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Reverence Episode 16


Reverence Episode 16


 "Dang it we're going to be so late to class" Juliette said putting her hair up in a pony tail in rush.

"If we hadn't fall alseep late, it was all because of that reverence book anyways" Anna added grabbing her rosary and throwing the door open. She and julliette rushed out of their room and hurried up to class.

 They both got to class in time and was glad.

 They both sat quietly and noticed Victoria was sitting close to them, Victoria said hi to them with a small wave and a smile and they both reciprocated the greeting. The class ended and the second class started immediately.

    Anna and julliette looked extremely bored and worn out sitting at the back of the class,  The day was bright and breezy at the same time and the class remained quiet with only the teacher's voice taking over the whole place.

  Anna shrugged when she felt someone touch her shoulder that she had been resting on the wall.

 She was clearly sitting at the back and end of the class and her right shoulder is clearly resting on the wall, so who could have touched.

 She turned to Juilette by her right but couldn't say anything cause she might get scolded by teacher if she gets caught.


   Anna heard her name being called in a breezy way.

 She gulped down and tried to make herself belief it's just her imaginations.


    Anna heard her name again and grabbed julliette's hand on the desk, Julliette turned to Anna when she felt her hand being gripped.

"What?" Julliette mouthed to Anna.

 "I keep hearing my name" Anna said in a whisper, almost too quiet.

"What?" Juilette asked not getting what Anna had said.

"I said I keep hearing my name" Anna repeated.

"Miss Riles, how disrespectful of you, talking while I'm teaching" The nun teaching suddenly said and Anna bowed her head.

"Stand up" The nun ordered. 

Anna stood up. 

"Go stand outside and when you've been disciplined enough, I'll let you back in" the nun said and Anna gave a sigh.

"Sorry" Julliette muttered lowly as she let's go of Anna.

   Anna walks out of the class and stood in the empty hall alone.

 She sighed constantly and sat on the concrete floor.

   Anna listened to the nun's teaching from outside the class and her voice echoed through the hallway.

  And then later on, she starts to get sleepy.

 Anna's eyes slowly opened and close as she sat alone by the hallway, she didn't want to sleep in the hallway, but then her brain was too focus on sleeping.

  She got a hold of herself and wished the teacher would let her back in.

  Suddenly she heard footsteps and it felt like the person was coming towards her, Anna's sleepy eyes turned to her left to see who was coming. 

 About forty inches tall, dressed in a dusty looking tuxedo, with his hair gelled back, his shoes hitting on the concrete floor of the hallway. 

 The grin on the four year old young boy walking towards Anna made her Blink rapidly wondering if she was actually imagining things or it was real. 

  Anna suddenly stood up and left her eyes widely open as she saw the boy walk up to her. His looks everything fits the description of the four year old boy they were reading last night. 

 Anna didn't know how to act at that moment and she flinched when she heard her name behind her. 

 She turned to see julliette walking out of the class, she immediately turned back to the direction of the little boy, but he was nowhere to be  seen.

"Di..did you see that little boy." Anna stuttered. 

"What boy?" Juilette asked. 

Clearly she didn't see any little boy. 

"just now, I saw the little boy... The boy from the book." Anna stated, not so sure of words.

"You sure?" Juliette narrowed her eyes at her.

"Yes I am, I heard someone call my name in class and then just now out here, I saw a little boy, but then he wasn't here anymore immediately you walked out of class" Anna explained. 

"But if it's a little boy and the only little boy we both know that exist in this school, is miss Isabella Jenkintown, so that means you just saw a ghost Anna" Julliette stated. 

"What, how is that possible, I seriously wish I was hallucinating right now, but I don't have any ability like you do. So I can't possibly see ghosts" Anna scoffed

"Well you saw it so..." Julliette shrugged. 

"But it should be impossible" Anna trembled. 

"Anna you've been hearing your names lately from unknown places, how is it impossible to see ghosts.?" Juilette shrugged. 

"But I don't want to see them." Anna muttered lowly. 

"It's not a bad thing, at least you'll know how to strike..."  Juliette said taking Anna's hand. 

"Come on" julliettte added pulling Anna. 

 "Where are we going and why aren't you even in class?" Anna asked. 

"I got on the teacher's nerve so she'll send me out of the class, I couldn't get the reverence book out of my head, so it'd be nice if we read some before the next class starts" Julliette smiled. 

"But what if the teacher decides to call us back in?" Anna asked. 

"She won't" Julliette shrugged. 

 Anna and julliette got on Anna's bed immediately they got inside their room and julliette grabbed the reverence book,  she opened to where she stopped in the morning and she smile and announced "Chapter three" to Anna Who nodded in anticipation. 

"Nora Albert story still continues" Julliette said. 

"Yeah, I know that" Anna added. 

 Juilette turned to the book and starts to read. 



