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Reverence Episode 17


Reverence Episode 17


Juilette and Anna wandered around the shelves in the library looking for the school's year book that's over forty year ago. 

"Found it" Juliette whisper yelled when she found the school's year book from 1985.
"Finally" Anna breathed out.
"The librarian warned us to leave soon before the next class, so let's Hurry up" Juilette said sitting down and turning pages of the year book.
  "I didn't know the school was this populated" Julliette scoffed as she kept turning pages.
Anna leaned down close to julliette see the book too, as both girls quietly turned pages looking at every picture of all students to see if the name Nora Albert would appear anywhere and after turning almost the whole book, the name Nora Albert flashed before Anna's eyes.
"At the bottom of the page" She gasped pointing to the name and the picture of a girl right above it.

"What in the world?" Juilette laughed happily. "This is you!" Julliette stated.
"No way..." Anna's jaw dropped as she grabbed the book to take a look at the picture, the picture was all white and black but the resemblance between Nora and Anna was immaculate.
"She looks more like Ava to me." Anna said dropping the book.
"And who is Ava? Your identical twin sister, Anna this Nora Albert looks just like you this is creepy but then fun" Julliette barked.
"How is this fun? This is scaring the life out of me! Even I don't look so much like my mom And it's not funny at all, why do you keep smiling.?" Anna rolled her eyes.
 "Because I told you so" Julliette smiled. "And you don't have to be afraid just because someone who isn't related to you, looks like you, you found your doppelganger you should be happy."
"Doppelganger what's that?" Anna asked.
"It's a person who looks incredibly similar to you, that isn't related to you, and besides, according to researchers we have one in one hundred and thirty five chance of having a doppelganger" Juliette explained.
"How do you know all this." Anna scoffed.
"Easy, I just have and do what you don't, I'm smart and I study" Juliette boasted.
"Oh please" Anna laughed giving julliette a painless smack at the back of her head.
"Am not wrong" Julliette laughed.
   Suddenly they both heard the bell and they both shrieked.
"Next class will begin soon" Anna announced.
"Good thing, we're done here" Julliette said placing the book back on the shelf.
"Great, let's get out of here" Anna said as shoved a chair aside and starts to walk out of the library with  julliettte behind her.
  Both of the girls made it out of the library to clash with the crowded hallway, everyone seemed to be rushing and running towards the beginning of the hallway and the murmurs caused a disturbing noise in the hallway.
"What do you think is going on?" Anna asked.
"We won't find out if we don't see for ourselves, come on" Juliette said pulling Anna's hand and heading towards the crowd that was starting to form in front of the hallway.
  Julliette and Anna made it through the crowd and was shocked when they saw two nuns carrying Victoria's body.
"Wait? What happened?" Julliette asked a girl standing beside her.
"She suddenly walked out of class and passed out" The girl replied.
"It's not like she's sick or anything she just passed out?" Anna chimed in and the girl nodded.
 The nuns left with Victoria after telling the students to go back to class.
"What do you think might have made her pass out?" Anna asked julliette as they both walked into their class.
"I don't know, could be anything, or worse" Juliette shrugged.
  Both girls walked into the class and got seated waiting and ready for whoever was going to teach.
  Time went by so fast and before the girls knew it, it was lunch break.
  Everyone gathered the table ready to be served lunch, and as Jane said a small prayer, the door opened and Victoria walked in. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.
Everyone turned to her and her friends rushed up to her asking her if she was okay and she just gave them a smile telling them she's fine.
  Julliette's eyes never left victoria as Victoria walked up to the chair in front of Anna to sit down.

"Hi" Victoria smiled at Anna and then at julliette.
"You passed out earlier are you okay?" Anna asked.
"I'm perfectly fine" Victoria smiled.
"So you weren't sick or anything you just passed out?" Julliette chimed in.
"Yeah, isn't that something normal?" Victoria shrugged.
"It's not" Julliette shook her head.
"It is" Anna added.
"Exactly Anna" Victoria smiled.

 After lunch, class continued and Anna and julliette respectively went to every class before classes for the day ended.
"I'm so tired" Julliette groaned falling on Anna's bed immediately she and Anna both walked into their room.
"same here" Anna breathed out sitting beside Julliette. 
"They should ring the dinner bell already, I'm starving" Julliette huffed.
"You are always starving" Anna rolled her eyes.

"So like did you see the way Victoria was looking at you at lunch?" Juilette stated sitting up.
"I-I didn't... How did she... Look at me?" Anna asked, confused.
"You didn't see? And she was sitting opposite you!" Juliette hollered.
"Well it's possible, how did she look at me?" Anna asked.
"Like she was about to eat you alive" Julliette rolled her eyes.
"What?" Anna was confused.
"Lust!.. She had that kind of look in her eyes!" Juliette stated.
"Gross, why would she Lust over me." Anna scoffed.
"I'm just telling you what I saw." Juilette sighed.
"Well I hope you're wrong" Anna stated.
   A knock on the door made both girls glance at each other before walking up to the door to get it.

