shoot any shots, back off ludociel, I know it's you". 
 Victoria did look surprise and said nothing before storming out of the girls room and julliette slammed the door. 
"Finally he's gone" Juliette sighed and turned to Anna. 
 Anna said nothing and just stood still thinking of what just happened. 
"What's wrong?" Juilette asked. 
"You had to go that far?" Anna Turned to julliette. 
"If you're talking about the kiss, it's just one stupid kiss" Juliette rolled her eyes. 
"One stupid kiss that's happening for the second time" Anna scoffed. 
"It wasn't that bad" Juliette added sitting on the bed. 
"That's not what I'm about" Anna huffed. 
"Don't worry it's not going to be the last time" Julliette added. 
"What is wrong with you!" Anna huffed making julliette laugh. 
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