“After the principal had warn me about staying away from her son and promising to expel me If I ever got close to him again. I didn't know what to do, I went back to my room to write what just happened, that night after dinner when everyone went back to their dorm room to sleep, the knock came in on our door, surprisingly it was just 8pm and my roommates heard it too, one of them answered the door and when the others asked who was that, she just walked out of the room and close the door behind her and shockingly that was the last time we ever saw Kira, one of our roommates. The next day me and my other roommates reported Kira missing from last night and surprisingly the nuns repeated the statement about not to worry that she'll be back, just like the same thing the nuns had said during Genevieve's time. I was beyond scared, why and how did Kira go missing for just closing the door behind her and walking out of our room and to the hallway, is whatever happened to Genevieve trying to Happen with us? Will girls start to go missing too? What is in the world is going on.

  That night, my roommate and I slept with anxiousness in our heart and sadness for kira missing, and then by 3am, the knock came in our door with just me hearing it, I thought the knocks stopped, why today? I pretended not to hear it and shut my eyes, the knocks came again until it turned into heavy bangs.

 It was so disturbing that I had to answer it.

  It was no surprise seeing the principal son at my door at 3am. He wasn't just a normal kid, I had to tell myself that, the smile he had on his face was not looking happy even though it was a smile.

 He said he was a little disappointed in me for answering the door so late.

  I told him I was disappointed in him for disturbing my sleep and he apologized for it and begged me to come with him that he wants to take me somewhere, I declined but

 he promised I won't be disappointed.  I wanted to say no, but it looked like would be getting myself in trouble if I had say no. I followed him and he took me out of the school building, there he took me to a garden behind the school, the garden where students spent their time during Breaks or during Saturdays.

 I asked why he brought me there and he said it was because he wanted to confess to me, confess what? I was so blank headed at that moment, but decided to get a hold of myself, I asked him if I could ask him a question, and he said I could ask him any question at all and that he would reply them all. I asked him if he was actually four years old and he laughed and his words were, "my sweet clementine, like I said I am not a boy, but a man I'm afraid I can't tell you my age but you should have in mind that I am older than you dear."

  Clementine. The name took me by surprise, I asked him who clementine was and he said it was me, I laughed and corrected him saying I was Nora but he replied.

"For your golden brown hair, and brown eyes, against your prominent nose and pouty lips, all place in an oval shaped face, my dear it is you clementine" The little boy said and I just watched him in awe".

  Julliette stopped reading and turned to Anna.

"What?" Anna asked not sure why julliettte was looking at her like that.

"The way the boy described his clementine to Nora, kinds of sounds like he was describing you too" Julliette smiled.

"Oh please" Anna rolled her eyes.

"No, I'm not joking, if I should give a  description about you, it's definitely how this boy described Nora or clementine" Juliette stated.

"Just continue with the story" Anna shook her head.

 "Sure" julliettte sighed and continued with the story.



   "I told him I was nora and didn't care or clementine was, he laughed and told me that I shouldn't worry about what he said and asked for permission to call me clementine for the night, but I refused, I asked him for his name and he laughed again saying he doesn't tell people his name, but because it was 'me' then he was going to Let it out, I didn't understand what he meant but he said his name was 'Ludociel'. And since he was willing to answer all my questions, I found myself asking him a lot, I asked him why would a grown man be in a four year old body and he laughed saying he doesn't know why either, he laughs a lot and it was annoying, I asked him why he meets me up at 3am and not when it's bright and he said his reasons were for him and him alone. I didn't know what else to ask and was shocked when he grabbed my hand and place a soft kiss on the back of my palm.

 I snatched my hand to myself, angered by his action and he just let's out a small smile.

He said he loved me but then I told him he was crazy. He told him I was leaving and his lasts words that night were. "clementine, no matter what you do, I'll always love you" I ignored his words and left for my room.

 The next morning, I was called to the principal office and was shockingly handed a letter of expulsion, and the principal made up a whole lies of things I didn't do in the letter of expulsion, I couldn't do anything when I was asked to go pack by bags, before leaving the principal's office, in a whisper she said to me "I saw him with you last night, I'm doing this for your own good"  and then I left for my room when I got to my room I sat down and opened this book to write what had been happening, so to anyone who reads this book, this school still has mysteries that are yet to be solved, this is my last day here and I hope someone finds this and solve this school misery and mystery”...

  Juilette breathed out a sigh. "That's the end of chapter three and they're only five chapters In this book".

"So clearly we know that the little boy's name is ludociel and now I can strangely see him." Anna gulped.

"And he's clearly not a boy, but a man in a child's body who fell in love with a student here forty one years ago whose name is Nora who he called clementine and who he described as you Anna."

"What do you mean.?" Anna raised a brow.

"Brown hair, brown eyes, your nose, you do have a pouty lips and an oval shaped face, now I'm just dying to see what this Nora Albert looks like" Julliette groaned.

"And you'll clearly see I don't have a pouty lips, or fit any description of this Nora Albert" Anna scoffed.

"We still have like about forty minutes before class ends, let's hit the library and look at the school year book from 1985" Julliette said making her way out of the room with Anna behind her.


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