"Hi" Victoria smiled immediately Anna opened the door.
"Speak of the devil" Julliette muttered lowly before stepping in front of Anna.
"And Victoria why are you here?" Juilette faked a smile.
"Oh it will be dinner any moment from now, and I thought it'd be nice to sit close to Anna" Victoria smiled.
Julliette glanced back at Anna and then Turned to Victoria. 
"sit close to Anna, and since when did that became a thing you want to do?" Julliette crossed her arms.
"Oh I just find her interesting." Victoria laughed.
"Do you know you're becoming interesting yourself too!" Julliette said walking close to Victoria.
"What do you mean?" victoria smiled.
"Cause you didn't seem like you were interested in her this morning in class and now all of a sudden you want to sit down close to her, what is she, some sort of dessert?" Julliette snapped.
"Look Anna haven't even said a thing, just let me in I didn't even come here for you" Victoria rolled her eyes.
"Sorry, you can't come in" Juliette said blocking the path Victoria wanted to take.
"What is wrong with you, Anna say something" Victoria whined frowning.
"Give me your reason why you want to sit with Anna and why you find her interesting and I'll let you in" Julliette said pursing her lips and batting her lashes.
"Really I have to give you a reason.?" Victoria scoffed.
"yep" Julliette stated popping the 'p'.
"Fine, I just find her really mesmerizing and pretty too" Victoria shrugged.
Julliette gave an angry laugh. "So you're in love with her?" Julliette raised her brows.
"Juliette..." Anna rolled her eyes.
"I'm not saying in love I'm just thinking we could be friends" Victoria shrugged with a smile staring at Anna.
Anna looked sideways getting uncomfortable from the stares.
"Well guess what? Anna doesn't want to be friends with you" Julliette stated.
"Hey I didn't say that" Anna suddenly protested.
"Yes but I did" Juliette stated glaring at Victoria.
"Who are you to Anna to speak for her" Victoria asked.
"None of your ugly business" Juliette replied walking back inside and shutting the door.
 Victoria furrowed her brows in anger before walking away.
"Did you see what I was trying to tell you?" Juliette barked.
"I'm confused" Anna sighed.
"There's nothing to be confused about" Julliette rolled her eyes.
"The way she was looking at me, it was quite scary." Anna stated.
"That wasn't scary that was lust" Juliette stated.
"And how do you know what lust looks like miss know it all" Anna protested with a smirk.
"You know, they look at you like you're some sugarcandy and they just want to taste you"  Julliette expound.

"how old are you Julliette." Anna suddenly asked.
"Why do you ask?" Juilette scoffed.
"Because you seem to know more than you're supposed to, are you sure you're not sixty trapped In a teenager's body?" Anna joked with a small laugh.
Julliette laughed. "You're crazy".
"Here's the deal, I'm smart and you're not" Juliette stated making Anna rolled her eyes again.
"But just to be sure, how old are you?" Anna joked.
"I'm sixteen shut up" Juliette yelled.
Anna laughed. "You're kind of short for your age".
Julliette glared at Anna. "or maybe you're too tall for your age" Julliette barked.
"What? Now that sounds just so stupid" Anna stated.
"Your height sounds stupid" Juliette mumbled causing Anna to gasp.
"You're just jealous that I'm taller" Anna laughed.
This was exactly the Kind of childish fights she had with her sister and she did liked it.
"Well maybe I am jealous, but don't forget the fact that I am still smarter and always will be" Juliette added.
"Oh pl-
 The bell stopped Anna from completing her words and Juilette gasped happily.
"Finally... Some food!" Juliette said walking out of the room with Anna shaking her head and trailing behind her.
  Gathered around the dinner table, julliette wasted no time in devouring what was in her plate and immediately dinner was over, Victoria rushed up to Anna who was standing up.

"Anna" Victoria said with a smile...
"Oh, Victoria hi" Anna gave a faux smile.
"Thank goodness julliette isn't with you, I don't like her and don't even understand why you hang out with her" Victoria stated.
"You definitely woke up on the wrong side of bed today Victoria" Juliette said out of nowhere stepping in between Victoria and Anna.
"How are you everywhere I hate you" Victoria smiled.
"Thank you, I don't hate you, you just have some screw lose" Juliette smiled back.
 Jane suddenly walked up to the girls, unlike looking so bright and active like always, Jane looked rather dull and sick.
"Anna..." Jane called.
"Your mother called while you were in class, and since she didn't want to interrupt she told me to pass the message to you" Jane stated.
"Okay..." Anna replied.
"She Said Ava will be retuning to school by Monday and she's wishing you a happy birthday in adva- 
Jane suddenly collapse to the floor.
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